WTF. 07.02.2016 [Morning Rush]

A few items that are available at The Crystal Heart Fair, and a few absolutely adorable Evermore items, like the Milk, which is at this months round of SaNaRae. I actually wanted the black version of this cute seifuku, but I got every color but! Most of my friends wear size small or extra-small, but I wear medium, so I haven’t had any luck getting it from someone else. Regardless, I thought it look absolutely adorable paired with the socks and these amazing shoes from The Sugar Garden.

Skin: THE SUGAR GARDEN – Rei + Rei Lips Parted
Eyes: ADORED – Moon Eyes

Seifuku: DAMI – Sakura School Uniform (Crystal Heart June ’16)
Milk: EVERMORE – Moo Chan Milk (SaNaRae June ’16)
Bag: EVERMORE – Sailor Senshi Tote (Crystal Heart June ’16)
Phone: BUNBUN – Magical Girl Phone RARE (Crystal Heart June ’16)
Toast: Off MP for 10L
Socks: VALE KOER – Garter Socks (Crystal Heart June ’16)
Shoes: THE SUGAR GARDEN – Cupid Creepers


WTF. 04.01.2016 [Digital Diety]

Hair: TAKETOMI – Emiko
Eyes: REZ IT – Digital Eyes
Tail: AISLING – Bad Wolf Tail
Mesh Bits: Utilizator M3 Venus Head, Utilizator Kemono Body, Rei’s Chest for Kemono

Shrug: APRICOT PAWS – Claw Paw Shrug (ALTERNATIVE April ’16)
Necklace: AMBIX – Astral Pendant (ALTERNATIVE April ’16)
Top: GLUTZ – Strapp’d Top for Kemono
Shorts: Layed Back Shorts by Deadly Landar on Marketplace, with texture by Rhexy Resident, on Marketplace.
Socks: GLUTZ – Girls Night In Stockings (ALTERNATIVE April ’16)
Holographs: DIGI – Gridwear Trace & Tempest (on Marketplace)

For this picture, I had an idea of old Japanese traditions still existing in the extreme future. If Japanese yokai existed, they’d still exist even then. So I felt like coming up with an idea for a picture showing a Kitsune fitting in within a cyber-futuristic setting, which is of course Insilico. Digital holographs and swirling holographs represent the Kitsune’s blue flames.  This picture was a lot of fun to conceptualize.


WTF. 03.31.2016 [Usagi-chan In Wonderland]

Hair: TAKETOMI – Kaho
Skin: ENFER SOMBRE – Nadia
Eyes: ENFER SOMBRE – Sweet Bunny
Eyelashes: ENFER SOMBRE – Doty
Eyebrows: ENFER SOMBRE – Doty
Mesh Head: UTILIZATOR – M3
Mesh Body: UTILIZATOR – Kemono

Rabbit Ears, Ear Fluff & Tail: DOKI @ Kawaii Pon Pon April ’16
Dress: NOCCIOLA – Hime Lolita Dress @ Kawaii Pon Pon April ’16
Socks & Shoes: PARFAIT – Lolita Socks+Shoes @ Kawaii Pon Pon April ’16


WTF. 01.16.2016 [Sway With Me]


Hair: TAKETOMI – Junko
Mesh Head: VCO – Elin Open Mouth (RARE)
Mesh Body: UTILIZATOR – Kemono
Mesh Body Add-Ons: BB/MM Thunder Thighs
Ears: ALTAIR – Rabi En Rose (White)
Tail: HALF-DEER – Fuzzy Tail (Rainbow)
Kemono Skin: FEROCIOUS MUFFIN – Pero Venus Mods (MP Creator: Pirii )

Collar: BB/MM – Kemono Posture Collar
Harness: L’EMPORIO – Body&Harness
Dress: NEKOTRON – Santas Little Helper
Sleeves: NEKOTRON – Santas Little Helper
Skirt: TORCHIS – Hajime Skirt
Shoes: REIS STUFF – Heel For Kemono
Staff: AXIX – Mushu Staff Silver (RARE)

[REVIEW] Utilizator’s Kemono

I don’t do reviews often. I don’t consider myself a “review blogger”. I blog what I like, what I wear, because I like to share — even if it might be things only a few people would like. It’s part of the wonder of Second Life, that there is so much content, and I just want to be an outlet to show it off.

The night before UTILIZATOR’s Kemono avatar came out, I had just bought the M3 Anime Head. I had bought his Avatar 2.0 body previously, to play around with and compare with the WOWMEH mesh body. Both which warrant their own reviews, eventually. Still. I was in the 2.0 body, with odd tiny mesh paws, the leg seam covered up by a sock prim. For the most part, my legs were basically what the Kemono avatar offers, but it does so seamlessly.

When I woke up and saw someone in this body shape, with these cute little paws, I realized I just had to get it. I dropped the 900L and didn’t look back. Primarily because it comes with so much. This is a full avatar. While I’m not wearing the modified M3 Anime head, it comes with one, plus almost a dozen different skin options, and even more face emotes then the original M3. Here is just a small preview:


The HUD it comes with, both the body and the head, adjust to the skin tone you’ve picked, or allow for the application of custom textures, like what I use. The head HUD, beyond the emotes, allows you to change your eyebrows, you have multiple choices for eyes, both the colors and the actual eye detail, including their size. If you’ve never used a UTILIZATOR head before, the customization and wide range of emotion these heads allow you to portray are fabulous. I could go on forever.

900L also gets you ears and a tail, both that can be textured and texture change with the texture you pick, and a fair amount of mesh clothing rigged just for your new avatar. I’m wearing one of the tank tops, though the texture is one I made for myself. The Kemono Avatar also comes with a notecard supplying you with a download link that gives you all the files, uvs, and even the skin psd, so that you can modify to your hearts delight, and even sell your creations for other users of the body.

While I don’t personally buy in to the whole furry scene – the scope of it is beyond me, not hate intended, I have always been a fan of buying furry avatars, even if I was buying them just to use bits and pieces in hybrid avatars. I look forward to all of UTILIZATORs new releases, and will be an avid fan from this point on. 

WTF. BACKLOG33 [Naughty Bakeneko]

This one is definitely a different style then my usual. I’ll preface this post, and any later posts involving this avatar that it is a common aesthetic familiar to anyone who watched modern day anime. Most demon girls are portrayed as tiny evil little assholes. I’m not even kidding. With that said, it’s not a child avatar. I do not take part in pretending to be a child in any way, ever. I am always representing myself, and my avatar, as an adult and any portrayal I do, is that of an adult-aged person — or way older, like 1000 years old, in the case of any type of demon or yokai.

Another post, this time highlighting the new Kemono Avatar body just released my Utilizator. I’ll be making another, better post about how amazing it is soon. The head is also from them, and like anything made by Utilizator, everything is super customizable and the avatar comes with the ability to download all the uvs, files and psds. Which is what I did. I custom made this body skin, to match my default Dead Apple tone, and then made a M3 face skin to match. It will hopefully be up for sale soon, for those interested, and I will play with the idea of customs, if you need a kemono body skin to match your skin (like I used the body in the two Kitsune posts).

Hair: TRUTH – Lottie
Skin: TWEE. – Unreleased M3 + Kemono Skin Applier (soon!)
Eyelashes: CHU! – M3 Eyelashes
Eyebrows: Candy Mountain – M3 Eyebrows
Eyes: POMF – Neko Eyes
Braces: LOUD MOUTH – Brace Yourself
Mesh Bits: Utilizator M3 Head, Utilizator Kemono Mesh Body, Lola Tangos

** The M3 Head used above is seperate and different then the modified M3 head that comes with the Kemono Avatar.

Ears: ?? – “Cat Person Parts” (On MP)
Tail: ?? – “Jerboa Tail” (On MP)

Harness: BAREROSE – Phi Harness
Stockings: UTILIZATOR – Kemono Stockings (Comes with Avatar)
Boots: UTILIZATOR – Kemono Boots (Comes with Avatar)