(High Res @ Flickr.)

Another art-based post. This will probably become rather frequent as I seem to do them almost regularly now that I am lurking on an amazing sim. Heriolfr is super active, well built and fantastic — though I could just be biased on that fantastic part. I really suggest people checking it out though, if Northern Gor is your thing. They try to stay as by the book as they can, without ruining everyone’s experience.

Now, onto the picture. It’s pretty sappy and sad. There are tears, yep. There is crying to be had in this picture. The focal point, though, are the yellow flowers in the hair. They’re Talenders, obviously. Talenders are rather sappy and romantic in themselves within Gor. Instead of me sitting here rambling, I’ll keep it short and end it off with a book quote.

The talender, fixed in her hair, is a slave girl’s wordless confession, which, commonly, she dares not speak, that she cares for her Master…
—Hunters of Gor, 5:65

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