Project Arousal List

Project Arousal and its add-ons.
Note: Some can be standalone, however with limited functionality without PA. These will be marked with an *

Project Arousal
Project Monster
Project Toy
*Project Sex
*Project Cuddle
*Project Clothing
*Project Object
*Cover System

I am currently just going to give a small description of PA and link to plug-ins and add-ons. I’ll link to all other Projects for ease of access.

If you have questions, please let me know or join the in-world group!

If there is a big enough interest, I’d love to create a PA discord server but I am bad at that!

Group link (paste in-world) – secondlife:///app/group/f68bfe00-585a-914b-6137-08169524f6fb/about

For a video tutorial please refer to this –


Project Arousal (PA) is the prime system all other project aspects can connect to. It’s an arousal system with clickable naughty bit attachments and a HUD that shows arousal, allowing people to interact with your avatar and cause you to climax. It has multiple add-on features, like all other “projects” as well as other plug-ins made by both the PA creator itself as well as others due to the fact a dev-kit is available. All plug-ins are capable of being enabled or disabled from the HUD and you have the ability to tweak all your multipliers for just about everything, making some things more arousing and others less (or not at all).

You are able to whitelist, blacklist and turn off your clickables from the HUD. The system can also function without using the clickable bit attachments.

Here is a short video showing the HUD:

Plug-ins from PA creator include:

Partner Anims
Adds partner animations so that people can grab you.

This is the one most people seem to hear about, at least from me. I’ve had people offended or upset over the fact I’ve AFKed and I’ve been bumped in to and knocked over. This allows your avatar to fall over if bumped in to, to randomly trip and fall and you have also the capability to trip on to or be fallen on to, by other people if they accept the interaction pop-up on their end. It also supports Project Clothing

Create a puddle beneath you (on land you have rez capabilities) as you’re aroused.

Makes each orgasm harder to achieve until you’ve rested. Elongates play if you’d like.

Shared Arousal & Voyeurism
Two plug-ins. Shared Arousal is if you’re touching someone else with PA, you also become aroused. Voyeurism is if you’re watching someone else with PA being aroused, you also will be.

Pass Out
This causes your avatar to lay on the ground for a while after you’ve had too many orgasms. It is RLV capable and if you use Project Clothing (I’ll describe later) it can lock you out of your inventory until you’re able to get up.

Arousal Words
This plug-in is set up through a NC within PA and you can assign arousal amounts to words.

You can set up a heat cycle within it’s NC in PA and it has multiple features depending on your depth of play. RLV will cause you to not be able to run or wly while you’re in heat overload at peak in your heat cycle until you’ve orgasmed and if you use project clothing, it will also lock you out of your inventory.

Moan Bumper
Easy to explain, uses the moans from the Project Arousal voice pack when people bump in to you. Works well paired with clumsiness and arousal bumper.

Clothing Arousal & Project Realistic Clothing
This has two plug-ins as well and they are specific plug-ins if you’re going to use project clothing. Clothing arousal allows you to gain arousal when someone interacts with your clothing. Project Realistic Clothing makes up incapable of clothing your own clothing or anything while someone is groping you.

Plug-ins for PA made by others that I enjoy include:
I won’t go in to detail about these, but feel free to click through and read their descriptions on if you’d like them for yourself!

Anticow Store
Anticow – Mouth Molester
Anticow – Headpat Detector
Anticow – Possession Game

Now Loading Store

Project Arousal Ice Cube
Ecchi Arousal Hearts
Ben Wa Palls
Crystal Heart Love Finder

R*pe Drug (I didn’t name it) – I’ll link to the store as I don’t want to link the name –
(This one is a toy that not only you can buy, but someone else like your Master/Owner/CG/Etc can use on you if they’ve purchased it.

Project Arousal Meters
Project Arousal Wrist Meter
(Meters so others can see your arousal)

Genus Head Animation Plug-in
Lelutka Evo Head Animation Plug-in

There are plenty more, including ones for which ever naughty bits you might use (aeros, VAW, Sensations, etc). If you can’t find it when you use MP and search “Project Arousal” let me know and I’ll check for you. I don’t really know of any stores making PA things that are only in-world.


Project Arousal allows you to install additional voice packs and you can switch between them through the HUD. There are both female AND male voice huds and while PA sells with “female version” on the vendor display, it has an “optional male parts” add-on clickable for the lower half so if you want to get in on the fun, you can as well.

I won’t link to all the voice packs, but simply searching “Project Arousal” in Marketplace will get you them. I’ll link to some below. – just search “arousal” in store search (Female Only) – just search “arousal” in store search (Female Only) – just search “arousal” in store search (Female and Male) – Whole store is voice packs (Female and Male)


A system of spawning monsters that interact with PA users. RLV required and uses it well, also interacts with Project Clothing. 

You must use the installer for you to be able to interact with Project Monster –

If you would like to test out Project Monster, there is a Project Monster area at The Bay!


A few sex toys made specifically to interact with PA and can share toy remotes, etc.


Can be used standalone or installed in to Project Arousal so that you can have sex, essentially anywhere, and it also have Project Arousal interaction. Partners don’t need to have PA.

You can install different animation packs.


Like Project Sex, but just cuddling. Lets you cuddle anywhere. Partners don’t need to have PA.

You can install different animation packs.


A system that makes your clothing interactive. Uses RLV and can make RLV and PA play more intense as it may lock you out of your inventory.


Can be used standalone or with Project Arousal. Allows others to put designated items on you (i.e. handcuffs, gags, etc)


Can be used standlone or with Project Arousal. Gives you animated initiated by gesture commands to cover up yourself if you’ve somehow become naked or lost a piece of clothing.

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