The Gatherer.

Well hi there. It’s been a long time hasn’t it? A bit too long, huh? Oh well. These things do happen. I won’t bore you too much with my life but I’ve obviously gained time to find myself  back in Second Life and back on a BTB RP sim — Agrhi. I will be making a post about it soon, to give you all an idea on why you should probably get your pixels over there and join in on this new and quickly growing community hellbent on making this as bustling and close to the way most of us 4+ year old BTBers remember.

I’m the same old, same old. Herbalist/Apothecary who deals in poisons under the table (and Kanda now, for a certain someone who shall not be named). I doubt I’ll blog like I used to, with the white backgrounds and I will probably just be posting my RP outfits and on-sim scenery. I am far too lazy now and I honestly think it’s cooler to see the outfits when they’re being used. Like this!

Hair: LELUTKA – Marie
Skin: BIRDY – Blair (Kiss Me)
Teeth/Teeth Alpha: PXL – Open Mouth Pro & iLOGIC – Open Lips #5
Freckles: DUTCH TOUCH ADDONS – Moles & Freckles
Eyes: THE SUGAR GARDEN – Awake (Aqua & Ice Blue)
Dirt: VIGO – Dirt All Over
Eyeliner: GLAM AFFAIR – Couture Eyeliner #2
Eyelashes: BEETLEBONES – Clumpy Black (upper only), REDGRAVE – Extra Long (lower only), ATAXIA – Natural Mesh Lashes (upper only)

Cold Breath: BOOM – Cold Breath Attachment
Acorn Wreath: CAVERNA OBSCURA – Oak Acorns Wreath
Holly Wreath: GSPOT – A bonds tale (dark brown outfit)
Hair Sticks: CAVERNA OBSCURA – Elven Hair Sticks
Bracers: THE FORGE – Hawk Bracers
Rucksack: TRIDENT – Herbalist Packpack
Belt: TRIDENT – Herbalist Belt
Body Vines: THE LOUNGE – Singer in the weald
Shoulder Fur: GSPOT – Got Fur?
Scarf: ISON – Oversized Infinity Scarf

Fur Vest: LEGAL INSANITY – Sonnet Fur Gilet
Underlayer: KYOOT – Two Sugars Top (tinted)
Shirt: HOW CUTE IS THIS? – Chocolate Long Sleeve
Skirt: CELLARDOOR – Adyna

Unseen items
Necklace: KARI – Hand of Fatima
Ost/Snake: BLIENSEN + MAITAI – Wadjet Snake Necklace
Boots: TOKIDOKI – Boho Boots

Sim: Agrhi, The Last Stop – BTB Gor


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