[PHOTO.] She of the Moon

[PHOTO.] She of the Moon

Ode to Kaguya Hime, which is a very very old Japanese folktale.

Hair: EXILE – First Dance
Skin: INSOL – Mia
Head: CATWA – Lona
Eyes: EVERMORE – Nyanko Eyes (Cutie Loot Apr ’17)
Cuts & Bruises: VIOLETTA – Hikasyukketsu (RE:Japonica)
Nails: EMPIRE – Stiletto Nails Ultra
Rings: ABSOLUT VENDETTA – Hydra Rings
Finger Tips: LASSITUDE & ENNUI – Elven Rings

Hairpin: CERBERUSCROSSING – Dynasty Florette
Collar: CERBERUSCROSSING – Enthrall Collar
Chest Strap: GABRIEL – Chest Strap (RE:Japonica)
Sleeves: ADE YAKKO – Sakare Miko (RE:Japonica)
Obi: CANDYDOLL – Akahana Gacha
Undies: CERBERUSCROSSING – Sultry Kunoichi (RE:Japonica)
Socks: KONPEITOU – Tabi Prince
Geta: KONPEITOU – Carved Camilla Clogs
Butterflies: CUREMORE – Surrealisme Gacha


Torii: SOUEN – Gacha
Flowers: ANC
Mannequins: MATO (RE:Japonica)


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