Edit: Yo Dawg, I hurd you like typo’s.

Edit Edit:

I’ve also  updated the top row of links to include all the categories for easier access. Most of them are empty currently but as things come, they will begin to populate.

The review policies have also been updated to include basic information regarding the process of asking things to be blogged here via review copies.

Again, thanks and I can’t wait to be back 100%.


One thought on “Rolecall.

  1. Okay, thanks for letting me know, don’t know if I was on it or not but just now getting back on my 2 blogs, I’m a writer full time and had to take some time off of those to finish my book. Was just working on my ava to get back to work on my sl blogs. Love Awesome Sauce though and btw your great. You were an inspiration to the designing of my sight, I also have gtslmagazine which needs work as well. I will be back on my blogging soon.

    Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2013 19:32:05 +0000 To:

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