For those who are fans of my style of photography, commission work is available in different ranges of packages. My prices are based on real-world amounts because second life photography is dedicated image editing that requires real-world skills. However, I feel my prices are fair, and when compared to real world commission rates on art, they fall far below average market, because I still wanted to keep competitive, without selling myself — and the quality, too short.

Currently: Taking Clients


❤ Personal Package Rates:

$L 1500 | Headshot – Plain/Minimal Background
30 minute photoshoot.

$L 2000 | Portrait – Plain/Minimal Background *
30 minute photoshoot.

$L 2500 | Portrait, Scenic/On-Location *
30 minute photoshoot.

$L 3300 | Couple, Plain Background
60 minute photoshoot.

$L 4400 | Couple, Scenic/On-Location
60 minute photoshoot.

$L 4500 | Group (3), Plain Background **
60 minute photoshoot.

$L 6000 | Group (3), Scenic/On-Location **
60 minute photoshoot.

*  Portraits include a 3/4th or full body, whereas headshots will be from the bust or shoulders up.

** Group rates are flexible up to a maximum of five (5) total avatars in the image. Each additional is $L 1000.

In simple terms, things are base priced around $8 an avatar, with headshots being the cheapest
❤ Personal Packages Include:

  • Guaranteed length of the included time, and if time permitting my extra time if there were some issues obtaining shots.
  • Use of my collection of poses, poseballs, photography studio & photography utilities.
  • My purchasing of any desired poses or poseballs that will be used for the photoshoot.
  • Image crops at 1:1, 3:4 (profile image) & 16:10 (pick image).


❤ Package Add-ons:

  • $L 500 | Outfit Change, non-refundable. 
    • Allows for extra time to change in to an additional outfit. The charge is for each change individually.
    • Please note that only one image in the end will be chosen to be edited (of my choice). If you want an image in each outfit, then you are asking for your chosen package to be doubled, and is owed at the time of the photoshoot.
  • $L 800 | Erotica Charge, non-refundable. 
    • If you’re interested in a photoshoot involving actual pixel penetration or any other sort of sexual act, including hardcore masturbation then this fee applies. This is because it will require extra time, as well as more time to set up for optimal shots.  This cannot apply for headshots. I also reserve the right to decline this type of work.
  • $L 600 | Location Scouting, non-refundable — included in booking deposit.
    • If you need me to scout out a sim for photographs, I’ll do my best to find a sim suitable for what style of picture you’re looking for. Otherwise, if you plan to have an on-location shoot, please inform me as soon as possible so I can get familiar with the sim and please let me know if it is rez or no rez. If it is no rez, and you want a couple shoot, I highly suggest finding another one.


❤ Photography Availability:


My availability revolves around my real life full-time job. For the most part it’s pretty cut and dry, however, if for any reason something comes up in my life that causes a need to reschedule, I will refund your booking deposit until we reach another mutually agreed upon time.

  • Monday through Thursday, 9pm SLT – 1AM SLT
  • Friday, 9PM SLT – 3AM SLT
  • Saturday, 9AM SLT – 3AM SLT (basically the entire day)
  • Sunday, 9AM SLT – 1AM SLT


❤ Scheduling A Shoot:

Please use the form below to schedule with me. I will confirm with you in-world if the time works, and will discuss with you if we need to find a better time.


❤ Additional Information:

  • A booking deposit of $L 800 is due when booking is confirmed. It will be deducted from the package price, with remaining balance due at the photoshoot.
    • If you no-show, you must re-book. If you are over 15 minutes late, you must re-book, and this $L 800 is due again.
    • The original $L 800 is then considered a late fee and is no longer a deposit on your balance due.
  • Please be on time. If you need to reschedule, let me know as soon as possible, otherwise see above.
  • Please be dressed & ready by the time the photoshoot starts. If you need to change, you will be charged the $L 500 non-refundable add-on for outfit changes, even if you only take pictures in one outfit.
  • Please detach face lights and AO’s entirely at the start of shoots.
  • It’s recommended you use an ankle lock if you desire to do any sort of dramatic poses and/or are wearing high heels. Strawberry Singh offers one for $L here.
  • I reserve the right to post the finished picture to flickr if I wish to, as well as use it as part of my portfolio. If you post the image to your personal flickr, please credit me.
  • You may use the images for non-commercial personal use, as well as within avatar photo contests, but do not claim the work as your own.
  • I can do bridal and engagement portraits, however they follow the above pricing models.
  • If unsatisfied with your photograph, I will offer a single re-shoot or re-edit at no additional cost. If you are still unsatisfied, you will receive you refundable amount back.
    • Refundable amount includes the full photo price (with the L$ 800 booking deposit), unless you had to rebook due to lateness or no-show.
    • Refundable amount does not include package add-on prices listed in the add-ons section because these are up-front costs for my time.
  • Please see the rest of my work here.