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It’s been about a year now — a little more, since I was active within Second Life and within the sphere that is Second Life blogging. I’ve missed both the grid and the mentality that comes with being a blogger and as my life has settled in to a steadier pace, one that involves a healthy balance of real-life and time to play, I find myself excited to return to all the realms I kept myself within virtually.

While I’m not completely ready to get back in to blogging yet, I wanted to post something to let anyone who still peaks in on this blog a heads up that I’ll be returning shortly. I’ve cut out 20,000 items from my inventory and once I’m completely done cleaning out my inventory and organizing it, then I will be ready to get back in to the swing of things.

I want to give an idea of what to expect from Awesome Sauce [AS] when I return, as an outline for myself. I plan on blogging my regular Gorean/Fantasy outfits and I also plan on branching out to have specific blogging categories. This means I want to blog new releases of specific things and have them sorted in to an easy to access tab at the top. They would filter in to the regular posts but highlighted as well. These will most likely include new releases of hair and skins.

I also plan on highlighting sims. I’ve always taken pictures to play around with and I’ve linked to the sims I’ve taken them at but I’ve never actually just photographed the beauty of a well done sim and highlighted it before. I feel like this needs to be done — especially for Gor. I’d love for anyone to send me notecards in-world regarding sims they find particularly beautiful, so that I may take the time to visit.

Outside of blogging, I will be getting back in to building. Expect a complete overhaul of [twee.] in the coming months — as well as new releases. They will be slow initially, it’s been a few years for me now since I’ve built but I have some ideas I’m working on getting out.

Beyond both of those realms, I’ll be looking for a great RP environment to contribute to, once I’m ready. It’s been a while and I feel like my RP character needs her own overhaul, though only slightly.

So, I’ll be seeing all of you very soon.


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