Averylust – The Body Snatcher


So this won’t be a normal post. This won’t be a blog post, or a post with pretty pictures. This won’t be fun or enjoyable and it’ll probably be painful or annoying for some people to see it through their blog feeds, but over three Months have passed since this ordeal has started for me, and it’s not getting better. It honestly sometimes feel like it’s only gotten worse. I kept it to my plurk, which is private, originally. Then I only put it up on my flickr, however, I’m not about to risk my flickr streams deletion because of mass abuse reports because this girl doesn’t want me to talk about what’s going on.

Instead, I’m going to talk about it here.

The beginning of this year in January, I was approached by an avatar by the name of Averylust Resident. She was friendly, she complimented me on my avatar and my blog. She asked some questions about a few old posts of mine. She wasn’t weird about it and I felt comfortable talking to her. Over the years I’ve always been kind to people who directly message me to discuss outfits or my blog so this was no different.

She talked about how she used to love my store, that she loved my blog, and that she was looking in to getting in to Gorean Roleplay. She was at the Gor Hub. Why would I think anything of that? I spent a lot of time afk in the Gor Hub on mobile during the weekdays while I’m at work. Plenty of people are there that I didn’t see because I only keep it on text. In the end she asked me in a notecard to maybe make a shape for her. I never got back to her.

Fast forward a few weeks later. After we spoke, I had added her on Flickr. I surf flickr a lot. Her flickr was a lot of really old pictures, so I could tell that she had seemingly been gone a long while. Then, I scroll through my stream and I see my own face staring back at me, and there was her name. Ahrietta Ahren ( now k u m i h o.) looked identical to me, down to the mole tattoo layers.

I took a deep breath and messaged her. I asked her calmly if she could explain, before I lost my mind on her.
[18:47:12] Verinne Ansar: Hello!
[18:47:25] Verinne Ansar: Before I put you on blast, can you answer a question for me.
[18:47:32] AveryLust Resident: Of course.
[18:47:38] Verinne Ansar: https://i.gyazo.com/bcc236d21ab033ac1772b8b4b884483c.png
[18:48:45] Verinne Ansar: An explanation would be nice.
[18:48:49] AveryLust Resident: Ah, that is why the shape looked familiar. It was given to me randomly when I was sitting around the Hub. Let me grab you his name.
[18:51:22] AveryLust Resident: RaidenTakahiro

Long story short in this situation, but, I believed her. So many people jumped on the post she made on flickr calling her a thief, telling her that’s my face, wtf is wrong with her. She deleted the image off of flickr and an account named Shilosayori Resident messaged me to ask me what happened — claiming to be a friend of hers. None the wiser, I spoke to her. I told her what I thought was the situation: That some asshole gave Averylust Resident my copybotted shape, and for some reason, also a list of my tattoo layers taken from my plurk.

The key point is that I believed her. I kept talking to Averylust Resident after she copybotted me because I believed she was just a victim of a shitty situation.

I was wrong. She is 100% the guilty party.

A couple days after this copybotting fiasco, and she and I are still talking almost daily — at least every other day or so on. She expressed, perpetually, how sorry she was. That she felt guilty, and stupid, for not realizing it was stolen. That she would never accept anything from a random stranger account ever again. I told her it was okay. That I had explained to everyone the situation. That I didn’t blame her for the situation — and she let me, even though she was lying to me the whole time.

I was at a sale and, being kind to her, I thought it would be a nice thing to let her know. A few moments later she landed in the store and I cammed to her, because I was going to go find her and stand with her. You know, typical SL friend things. When I saw her still wearing my shape however, I was done. I told her she was a liar and it was ridiculous that she’d tell me she deleted my shape when she was still so obviously using it. I know she said something to me, but I don’t  even remember, I was too mad.

I was taken for a fool.

About 15 minutes later there was a post put up, now deleted, on her flickr explaining that it’s all a misunderstanding that she’s the victim of raidentakahiro resident, the copybotter who also stalkers social media, that he gave it to her in the hub and she isn’t using it anymore. That she will wear every tattoo layer I do because she went and bought them so she shouldn’t have to not use them.

People lashed out at her in my defense, but also, people lashed out at me, defending her from me. I was called an internet bully, a mean girl. That I was just upset because she was another white haired fox girl. One girl whom I knew, never on a personal level, but knew of, defended her so fiercely. Eventually, it died down and it was deleted. I don’t have even a picture of that post it was such a blur.


Above, the image shows the initial January meeting time frame, as well as the image when I first realized she had my shape. Then, in the center you see that even though I changed skins, she was close behind to make the switch as well, obviously keeping watch of my flickr.

It also shows how she emulated my profile in hers, which caused a fair amount of confused messages from people I used to know in the Gorean community, confused as to why I was around on an RP alt. I still get those even now, and it’s a painful discussion every time.

Towards the end of May however, something else happened that didn’t involve me. Instead, it involved one of the girls whom had defended Averylust Resident from me and all the people championing my honor, so to speak. I woke up to a picture on my stream on flickr from Considerably Ordinary, of a screenshot of her standing in the middle of Truth Hair, being accidentally given her copybotted shape by Aestriferous Resident, Averylust Resident’s Alt. She obviously didn’t think that dragging and dropping was a bad idea. With Averylust Resident standing directly beside Considerably, she must’ve missed the drag because of the AO animations but Considerably was given her shape nonetheless.

(Image below from Considerably Ordinary’s flickr, as well as overlayed with additional Information).


Fast Forward to now.

      Averylust Resident has been claiming I bully her. I even got a SL Secret posted about me, claiming I “get people banned from events because I can only be the slender white kitsune with a vco mouth”. However, I haven’t worn a VCO mouth since she copybotted me. I wear TSG’s Rei, from Skin Fair, of which she also switched to not long after I did (shown in the first image).

She tells people in Gor that I was mean to her, that I stalk her. That I got her alt Aestriferous Resident hacked, and that it was hacked when it gave Considerably Ordinary her shape. That it was all my doing. I was smearing her name.

Yet, there she is in the community I used to be in, telling people all this, all the while people are coming back to me asking what the hell was going on with this girl.

So finally, I explained it all on Flickr. After she copybotted Considerably, I felt like I had to tell people about her. Through that, a lot of people spoke up about bad experiences with her and I felt so bad for them, because I understood. She seemed to genuine and nice in the beginning, but in the end all she’s done is take advantage of the people who are the kindest to her.

I found out that she has a huge reputation in the tumblr RP community as an abuser, character thief whose attacked other people in the community, as well as fake suicide on numerous occassions for attention. I found out that this behavior of deceit was a habit. It made me feel a little bit better. I actually reached out to a few people and it was like a tiny little therapy session or support group. They went through similar situations, even though it wasn’t Second Life.

I also got a lot of support from the Second Life community, which was really amazing. I didn’t expect so many people to reach out to me about the ordeal.  So thank you everyone for that.

My biggest issue with the whole situation was I felt like people didn’t believe me. Like, I truly was just bullying this poor girl for no reason other then because she copied my blogged outfits. That maybe she was hacked, maybe she was an idiot given copybotted items. I just couldn’t live with that thought. I come off as mean, but I’m blunt and speak my mind. As anyone who actually got past that, and I’m extremely protective of my friends and I love them dearly — because they accept my asshole personality for what it is, and know I’m actually pretty kind.

So, I kept looking. Finally, one day I saw on an old post on her flickr the name Ahrietty. She called it an RP character of hers. So I googled it, and holy shit. 

I found pages and pages and pages of posts on tumblr about her — about all her names. Ahrietty, Voltaec, Okirro, Okiero, Seerbound. About how she threatened people, harassed people, you name it, there is a documented piece of proof she did it.  My interest was with the seerbound tumblr though. She admitted in a post on her flickr that Seerbound Resident was her alt.


Within that blog, I found the answer I needed. 

There I saw posts talking about a character in her RP characters back story, and his name was Raiden Takahiro.

There could be no way it was a giant coincidence. The seerbound tumblr RP blog made all the bad references to Korean Kumiho mythology while her Character was with a Japanese Name and religion. The messiness of the character which was obviously built off my own second life RP character I had in my profile and RPed at Realm of The Forgotten in 2015.

This was her blog, and Raiden Takahiro was her character. That meant that Raidentakahiro Resident was her alt. The account used to copybot me was hers.

The gif above, the image of me with the blue background is from May. The image that overlays over it is an image from Averylust Resident’s flickr.

How can anyone still believe that it isn’t my shape? 

It’s like staring at a picture someones done for me. Like I asked someone to edit a screenshot of me. It’s infuriating and depressing, at the same time.

The flickr posts I had up have been taken down. She ARed me to the point where I wasn’t going to risk losing my flickr stream because of her. However, I documented them.

Below are IMGUR galleries that include the two now deleted flickr posts from my main flickr, including all comments. There is also a full imgur gallery that includes some of the images used in this post as well as others I made to document everything even more

1.) http://imgur.com/a/8KQMD

2.) http://imgur.com/a/SVjwg

3.) http://imgur.com/a/igFm2

Here is Considerably Ordinary’s Flickr Post when Averylust Resident copybotted her:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/cyface/26673709054/

This girl continues to stalk my flickr. I received messages from people I following letting me know that not long after I fave one of their pictures, she does as well.

This isn’t about her copying my style, or my blog posts. This is about her copybotting my shape and emulating me even in her profile to the point people honestly think it’s me. She’s a liar, she’s manipulative, and she took advantage of me, and numerous other people and I refuse to let her discredit my name by claiming I’m harassing her.

I’m standing up for myself. I’m not going to just lay down and let you potentially hurt another person, Averylust.

Accounts associated that I know of, with her include:

  • Averylust Resident
  • Seerbound Resident
  • Baginya Resident
  • Raidentakahiro Resident
  • Aestriferous Resident
  • Nimblelight Resident
  • Shilosayori Resident
  • Demonicwench Resident
  • Chastityderais Resident
  • Poxtoad Resident
  • Nyotei Resident
  • Arden Beltran
  • Maite Reve
  • Abril Fride

UPDATE 12/04/2016: Added a few more alts. This list will be updated when I’m informed.

UPDATE 02/05/2017:

Her Flickr Account: https://www.flickr.com/photos/145985624@N08/   (please see update further down as this link is now defunct.)

In November of 2016, she (or one of the guys close to her) made two random accounts and duped my profile, used them to grief sims with my name attached. At first I couldn’t be sure if it was her, but then a close friend of hers was the one spamming RP groups telling them to ban me because they had proof it was me, and once the reports to LL were flooding in, she spoofed her own accounts to try to say I was framing her again.

As of January 2017, she is admitting to copybotting my shape, but that’s all. She’s not claiming she’s copybotted Considerably Ordinary, and she’s dropped her whole story about how I’ve tried to frame her (unfortunately I have the proof that was her first conspiracy here). She’s been trying to use this as a way to obtain pity and for people to see her as a “changed” person, however, as I just stated, she was harassing me as recently as October (so her excuse of “it was a year ago” is irrelevant).

She’s been trying to befriend a lot of people and minimize her offenses, but I have proof with creators that she’s stolen more than my shape (textures, etc). I’ve been doing my best to keep everything strictly to information without my feelings involved. The original posts thoroughly explain that.

The alt list is updated with her most recent accounts (Arden Beltran and Maite Reve) but mind you Maite Reve was either bought or given to her as she was not a SL resident during the existence of last names.

UPDATE 05/07/2017: Another alt. I sat on this one a long while, because I wanted her to have the opportunity to start fresh. She was not banned from shopping sims (minus my own event), and it was not listed or told to anyone. However, she recently sent me an IM and was harassing people on an RP sim, and its an RP sim I just so happen to have friends (FB level friends) involved in, as well as close friends who relayed to me she was stalking plurks of people close to me. Avery is also still ripping the roleplay character ideas of others, one being a tumblr girl she (apparently) used to stalk, and her RP character Kohana (see below):

Avery also had people in the past months since I updated, collect RL information from my facebook, my sisters, and my mothers. She had some random guy doing it (Ginn Chun). She also stated and/or threatened things like calling my place of employment to try to get me fired, taking loans out in my name. I’ve kept my mouth shut in the hopes she’d get a grip and move on, but she hasn’t. With the fact her RP sim figured out it was her, I know I’m going to be blamed when I was not involved at all.

I’m sorry Avery. You got your chance with this account and you blew it. Stop posting on SL Secrets about the people who run the sim your alt account is on (well, was on) .

UPDATE 06/08/2017: Flickr account was deleted, however, she made a new one. The account is named “Quiet Reprise”. Easily found while I was faving a picture of someone I fave regularly and saw a fresh account with bright red pictures, like she’s using for the Abril Fride account.

Flickr Account Here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/149460762@N06/

I’m sure some of you people see me more as the bad person then her at this point, but I’m not going to just back down when someone threatened to dox me, take loans out in my name, and harass my workplace to get me fired. She’ll deny it, I’m sure, but I was pasted them from the skype chats with our mutual friend. I know she knows what I’m talking about.

Now I just need to make a bet on the sl secret she’s going to post. Will it be about me, the snarky testimonial I sent to her new flickr account letting her know I know it’s her, or a secret she makes about herself under the guise either I or someone else posted it insulting her.

If you’re so creative, why are you so predictable?

Memo 06/17/2017:  If you threaten someone, a good person tells the person. Stop acting like you’re a victim. No one did anything wrong, other than you.

Memo 07/02/2017: Got told you’re claiming I’ve been causing drama or spreading rumors or something. I haven’t even been logging in since the first week of June so I’m curious when I was doing that. Maybe you should work on your own RL too. Seems like you need a break, but you’re probably a lost cause anyway.

Also, She’s getting people banned at RP sims again by coming up with lies because she’s a jealous, bitter, conniving no life. Seems like she sucked up to another sim owner/admin so her trashy reputation can be ignored. Just another person manipulated to believe her victim mentality.

Crazy bitches never change.

Personal Note 02/13/2018: Look at this. 8 months and I still have to come back here. Pathetic. Regardless, this is about something not even avery related, but somehow avery related, because for some reason some idiot wanted to post on slsecrets again. In to Horse Necrophilia I guess. Keep on beating it then.

Anyway. One comment that caught my eye was in reference to my blog .com. I switched to https://kitsune-tsuki.com last year. I update this here, but not there. This is the one with all the relevant comments. Anyway, someone tried to claim that I stole the name kitstunetsuki from a ‘lesser known blog”.

Firstly. The term Kitstunetsuki is a Japanese term, so no one made it up themselves. Secondly, I bought my Domain April 29, 2017. I set it up By May 1, 2017.



Excuse the random window, I was being lazy with gyazo and used it to obscure my information. I also cut off a portion of the Transaction ID, for obvious safety reasons.

Now, if you’re going off this one person I think you’re going off of. They didn’t change their blog name until September, 2017.

I’m not going to link anything for them, or show their name, because I have nothing against them. I mean, you didn’t see me crying anywhere that they changed their tumblr/blog to kitsunetsuki did you? Nope. If you want to verify it, just check their flickr stream. Up until September 2017, their tumblr/blog was called something entirely different.

Most other things in the comments were lack luster, especially since most of them elude that I made the post. I’ve never posted a secret and never will. I was also in the Dominican Republic with spotty wifi and only my cell phone. The Secret was also made in Photoshop CS5. I use CC 2017/2018 because I pay for that shit. Thanks metadata.




















Notecard Dump:

01/21/2016 – Averylust – Skin & Shape Request – https://pastebin.com/DtXZtU9u

01/21/2016 – Averylust – Finding my shape on marketplace “by accident”. The shape on there is ancient, but I dunno why she was looking for my name to begin with.  – https://pastebin.com/Nf87JY42

  • January was pre-botting.

02/16/2016 – Averylust/Raidentakahiro – Confronting them “both”, with Avery pretending to be a random asshole (though now she does admit she is who did it, so it’s confirmed raidentakahiro.resident is her) – https://pastebin.com/2t0hnfLv

02/16/2016 – Averylust – Full confrontation chat log – https://pastebin.com/60ha77YE

This is two days, the 16th, when she copybotted me and I accepted her apologies that it wasn’t here, and the 17th, when I invited her to shop a sale with me and when she landed I saw she was still using my shape.

02/16/2016 – Averylust/Shilosayori – Avery pretending to be yet someone else, acting like a friend to Avery, concerned about what has happened. This is a snippet. – https://pastebin.com/sVryb1Zj

I actually just recovered my whole chat log with her, see below:

02/16/2016 – Averylust/Shilosayori – Full chat log – https://pastebin.com/3raBuEdL

05/26/2016 – Averylust/Baginya – Using an alt to ask about poses I used in posts. This alt name conveniently shows up again when she messed up copybotting considerably.ordinary – https://pastebin.com/wPVR18WM

05/28/2016 – The Considerably Ordinary botting disaster. In this notecard she claims someone has hacked her aestriferous account, as revenge for me.  She claims Baginya also got her shape given to her. – https://pastebin.com/DDgqH8aN

06/08/2016 – The fake chat logs of me as Amphetamine Resident. I received two copies, because it looks like she had made a mistake in the initial one. She must’ve been using another chat log as a base. # 1 – https://pastebin.com/JyVku2hB & # 2 – https://pastebin.com/1fV7GphQ

Bonus: The corrected mistake between the two –

The timestamps fuck up on the left one, and there is a weird sentence about being “uncomfortable”. I wish I knew whose chatlogs she maimed to make these.

06/12/2016 – My “infamous” PSA notecard I was sending to some RP sims. Apparently I claimed she was banned at all of Cerberus’ sims as leverage. What ever you say! – https://pastebin.com/1ThkT5d9 (checked, those imgur galleries still work. I need to remember to save them all for posterity’s sake.)

06/20/2016 – Averylust speaking with a third party. She still thinks i’m the one who messaged her sister. I wasn’t. It was a friend of Considerably Ordinary. Maybe ask her about it. Besides, you did fake family deaths and suicides perpetually, and did say you had an ex stalking you. I forget who you told that your dad sexually abused you to, but, irrelevant – https://pastebin.com/bL0t87AD

  • I sat on this chatlog for nearly two years without sharing it out of respect for the person who gave me it.

06/21/2016 – Averylust sent this notecard as a response to someone messaging her or something. I don’t really know. Was given to me – https://pastebin.com/G8YjhSNM

  • I sat on this chatlog for nearly two years as well, out of respect for the person who gave me it.

I’m leaving out a notecard I received from another blank profile’d alt asking about clothing information from pictures posted on my raws only flickr account because I can’t verify if it’s her or not. They were an asshole to me, regardless.

(link to big – https://i.gyazo.com/77cc12b9f9b5ef78d2ed67b9788dc2e2.png )

(link to big – https://i.gyazo.com/61c86efdfed9e9a182ef2be9224f9f58.png )

You never did anything I said you did, I guess.


20 thoughts on “Averylust – The Body Snatcher

    • Hello! Thank you so much for letting me know! I actually was notified about Nyotei a couple weeks ago. I’m sorry she’s harassing and/or stalking you. If you need someone to talk to about it, feel free to reach out to me in-world, or even venting here in the comments anonymously.

      • There are many victims of the stalking and malicious lies she attempts to spread. Her most active account now is Arden Belran at Ar (Spirius family). Good hiding Avery!

  1. My friends met her and she denied everything on this website, we gave her a chance but she turned out to be crazy like everyone suggested, getting jealous and aggressive. I think she has anxiety problems because she spreads lies about us too, we’ve been stalked and put her on ignore but she sends money to lift the ignore and then IMs. The user above me is right, Arden Beltran is another alt, for some reason she always tries to contact us or goes through friends by being nasty so it gets back to us.

    We also got told that Verinne was sending messages to her friends to say that unless they stop speaking to her then she will ban those friends from events. We got shown a ‘log’ of this but it is probably fake, sorry Verinne.

    • I’m unsure why I’d ban friends of hers. If anyone received a ban in association with her, it’s for good reason and only one person connected to her has gotten one. I’d love to see those logs she made up, and I’ll verify if it’s real or not for you. I’ve got nothing to hide.

      I’m sorry she didn’t change her ways with you and your friends, but I commend you on giving her a chance. You never know, she could have changed after all this, but from what you say, it doesn’t sound like it. I’m unsure if it is an anxiety issue, as I struggle with social anxiety on my own and don’t do this.

      If you need help or anything, feel free to reach out to me. If you prefer to stay anonymous, I totally understand! My only suggestion is to report her through ARs if she’s trying to work around blocks, and report it *every time*.

  2. and lately more and more players banned her on their profiles (female players) and also she is forbidden in some sims

  3. This is crazy because I just came to this post to look at the list. Someone said asked me if I knew Maite Reve and I seen that profile and I got that feeling in the pit of my stomach instantly that it was her and I came here and saw that you added that account to the list. I’m honestly thankful that you updated the list so I know who to stay away from.

    • Yeah, I keep it updated when people come to me and let me know. She can’t stop telling people who she is for some reason. I figure she feels important, even if it’s for bad reasons. Glad it helps!

    • Oh, thanks for the heads up! I didn’t realize she was back at it again with a kitsune ripoff. Not surprising though. If anyone RPs at convergence I’d suggest giving a heads up to admins and players to be wary.

  4. “Also, She’s getting people banned at RP sims again by coming up with lies because she’s a jealous, bitter, conniving no life. Seems like she sucked up to another sim owner/admin so her trashy reputation can be ignored. Just another person manipulated to believe her victim mentality.”

    Avery had nothing to do with anyone who has been banned from the sim in question. The person this is likely referring to was banned because they’re an insufferable cunt who spent their days stirring up drama with people long before she ever even made it to that sim. She has nothing to do with, and no clout with, any of the owners or moderators of that sim. In fact, the owner made the ban permanent without any input from anyone else. Maybe you should ask all of the other people she tried to fuck about it, instead of assuming that yet another person who went out of their way to mess with Avery was telling a truth.

    Verinne, this is psychopathic. Let it go. You don’t have to like her. But there is a point where you cross from ordinary dislike to vicious harassment. If you were behaving this way offline, you’d have restraining orders. You’d have charges placed. You’d be sued for damages. This isn’t healthy. There is a point where protecting yourself from someone/something you perceive as dangerous becomes vicious, rabid, and destructive. You’ve gone from wronged to doing nothing but wrong. You’re harassing this person like a paparazzo.

    You can’t actually just decide one day that you’re going to dedicate your waking hours to making someone else miserable. If only because it’s going to take its toll on you.You’re a talented photographer, talented blogger when it comes to making looks and what not. You have better things to be doing than launching an asinine crusade against someone who has already learned their lesson.

      • Christ. Actually this is Ozymandias. There is more than one Australian, Verinne.

      • Amazing.

        So let me get this straight. You only know her the past however many months, definitely not when this all started. So your inherent bias is on her side, and you want to tell me that I’m the one who has been the psycho? Do you think I’ve added random nonsense up here just because I want it to sound exciting? Do you think my claims of her threatening to dox me, call my work, take out loans in my name, are all just fabricated so people feel bad for me? Or that she didn’t get other people to make alts and grief sims with my profile copied so I would get banned at sims?

        No, I wouldn’t get arrested, or charges files in real life, because I’m not stalking anyone. I’m updating a blog. I’ve made no slanderous claims, as it’s all verifiable. Meanwhile, your girl over there has threatened numerous things, claimed numerous slanderous things about me herself (some she just pretends were never said, regardless of all the evidence sitting here). If anyone could get charges filed, it’s her. I even reached out to a few people in Australia that I know to discuss the steps to report her after I had the chat log of her exclaiming how she should have done all that I said about (harass my work so I get fired, take out loans, etc). Of course, she had some crony pull it all off my facebook, so no true dox capability, but she also had him go get my mothers and my sisters. Pretty desperate and creepy.

        So I get that you want to defend her, and you’re trying to be some type of rational middle ground, but I gave her months of ability to restart on Abril Fride. Then she made a SL secret as Averylust trash talking people she was actively pretending to be friends with on Abril Fride while she RPed on their sim. Doesn’t sound like she’s changed or learned her lesson to me.

        Take your friendship with a grain of salt. I’ll keep doing me, which has been not even being logged in to SL for the past month, and you (and her I guess) can keep pretending I’m the big bad wolf — or fox, if you want to get cheeky. I’ve done nothing wrong. If taking 3 minutes to add a memo to a blog post is all I’m awake for, I’m unsure how I work 40 hours a week at my job.

        Cheers buddy.




    • Morning.

      I can agree, it’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous I’m being blamed for spamming someone’s Sarahah. It’s ridiculous SL Secrets regarding this still get made. I don’t do either of these, so the unhealthy aspect could technically be said about both parties, if you want to wager.

      However, I’m sorry if you feel like I’ve continued to include you. Regardless of your opinion, I still haven’t blatantly posted any chats between you and I, or anything regarding the third party friend of yours, whom you showed the tumblr information for, of Avery. I’m still the one blamed for messaging her sister on Facebook, even though it was she not I. That’s okay. I’m not going to put her name here. I don’t have anything against her. I’m not going to post our chat logs, as I have nothing against you — even if you think I do.

      You can have what ever opinion regarding me as you want, but I’ve only told the truth.

      If anyone has any proof to challenge anything I’ve ever said about any of this, then please feel free to reach out and I will provide it. Otherwise, I won’t add anything else to this post. I got the proof I needed, that it went beyond her thieving.

      Hope you’ve been doing well, regardless.

      • You’re being blamed because you’re the one who can’t seem to let it go. One who seems to be maintaining great lengths to have the “upper hand”.

        Why does being friends with you at any point (read: trying) mean you get to include my chat logs anywhere for any reason?

        Avery and I had this discussion literal months ago, she knows my part in all of it and she has received an apology. If you’re still being blamed for said event it’s obviously someone with second hand information because avery KNOWS. Has known for MONTHS.

        In response to my asking you to stop you have basically just listed receipts you have and acted like I should be greatful you haven’t released anymore.

        Do it. Send them to Avery herself though, because anything to do with MY part in being upset is strictly between her and I. Stop publicly dragging me into this. I know you need me to make your argument valid, I get it. I’m the second person it happened to and therefore you’re not crazy shes a repeat offender blah blah.

        But V seriously no one gives a shit anymore. Just stop.

      • I don’t post the secrets, I haven’t spammed anyone’s anon’s.

        I was gone and it was over, and each time it’s settled down, a secret pops up about this. So, I went and purged everything I had on to here. There is nothing left. My intent of mentioning all the other nonsense is because I’ve not shared anything beyond what you said I could, back when it happened (as in, you gave me permission). It wasn’t meant to threaten you, or your friend. So I’m sorry if you felt that way.

        Besides, I removed you on plurk not because I didn’t agree with your decision, because it is your decision to make, but because I didn’t want any connections socially. I removed literally everyone in world, so that wasn’t a just you thing. It was a mass wipe.

        I purged everything left and threw it on here. In part because someone is still instigating by spamming her partners sarahah. It’s all been very public regarding this. I can be a lot of things, but anonymous harasser isn’t one of them.

        The other part is because it’s cathartic, and that’s my vice to bear. Vomiting the rest of it all up on here means that it’s all on the table on my end. If anyone has anything else to add, it isn’t going to be me. My truth is in those last two screenshots.

        That may not make sense, but for me, they were what I needed.

        I hope you can accept the small apologies, because I really have nothing against you or your decisions. Thanks for the response as well.

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