Lion Weiz and How to get yourself banned from Meeroo Sims


Seems that Lion finally returned the Nile — coaxed but returned.

[13:17] Verinne Ansar: Hey! I heard he returned it
[13:17] Nathalia Bigbear: yuuuuuus
[13:17] Nathalia Bigbear: YAAAAAAAAAAAY
[13:17] Verinne Ansar: Good!
[13:17] Verinne Ansar: I’ll update the blog post and everything
[13:17] Nathalia Bigbear: yus yus yus
[13:17] Nathalia Bigbear: he was super friendly now
[13:17] Nathalia Bigbear: oO
[13:17] Verinne Ansar: Good! I’m so glad he returned it
[13:17] Nathalia Bigbear: thanks you girls sooooooooo much!!!!
[13:18] Verinne Ansar: I’m so sorry you had to deal with that!

I have Meeroos. Anyone who is a friend in-world or on flickr knows I have too many and I’m always in atleast five to seven meeroo groups at a time reading auction spam, sale spam and basic meeroo community chatter. I caught the tail of a conversation from a girl in total dismay in the Wonderful World of Meeroo’s community chat and with a little bit of scrolling figured out that she was selling at an auction for the first time, she had taken a painted nile to sell but she didn’t price it at home. She went to price it there but above douche bag bought it for 0 (zero) lindens. Painted Nile does not and should not equal zero.

Conversation, without the TOS violation of course

(wordpress =/= LL jursidiction)

I haven’t really posted in, say, forever. I do plan on it, really but I felt this had to get told. I know how many people who are a part of the fashion feed communities that also are extremely involved in Meeroo’s.  I doubt that the roo will be returned. He tried to act like a victim only to insult and threaten me in return (which negates any AR you want to try to throw at me, smart-ass). If I owned a Meeroo Sim, he’d be banned. If I knew anyone who owned a Meeroo sim, he’d be banned.  The fact he was so arrogant about this whole situation just makes me even more determined to make sure he realizes there are consequences for his actions.

Fuck you, Lion Weiz. I hope you enjoy the last roo you got.


56 thoughts on “Lion Weiz and How to get yourself banned from Meeroo Sims

  1. When someone make mistake in prices anyone will buy from them. I was wait for her 40 minuts she not respond then i talk to support. You make from me big problem man this not fair… For all who hate me i will tell this i really ownest person and i will return this meeroo to this girl she make mistake. Im not guilty in her mistake im only want to fix this right way and give her teaching to think about.

    • Then tell me, why did you laugh at her and then say you were going to not return it multiple times. She said she asked and begged you multiple times and all you did was ignore it or tell her it was her loss.

      Even in the conversation I had with you, you said you wouldn’t return it and that we/I should just go make more “stupid mistakes”. That means you understand it was a mistake and yet there you are, taking advantage of her.

  2. And you are with the SL Help Desk? Whoa!! Not to mention your profile with all the really nice stuff about generosity and doing kindness for others. Oh yea… were only trying to teach her something……excuse me if my throwing up landed on your shoes.

  3. Well when i find horse for 0 linden i give to support to Avalon. Owner Lady talk allot bad about me but i decide make this right way. Same here I was protecting her buy to give her back. I try stop all abusers who try harassing me in group and personal chat. I asked her why she did this way she said she did nothing. You all was hate me in this moment when i was only wait for support to respond. They told me this ok to give her back directly but then she log out. You all did you comedy i think you time doing fun from any person problem. Or should i keep it this will be repay for all abuse and harassment what you did all to me…. English not my first language but i try my best. You are all use “best English” in my personal chat and said this more…

    [12:23] abbelien Kwak: pathetic man, stealing from someone who makes a mistake, making easy money, I hope you can sleep at night. But then again, you must have rotten personality anyway

    [13:20] Stormie Mubble: jackhole

    and lot more were is you right way to deal with ppl in SL ….

    God to know how many bad word can come and abuse others…

    • [12:04] Nathalia Bigbear: I can see you got it
      [12:04] Nathalia Bigbear: plz return it
      [12:05] Nathalia Bigbear: Iff not Im gonna have to file a report
      [12:10] Lion Weiz: [11:31] You are now the owner of object Meeroo Nest ID #1678169
      [11:31] You paid Nathalia Bigbear L$0 for Meeroo Nest ID #1678169.
      [12:10] Lion Weiz: after 40 minuts u start look for it
      [12:10] Lion Weiz: you wasnt there near
      [12:10] Lion Weiz: i gues this good price thanks
      [12:10] Nathalia Bigbear: hey thats stealing
      [12:10] Nathalia Bigbear: and cant be 40 min
      [12:10] Lion Weiz: look
      [12:11] Lion Weiz: tuiem i buy
      [12:11] Lion Weiz: and when you start look for me
      [12:11] Lion Weiz: u need ot be carefull
      [12:11] Nathalia Bigbear: Lion plz


      • Nightmare Demonia… I mean, Lion Weiz
        (I like your identical IP, btw)

        It’s against TOS to share PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS between two people WITHIN SECOND LIFE and all other Linden Lab moderated sites, programs, etc…

        Again, WordPress and Tinypaste are not affiliated with Linden Labs at all and thus, have no ability to moderate and/or administer any form of punishment for disclosing them as they HAVE NO JURISDICTION.

        Nightmare Demonia

        Lion Weiz


      • i’m his son so i’m not lion just saying thats all and don’t call me lion

      • “yo” nightmare…yes it IS against rules to copy peoples convos WITHIN the platform of second life itself….and you should continuously remind yourself, or your dad or whomever you are claiming to be at this point, because he himself is guilty of that very infraction having copy pasted mine and several other folks ims to him to a notecard which he then LIKE AN IDIOT handed to other people. SO….now hes gotten ar’d by me and the other ~6 people or so that he copied their comments from and distributed to other people.

      • sigh =/ o well.. back to minecraft >=D lol less drama there and the 15 yr olds are acting alot more like adults then the peeps in Secondlife after all he was goign ot give it back to her but she had to go and cause al lthis stupid drama all for nothing =/ its jsut a agame people get irl jobs and stop fuckign wasting time and yes i do work irl and have fun too but why all this stupid drama over a little thing that could of been handled between them both and not the whole meeroo community =/

      • Nightmare, before you try to sound like a badass, I suggest keeping your hair one colour, taking the baby bottles out of your mouth and get a real job yourself.

        I assume the only reason you know this is going on is because you still live with your father and all you do is play video games — since 90% of your pictures are of you in a headset.

        Honestly, have your father give it back and we can pretend within 30 seconds I didn’t know way more about you than you wanted.

      • blah >=D changing colour in hair what does that have to do or playing around with bottles and i do have a real job and as living with my parents great family’s stick together and help out each other

  4. Really? Bad English aside, you clearly know you were wrong. To back-peddle and say you were “helping” her is an insult to anyone with common sense enough to know you took advantage of her. Despite your “I’m the victim excuses” Linden Labs really HATES individuals who violate their TOS. You clearly did that and if you AR’d Verinne any threatening you did cancels out your abuse report.

    Verinne, my darling friend, you are a champion! I know you’ll blush and say your not and say it isnt a big deal but I think it is. You are a fighter, even for others. Please never change :D

    • point blank LOOK AT YOUR FRIEND that is a FAT breaking of the LL TOS
      screenshot and sent…what do you call the pasting she does here…?? and her you congratulate…

      • I’m not breaking any LL TOS as LL does not manage tinypaste OR wordpress. I am out of their jurisdiction. There is far finer print then just the TOS and you need to find it.

  5. IMHO seems like this is a case of “OOPS i fucked up i want my stuff back”
    …fact of the matter if you just tick in a box to set a item for sale it goes by default to 10l if it is changed to 0l its her that has made a mistake. Harassing who ever bought it, making a “blog” entry and haussing it by pasting it in a support group for meeroos and stating he is getting banned in several sims because of this only points out that you have repeatedly broken the TOS [or your friend] by pasting part or whole of the IM.
    It also shows you deliberately is harassing and grieving this man. Their affair is their affair. It would greatly surprise me if you stand up and honestly let this post be posted here as well instead of trying to cheaply and greatly boasting your blog reader count in such a cheap way.
    I am not taking sides but strongly dislikes blog-whoring, outings,pie-throwings and other low level means to get attention.
    Yet another fact is that even if a thing is set to 0l but for sale… if someone buys it it is not theft, it is not stealing technically it is a freebie… so maybe next time your friend will be wiser…

      • More-so, if you don’t like my blog and don’t like the fact I’m proud of the viewer count I know I receive then why are you here and contributing? Move along, then.

      • do you often trade them in public places and so far…markets auctionplaces etc…
        and i ended up here cause you were blog boasting in a public channel for support for meeroos… thats BLOGWHORING!

      • I trade them openly on the sim I reside on which is also my partners store. Which means if one were put in to FOR SALE, it would be defaulted to ZERO LINDENS.

        And more-so, I didn’t post my blog as a whole. I directed it to this post and for good reason. If you don’t like it then get over it and move along.

    • Since when does anyone intend to sell a painted Meeroo for 0L, Meerooaddict? You make yourself sound like a bigger jack ass than your friend lion. The fact that you can sit there and defend that behavior is very telling about what kind of person you are.

      “if someone buys it it is not theft, it is not stealing technically it is a freebie… so maybe next time your friend will be wiser…”

      If Lion saw such a huge reaction from people he should of taken a cue at how wrong this action was… AND SENT THE BREEDABLE BACK IMMEDIATELY. It makes no difference if someone is on or offline. If i see something set for 10L i buy it and send it directly back to the person cause no one EVER intends to do that and its a mistake. Since he claims he sends back 0L horses as a service he should really understand how wrong it is and be even MORE understanding that it is incredibly upsetting to anyone getting their stuff taken.

      LL does not side with people like him. The breedable companies don’t side with people like him. And nearly every estate owner I have ever met on SL doesn’t side with anyone that chooses to act in that kind of way. What
      s your name in SL so we can ban you to Meeroosaddcit? Since if you were in the same situation you would feel that taking an expensive Meeroo set for 0L or 10L would be okay. It would just be a free for all right? I def don’t want you around anything I have to do with in SL.

      But i guess you don’t want to give your real SL name. Cause no one would ever want to make themselves look that stupid.

      -Kehl Razor

      On a side note:
      People blog about anything and everything in SL. So don’t blame the poster of this either. They are doing a service to the breedable community by getting this theifs name out in the open. so people know the story and can ban accordingly.

  6. I’m sure he damned well knows that something up for auction isn’t available for general sale. He knew what he was doing. This “I can’t speak no good english” act doesn’t fly. He’s speaking better english than many native english speakers.

    He’s banned on my sim.

  7. It is hard to decide who is wrong without the full conversation between the Meeroo’s first owner and Lion Weiz. I for one havn’t seen any evidence that she pleaded with him to give it back or that he laughed at her. it is all accusations made by Verinne. Anyone who sets a meeroo at 0 lindens is a fool, the more so in a public place. there is no logical reason for setting it at that price ever and it is very hard to claim it was set by accident or mistake.
    I cannot condone his taking it under the cercumstances, Not very honest looking by any means, but he may have intended to give it back as he claims un-till he was verbally assaulted.

    • I posted it a moment ago:

      [12:04] Nathalia Bigbear: I can see you got it
      [12:04] Nathalia Bigbear: plz return it
      [12:05] Nathalia Bigbear: Iff not Im gonna have to file a report
      [12:10] Lion Weiz: [11:31] You are now the owner of object Meeroo Nest ID #1678169
      [11:31] You paid Nathalia Bigbear L$0 for Meeroo Nest ID #1678169.
      [12:10] Lion Weiz: after 40 minuts u start look for it
      [12:10] Lion Weiz: you wasnt there near
      [12:10] Lion Weiz: i gues this good price thanks
      [12:10] Nathalia Bigbear: hey thats stealing
      [12:10] Nathalia Bigbear: and cant be 40 min
      [12:10] Lion Weiz: look
      [12:11] Lion Weiz: tuiem i buy
      [12:11] Lion Weiz: and when you start look for me
      [12:11] Lion Weiz: u need ot be carefull
      [12:11] Nathalia Bigbear: Lion plz

  8. the relentless taunting he did of the poor girl and the “playing the victim” and the numerous tos violations for copy pasting my own personal im to him to other people got him banned from sims i admin for as well. bravo lion you heartless hoser

  9. Just SEND IT BACK, Loin. You don’t need to contact support. You don’t need to talk to anyone. Just open her profile and drop the Meeroo back. You claim you wanted to do the right thing well do it.

    You are making yourself look like a jackass that no one will ever deal with again and someone whose name will be passed around to be banned. It doesn’t matter if it was 40 Minutes or 2 days. No ever intends to sell a Painted Meeroo for 0L. Lion you are the one making an ass out of yourself.
    Her needing to log out or go AFK is not an excuse for you to keep the Meeroo.

    If you don’t i hope every good breedable sim out there bans you. God knows you are getting the bad press to not welcome you on their sims.

    No single breedable is worth stealing to ruin your name.

    Let the estate bans begin.

      • Banned on all my Estates! This behavour is unacceptable anyone knows Nile’s are not 0 Linden, and all breeders must stick together. A group notice is also going out to my 1500 members!

    • right or wrong is for those who made the deal to settle its their score.
      bullying, boasting, screaming.
      banning someone on the base of a situation you have not been in.
      the 0l fuck up was common already when the amaretto had its 1.3 out… and that was a while back…and pleading to someones good side by giving racist comments, threatening, raging hell etc… err FAIL
      with the best intentions [lets assume that] would you do what you ask him to do when you have been subjected to all this crap?
      would it give him his name back or would it appear that he caved in to your enormous force of bullying?
      is the girl a NEWBEE i can understand but if she isnt….she should know better ways to solve this in a peaceful manner…
      and btw congrats Verinne Ansar you got your 5 minutes in the spotlight…

      • The girl pleaded with him before she let people know, don’t you read? Do you always attempt to lodge your overly inflated opinions in to a smaller place; as if it will make you seem wise or mature?

        The outcome of that is all you come off being is an apathetic complainer, upset that someone else has the balls to call people out for being arrogant pricks — you included.

        He knew everything that would happen, why else would he try to play victim? Why else would he try to say he was going to give it back but it only being a lie?

        Are you upset at the massive amount of pull I worked at so that this would get spread around? Are you scared that if you are to do something, I will just as easily and swiftly let people know what no good you’re up to? Is this why you won’t use a name, oh buzzing bumble bee?

        My five minutes of fame are endless, because this post wasn’t for the fame. My blog far outweighs those five minutes you think I so desperately need. I assure you though, you desperately needed your own five minutes through-out these comments.

        And, since you’re so interested; If he were to have returned the nest (which I think he’s coaxed, actually) I would have updated this post to reflect that. Funny thing about blogs, huh? I’d also be able to pass it on to all the sim owners who will in-turn make their own decisions regarding if he will or will not stay on the ban lists.

        (oh and the noob comment, I stated it was her first time selling at an auction. good job on the whole reading comprehension thing there. I could try translating it in to swedish for you, if you need.)

  10. Thumbs up for Verinne making this issue a pulbic one. Of course the girl did a stupid thing, and should have set the price first and then click on For sale. Thats obvious. It was a mistake, and the DECENT thing to do, would be, like our mom and dad taught us, to either warn her about the price, or buy and give it back. Right away. Instantly. No need to wait for support, or wait for angry people to IM you. In RL, if someone drops their wallet, you pick it up, and go to them and say hey you dropped this. It’s a rule everyone should have. Doing the right thing. Even if that means you can’t keep someone elses item, because IT WASNT YOURS IN THE FIRST PLACE. This mans profile is hilarious considering hic actions. Banned in our sim.

    • and, seriously… it was an auction… is there anybody here who doesn’t know that auction podiums are not general sale shelves where you can browse and buy on the spot?

      for that reason alone, he should be banned.

      You go to an auction to buy something, you don’t make a deal to buy under the nose of the auction house. You BID ON IT.

      The piece of slime knew damned well what he was doing.

      — Smoov

      • umm no he did not know that he couldn’t buy off auction all he was tryign to do is get it and give it back to her but when she got on all the drama started but o well all that is over now =] he gave her the rat its over with =]

      • No he didn’t…

        By his own admission… 40 minutes… if he had ‘every intention’ of returning it and bringing it to her attention, he had 40 minutes to do so… he didn’t say a single word.

        You should be intelligent enough to know that “I wuz gonna give it back” crap just doesn’t wash… and if you aren’t? You’re very gullible. Don’t be.

        — Smoov

  11. The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right time, but also to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment

  12. He is walking around in Purfect1 right now as if nothing happened. Needless to say we gave him our 5 cents, and are contacting imLon Galicia to get him banned.

  13. [08:10] Lion Weiz: Son, today i was lucky and got a Merroo nest for 0L$ form a stupid noob girly and now they are all butthurt and bitch at me and i don’t know what to do.
    [08:10] Nightmare Demonia: I just read the blog, Dad. They are really mean to you, let me write a comment; nobody messes with the best dad ever.
    [08:11] Lion Weiz: You can use my laptop that i got it for 0US$ at this Starbuck table last year.
    [08:43] Nightmare Demonia: Done, now they will shut up.
    [08:44] Lion Weiz:Thank you, Son, I am so proud of you. I will go and fuck an SL escort now and not pay her, that will teach her a lesson.
    [08:44] Nightmare Demonia: I love you, Dad.

    • wtf leel you reallie need to go crawl in a hole cover ya self in drit and suffocate ur self…. why would you even fucking make up some shit like that? are you reallie that bored? got no life?

    • edit: [08:44] Nightmare Demonia: I love you, Dad. When I am grown up i also want to help people as you do day in day out. You are my role-model, Dad. Can i watch you fuck that escort?

  14. Lion, your story does not wash. You could have IMed her to tell her about the error, or if you intended to teach a lesson you could have picked it up and handed it right back. You decided not to, and now you throw this “OH I WAS GOING TO BUT THEN MEAN POOPY HEADS CALLED ME NAMES” crap out there…
    Honey, we were not born last night. Don’t piss on our leg and tell us it is raining. If you were on the receiving end of anger, you brought it on yourself through poor handling of the situation.
    You are now banned from every sim I own or administer. We do not need the custom of people who refuse to respect the property of others.


      and dad was going to give her the meeroo back till she went off and set the whole meeroo cummunity on him thats reallie mature of her what is she freaking 10 yrs old playing second life this is not the first tiem someoen bought a 0L item from someone people have to at least talk to each other and figure it out or some thing not like what she did got on and atked him that’s messed up and please leave “me” out of ur fking mouth thanks alot have a good fkign day hope u dont die or anything ♥

      • Talk about maturity.

        You basically stated exactly what all of us assumed. That your dad wants to try to pretend he’s some victim when in-fact, he’s the one who took a meeroo from a girl and refused to give it back. All the while the girl begged for he, he just said he was teaching her a lesson and telling everyone else that he was going to return it — when he didn’t plan on returning it at all.

        You don’t seem to grasp how much money he stole from this woman but I assume that goes along with your total lack of information regarding all of this minus the victimization your father probably shouted down to you in angry russian.

        “Pomogi Mnye!” shouted down the stairs followed by “pazhalsta” over and over in begging tones, so pathetic enough to pierce through your padded headset that you’re probably talking to other nobodies on teamspeak with.

        I attacked no one — read the conversation. I asked him why he took it and he played the victim. He also said multiple times “I might just keep it”. Why did he coax it if he planned on returning it?

        The girl did try talking to your father. I posted proof of that in above comments. All that ammonia from hair dye destroy your ability to read or are you just trying to act like there is actual good reasoning behind your father keeping the nest.

        Pro tip: There is no good reason for it. He screwed himself.


      • A troll isn’t as intelligent as I am — unless you want to say I’m some new breed of troll.

        I updated the post to reflect the return of the roo, it’s up to sim owners to decide if they want to unban him. I will notify the people I know of the return but it’ll be up to them.

        Thanks everyone! I know she is so happy to have her roo back!

      • oh awesome! Seems like alot of unneeded trouble to go through just to get someone to do the right thing. BUT in the end she got her meeroo back so atleast it has a happy ending.

      • it would of been a happy ending she just got mad and said it in the meeroo community but dad jsut wanted to give it back to her in the first place but o well im happy its over ^.^ no need for drama it would of been taken careoff with out all the other people atking my dad and callign him names and threatening him but o well whats done is done >=D

    • [08:45] Lion Weiz: Sure, Son. But don’t tell your Mom during cooking after she did our laundry after returning from work.
      [08:45] Nightmare Demonia: Btw, Dad, now that you are banned from so many sims at least you still have the nest!!
      [08:46] Lion Weiz: Shit, i just returned it.

      • lol leel nice one but i work i help mom cook and i help mom do laundry u stupid fucking troll

  15. Hey sonny boy, your english seems to be improving dramatically. What a pair of choads. This seems to be another genetics lesson for everyone. Inbreeding does have its hazards.

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