[HOME] Meet The Gods

Fantasy Gacha Carnival is just around the corner, though I’m 100% sure just about everyone on the grid already knows that. It’ll be opening May 3rd so save up your lindens and start bribing lady luck because, as usual, there’s a shit ton of stuff you want. There’s a ton of shit I want for sure. One set though, for anyone who has a love affair with Ancient Egypt, or just likes the morbid or creepy, needs to check out the set from Paper Moon. Just in case you want to make sure whomever you just killed — or whomever just died, meets the gods in the afterlife, Paper Moon has you covered and Osiris and Ra are much pleased.

*1. Ritual Table with organs and canopic jars: PAPER MOON – Ensepulcher – Instrument Table – ULTRA (Fantasy Gacha May ’14)
*2. Blood-letting/Draining Table: PAPER MOON – Ensepulcher – Drainage Table – ULTRA (Fantasy Gacha May ’14)
*3. Basic Ritual Table: PAPER MOON – Ensepulcher – Empty Table – RARE (Fantasy Gacha May ’14)
4. Ritual Candles: ENVISAGE:LIMITLESS – Small Ritual Candles
5. Bloody Rug: BUDOIR – Bloody Rug
*6. Ritual Heart Weighed to Feather Scale: PAPER MOON – Ensepulcher – Scales of Justice – ULTRA (Fantasy Gacha May ’14)


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