WTF. BACKLOG10 [Potion Mistress]

This was an outfit I wore for a while in BTB. Especially when my character was drugged up with a specific (heavily diluted) poison that she traded in. She’s still the same crazy woman, even enslaved but she really shines when she’s free.

Skin: PINK FUEL – Sora
Hair: EXILE – Run To You
Eyes: IKON – Promise Eyes (Azure & Green)
Eyebrows: BUZZERI – Lyra Brows
Nails: MABINOGION – Dirty Fingernails
Piercing: TWEE. – Liska (modded)
Teeth: DEETALEZ – Tongue with piercing
Mesh Bits: Slink Hands
Lips: GLAMORIZE – Just Because Combo
Tired Eyes: CORVUS – Tired Eyes

Circlet: CELLARDOOR – Neviah Twig Circlet
Headdress: SONGFEATHER – Inspi Headdress (Passage)
Armor: THE FORGE – Eldar Armour (Wood)
Belt and Harness: THE FORGE – Auxillary Chest & Waist Harness
Corset: ISON – Leather Shape Corset
Skirt: GOR GURLS – Rough Homespun Skirt
Cowl: *UNAVAILABLE* TP – Hide My Neck(wrap)
Top: HOW CUTE IS THAT? – Noir Longsleeve (great, they’re modify)
Bow: PRIMUS – Golugd Bow (Sheath placement changed)

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