[Review Policy.]


First off, thank you for reading! Secondly, I am really flattered you’re reading this and potentially interested in forming some sort of business relationship — be it just a single time or creating a sponsorship.

For ease of communication, I’ve listed below mesh items I can easily accept review copies of, as I have already acquired them and use them on a regular basis. If they’re not listed below and you’re still interested in sending them my way, please IM me, as they might be on my wishlist to buy and you might be just the reason I needed to go snatch it up!


• Lelutka – Stella
• Lelutka – Simone
• The Sugar Garden – Runa
• The Sugar Garden – Mimi
• The Sugar Garden – Dakota
• Utilizator – M3
• Utilizator – Venus
• Utilizator – M3 Kemono

• Maitreya – Lara
• Utilizator – Kemono
• SLINK – Physique
• SLINK – Hourglass
• Belleza – All
• Utilizator – Avatar 2.0
• Wowmeh (Old)

————————————– ————————————–

• Loud Mouth – Brandee
• Loud Mouth – Alli
• Loud Mouth – Elena
• Sweet Lips – 01
• Sweet Lips – 02
• Cathode Rays – Nyam Nyam

• SLINK – All hands & Feet
• SLINK – Closed eyes
• VCO – Multiple mesh mouths
• Cathode Rays – Coochi
• Sinful Needs – Mesh Breasts
• Red Ramora – Fox
• TWI – Timber Wolf + Gigantique
• Nuko Avatar (S+M Sizes)
• Muffet Avatar


What I won’t accept:

  • Copybotted or items ripped from other games. This is theft, and I do not support it. If I have blogged something that has been stolen, please let me know. I will appreciate the heads-up and I will take down the post featuring the items and attempt to re-make the post of the outfit without the items infringing on someone elses rights.
  • Anything that is made specifically, and only for, The Mesh Project mesh parts. I have no intention on buying anything from this store. Their prices are not enticing, and the owners and creators for the brand do not play nice with other creators.

Event Invitations

If you’d like me to blog an event, I please ask that you have me do the same thing as any other blogger interested in the event. Please send me a link to the google doc application if there is one or instruct me to the site or what ever other way you’re accepting applications. I appreciate you wanting me to blog the event, but I’d like to be held to the same standards as the rest of the bloggers.

For events, I will do my best to reach the required items and post numbers, please just make sure you  have these guidelines available in a notecard. If you require a post pre-opening, please let bloggers know as well so I don’t miss it somehow.

If I am accepted as an event blogger, please send me a copy of your logo and the SLURL to the event, if you haven’t already. I will resize the image and add it to the side bar.

Store Sponsorships

If you’d like me to be one of your selected store bloggers, please get in touch with me so we can talk about it! If we end up working together, please send me your logo and a copy of your stores SLURL so that I can add it to the sidebar. Please let me know if you have any specific guidelines for your bloggers so that I can adjust accordingly.

For any questions or inquiries, please send a notecard to Verinne Ansar in-world.

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