[WTF.] 10.5.2010

(High Res + Outfit Credits @ Flickr.)

This outfit is a day late as I had a raid in warcraft last night and work today so I had to head to bed right after I was done. The main thing in this is, obviously, the Pink Fuel skin I can’t take off as well as the adorable Cat Hoodie I found while wandering the FTLOH sim, from Medley. I don’t really have a ton to type up right now except I need to figure out something to make for a Thanksgiving hunt for next month and I have no idea what-so-ever so if anyone has any idea’s, toss them my way!

The outfit credits, by standard procedure for my entire blog is on flickr. It’s  much easier for me to list them as well as it makes it a lot easier for people to leave a comment if they have a question about anything. I apologize to anyone who dislikes this procedure but I even make it so that the flickr page opens up in a new window away from the blog/blog feed to make it even simpler. Thanks!

[for the love of halloween.]

(High Res + Credits @ Flickr. )

Mochi Milena of Pink Fuel, while I am very upset at you that I still do not have Elly in my possession, you still never cease to amaze me with the generosity you put out with gorgeous skins like this. The fact that this Dia De Los Muertos skin is free is beyond my comprehension and I really don’t want to take it off right now. The other skin, which is the much awaited Elly skin in a special “Bloodthirsty” version is only 100 L$ and is another fantastic special skin. Mochi has fed us all great special/limited edition skins while still putting out great skin lines. I know when something is released, I’m probably going to own it within seconds and these followed that exact formula.

The For the Love of Halloween sim is probably going to be very busy as there is both special items in store kiosks and also the hunt, where you’re looking for grey leaves. The sim itself is an impressive greyscale sim of magic and I’d have lurked around longer but as I am not doing the full hunt yet, I figured i’d let people get in there now and I head back in later.

These eyes you can also find on the sim at the bubble kiosk. I’m not sure if they are sim only or if you can find them at the main store but I had to have them, none the less. The bottom are like, fly eyes and are fantastic with the reddened sclera.  I highly suggest everyone head over at some point and check it out as well as do the hunt. The hunt has started and will run until the 31st of October so you all have time, though Halloween is a very popular hunt time period so atleast try to fit this one in as well.

For the Love of Halloween hunt and fair @ Gleaming Waters :)