Shoe Fair 2011 [8.] – Slink

(High Res @ Flickr.)

Oh Slink, how I love thee. I think I wear your feet more than anything else in my inventory right now. So much that I continuously consider going and buying the exotic versions too for when I’m a bit less human. Siddean owns my feet souls — no pun intended.  I LOVE YOU! *clings desperately to Siddeans ankles*

(High Res @ Flickr.)

The Echo heels are here for Shoe Fair and at first glace they look like standard pumps. Then, you notice the padlock and it’s like oh shit I want those on my feet. Right now. Slink HUDs are always great and easy to use and they stay relatively the same which means I don’t have to go and re-learn anything. I just slap it on and know how to work it so anyone familiar with slink won’t get any big surprises, HUD wise. The textures are fan-fucking-tastic as usual. I totally sound like a Siddean fan-girl in this post but I totally am <3

(High Res @ Flickr.)

Another new release are the Marie Roman Sandals — which I did a terrible job at tinting. I’m sorry for the fail :( It’s been a long day full of photoshop, HUDs and gorgeous, gorgeous shoes. Anyways, enough tangent, more shoes. These sandals really are fantastic. I don’t know if it’s my Gorean RP roots or what that make me devour all things sandal and nice winter-y boots. NOMNOMNOM. All colours come with two options — black leather or brown leather, which is really great when trying to accessorize and match and it.


okay, I’m done now.

For sim LMs and store lists, check out our introduction to the fair post @ Awesome Sauce – Shoe Fair 2011 [1.] as well as all of our other posts highlighting vendors and their wares for sale at this year event!

For the official Shoe Fair 2011 blog:


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