WTF. BACKLOG27 [The Dark Queen]

Hair: ELIKATIRA – Charmed (really old)
Eyes: DEAD APPLES – Striking Eyes (Spring & Olive)
Nails: VIVID – Nail Pack 10
Piercing: TWEE. – Liska (modded)
Lipstick: DEAD APPLES – Came with Ari
Eyeshadow: DEAD APPLES – 3D Eyeshadow
Gradient Shadow: TULI – Mask 1
Mesh Bits: Slink Hands

Undershirt: LIL LACE – Torn
Dress: JUNBUG – Deer Me
Pauldrons: MAYS SOUL – Muse Set
Bracers: ENFANT TERRIBLE – Chloe’s Bracer
Shield: MAYS SOUL – Lion Shield
Crown and Necklace: AISLING – Cour des Cauchemars


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