Shoe Fair 2011 [7.] – Baiastice

(High Res @ Flickr.)

These Maxine heels from Baiastice come in so many different versions it’s amazing. These over-height ones, though — they stole my heart. I dunno what it is about almost stripper status shoes and me but I love them. They make any outfit hot, maybe it’s because of how much it seems to elongate the lags. No clue but… i’m in love with a stripper… shoe. Bad joke? Yeah. Oh well. I still love them, a lot. Ohhh baby <3

(High Res @ Flickr.)

Like I said, these over-height ones are fabulous and the platforms are just a sexy, just not as strippy-fab. By the way, me calling these stripper fabulous is in no way an insult. It’s a serious compliment coming from me. I am always looking for great stripper shoes. Not that I’m a stripper — you wish, right? Just that, as stated about… it’s fucking hot. Platform version is a bit more sultry and I really enjoy the cork-esque bottom, makes them feel really nice and summery and summer is totally incoming.

(High Res @ Flickr.)

The wedge version of Maxine is there for the fair and it’s another wedge shoe I never thought I’d like but I do. I think I like how sleek and strappy the Maxine shoe is in general. In all versions it’s very classy — even stripper status ones! The Sandals would go perfectly with a nice cotton skirt and I can picture them as working great in weddings as well. Did I mention that they have like, a million nailpolish options? Well, not exactly that much but the most I’ve ever seen offered on a HUD. My only pet peeve is there is no spot to save a tint but you can use one HUD for every pair you buy which means, go buy a ton cause once you tint one, you’re good to go.

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