Shoe Fair 2011 [10.] – Nardcotix

(High Res @ Flickr.)

I know Nardcotix has been around for a while now and I think the feet in these shoes of theirs are some of the cutest toes I’ve seen. The HUD was very pretty too, a bit different but not too confusing though I think it could be if what I assume was the ability to add toenail decals and etc was in there. I guess you have to buy them as add-ons. I’m not sure, regardless, these shoes be pretty.

(High Res @ Flickr.)

The Rosa Maria shoes are Nardcotix for the Shoe Fair and viewing the high res will help you look at all the great detail put in to them. Breeze is also available as well as Vixie. I love sandals so Vixie caught my eye and classy shoes like Breeze are always hard to turn away from so I thought they all deserved to get featured in a blog post.

Shoe Fair is almost over, so have you gone and checked out all the great shoes available there? So far Shoe Fair has raised over L$1,000,000 to be donated to Soles4Souls, a charity foundation that lives off of both donations of money or old and used shoes to give to victims of natural disasters and poverty. Soles4Souls also helps poverty-stricken families develop a way to support their own families through the ideals of micro-enterprising by means of small businesses set to help sell shoes to areas in need of them.

So, instead of just discarding your shoes — of which Americans thew out more than 300 million pairs of shoes just last year, donate them so that people who need them more than you need to have shinier newer shoes can have them, instead of just letting them decay and decompose with the possibility of the glue used to piece them together contaminating the water and atmosphere.

Visit the Soles4Souls website to see what you can do to help in your own way and to help set up a donation spot in your community:

For a list of participating stores and their corresponding sims, please check out our first post @ Awesome Sauce – Shoe Fair 2011 [1.]

And for more great posts and highlights about the fair, check out the official Shoe Fair 2011 Blog @


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