WTF. BACKLOG41 [Succubus ’17]

Hair: DOE – Christine
Skin: CURELESS – Haemoglobine
Eyes: EVERMORE – Kiss Kiss Eyes
Mesh Head: CATWA – Catya (+ Personal Shape)
Appliers include (may not be complete): VEECHI – Ultimate Cheek Kit, IZZIES – mesh freckle layer, BOSSIE – Eyebrows, DEETALEZ – Mesh Mole

Nails: GORGEOUS DOLLS – Doll Slay Manicure Pack
Nose Ring: IMEKA – Nose ring
Dark Moon Jewel: CURELESS – Moonlight Jewels
Rings: ABSOLUT VENDETTA – Hydra Rings

Fur Collar, Wings & Tail: AII – Thorny Imp Set
Horns: MOON ELIXIR – Succubus Set
Bodysuit & Boots: MOON ELIXIR – Succubus Set


WTF. BACKLOG33 [Naughty Bakeneko]

This one is definitely a different style then my usual. I’ll preface this post, and any later posts involving this avatar that it is a common aesthetic familiar to anyone who watched modern day anime. Most demon girls are portrayed as tiny evil little assholes. I’m not even kidding. With that said, it’s not a child avatar. I do not take part in pretending to be a child in any way, ever. I am always representing myself, and my avatar, as an adult and any portrayal I do, is that of an adult-aged person — or way older, like 1000 years old, in the case of any type of demon or yokai.

Another post, this time highlighting the new Kemono Avatar body just released my Utilizator. I’ll be making another, better post about how amazing it is soon. The head is also from them, and like anything made by Utilizator, everything is super customizable and the avatar comes with the ability to download all the uvs, files and psds. Which is what I did. I custom made this body skin, to match my default Dead Apple tone, and then made a M3 face skin to match. It will hopefully be up for sale soon, for those interested, and I will play with the idea of customs, if you need a kemono body skin to match your skin (like I used the body in the two Kitsune posts).

Hair: TRUTH – Lottie
Skin: TWEE. – Unreleased M3 + Kemono Skin Applier (soon!)
Eyelashes: CHU! – M3 Eyelashes
Eyebrows: Candy Mountain – M3 Eyebrows
Eyes: POMF – Neko Eyes
Braces: LOUD MOUTH – Brace Yourself
Mesh Bits: Utilizator M3 Head, Utilizator Kemono Mesh Body, Lola Tangos

** The M3 Head used above is seperate and different then the modified M3 head that comes with the Kemono Avatar.

Ears: ?? – “Cat Person Parts” (On MP)
Tail: ?? – “Jerboa Tail” (On MP)

Harness: BAREROSE – Phi Harness
Stockings: UTILIZATOR – Kemono Stockings (Comes with Avatar)
Boots: UTILIZATOR – Kemono Boots (Comes with Avatar)

WTF. BACKLOG30 [A Witchy Seduction]

I threw this outfit together during a day of lurking City of Lost Angels (COLA) with Trevor. We needed a Gor break, our group was being pretty stagnant, and I’m only like level 3, so we just stood around. The harness and the hat are both from Spellbound, which is turning in to probably one of my favorite stores. The hair releases are great, the accessories are great. The name is great. Even the boxes its stuff come in are great (Hello, little spellbook?). I think The Dark Style Fair is about over, so if you haven’t swung by to pick up some awesome goodies, I suggest you do so.

Skin: DEAD APPLES – Unreleased Beta (Sorry!)
Hair: MILANA – Ariana 02
Eyes: DEAD APPLES – Striking Eyes (Olive & Spring)
Mesh Bits: Loud Mouth, Lola Tangos, Cute Azz, Slink Hands, Slink High Feet
Piercing: TWEE. – Liska (modded)

Hat: SPELLBOUND – Hexahat (Came in Hectate Hair @ The Dark Style Fair)
Harness: SPELLBOUND – Cult Harness ( @ The Dark Style Fair)
Earrings: HEBENON VIAL – Skeleton Key Earrings (Really Old)
Shrug: SOEDARA – The Wenches Shrug
Skirt: NINFANIUM – Mikiki Tutu (I wear this a lot)
Socks: REIGN – Cozies

Claws: DRD – Demon Hands
Fur Layer: CAIN – Kali
Toe Claws: – CAIN – Claws for Slink
Horns: SCHADENFREUDE – Kinder Horns
Tail: LEMONTEA – Upright Demon Tail (tinted)