poofAbout the Blog

Awesome Sauce has been around since 2010, and through the years it’s evolved. I enjoy sharing outfits in a clean cut manner with little flair because I feel it focuses more on the outfit and the pieces used to put it together.

Everything is hosted on Flickr as well, and have anywhere from 600 to over 2,000 views on some images. All outfit information is also listed on flickr posts, and I include links on my plurk for added publicity.

The blog itself is syndicated to some of the top SL blog feeds on the grid, including the biggest, longest running one IHeartSL (link). Other syndications include slfantasyfeed and others, all listed on the sidebar.

About the Author

In real life, I’m a Year of the Snake and a Pisces, currently residing in the Northeast United States in Vermont. I work a full-time job and am enrolled in online classes to become a Veterinary Technician.

I’m addicted to subscription boxes and Asian cosmetics.

I prefer anything that isn’t normal. We have real life for being normal, so if it’s strange and out of this world, I’m drawn to it. I like reading manga, watching anime and doodling the characters at work idly. I draw and have drawn since elementary school, though I stopped doing it regularly up until recently.

In Second Life, I’m usually a nine-tailed white/artic fox and I like it that way.

RL Instagram: Link




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