[PHOTO.] She Confessed.

This is a picture I took at Ubume and wanted to keep it in-theme with the game. The title is based off the idea that “she confessed” to the popular guy and someone or someones weren’t too pleased with that, and this is the result. Was a lot of fun to set up and put together. As always, magical gravity defying second life hair but beyond that, I’m content.

Hair: ELIKATIRA – Noire
Mesh Head: CATWA- Amelie
Skin: CURELESS – Haemoglobine

Bloody Tongue: CERBERUSXING – Bloody Tongue (group gift)
Body Blood: (slighty edited) AII – Filthy Butterfly
Bloody Hands: CLEMMM – Bloody Hands

Uniform: AMITOMO – Rainy Day’s Morning
Shoes: (unseen in picture) HORNTAIL – Jasper Tip-Toe Sneakers

Mouth, Eye, Chest Blood: EVERMORE – Used Pencils
Pencils In Eyes, Chest: EVERMORE – Used Pencils


Intensely Delayed G-WTF for 11.12.2011

(High Res @ Flickr.)

It’s honestly so like me to make my grand return to blogging only to… disappear for a month. I can say, though, that it wasn’t just me being a lazy bitch. There may be a few moments here or there where it was just being a lazy bitch but for the most part, I have just been tremendously busy in real life. I know, so terrible, right? Actually, right now it’s not too terrible at all. I can’t complain.

I really need to catch up. I have over fifteen outfits I have saved that I need to blog and no time to do so. I need to stop making new ones until I blog them but I change just about daily. It’s my routine. New day in Second Life, new outfit for the day. Being versatile in my attire is a part of my love of both Second Life and Role Playing within Gor. The Gorean guidelines help me have boundaries for my clothing as well as drives me in my searches for things useable and within all that, there is a feeling of artistic expression. I adore it.

Hair: ELIKATIRA ~ Breeze
Skin: TULI ~ Eva
Freckles: TULI ~ Eva [comes with skin.]
Blush: PDIDDLE ~ Cheek Definition Diamond Cutter
Blush: NATURAL BEAUTY ~ Blush 2
Lashes: REDGRAVE ~ Extralong
Lashes: GLAM AFFAR ~ Celebrity
Eyeliner: NUUNA’S ~ Upperlid
Eyes: [TWEE.] ~ Looking Glass eyes [sage and ice.]
Teeth: PXL ~ Teeth Add-on
Henna: CYBERSTAR ~ Mehndi

Necklace: KOSH ~ Selva Obscura
Necklace 2: KOSH ~ The Key Necklace
Backpack: FATALE ~ Gatherer Backpack
Belt: LEAGUE ~ Native set
Neck Scarf: KNICK KNACK ~ Furry Shoulder Shawl [v-day special.]
Fur Stole: PEQE ~ Mountain Animal

Sweater: PARADISIS ~ Lazy
Skirt: SN@TCH ~ Sari Skirt
Boots: WILLOW ~ Creek Moccaasins

[wtf.] 04.22.2011

(High Res @ Flickr.)

Back to my roots! At least, pretty close. Before the beginning of 2011, I was 95% of the time in digitigrade though mainly hooves. Still, it was an awesome feeling to shove on some leg alpha layers and not just have prim feet on like I have been due to laziness as well as role-playing (Gor isn’t down with the hooved/pawed/whatever’d people, unless you’re a kurii).  With multiple items on each attachment point given to us now in the basic 2.0 viewer — which I use, it made adding bangles to the paws way less obnoxious. No more rezzing the legs themselves and linking, yay!

This all started last night when I noticed a post from a flickr contact. I lurk flickr as much as I lurk the fashion feeds, the Gorean feeds (which sadly is very slow-moving) as well as plurk from time to time and I saw this tail pop up and checked out its youtube video. It looks pretty great, animation-wise from the video so I hopped over to go pick it up but there was no demo. That is pretty sad-face but one of the owners popped up and happily put one on for me to see which confirmed how nicely made it was for me so i bought it =P It really is fantastic so if you enjoy hybrid parts at all, I’d suggest picking one up.

Hair: ELIKATIRA ~ Just [white.]
Skin: MYNERVA ~ Kia [tone 5.]
Lashes: (GLAM AFFAIR?) BEAUTY AVATAR ~ Celebrity Lashes 06
Eyes: [TWEE.] ~ Star Bright Eyes [l – acid.] [r – bahama.]
Freckles: AL VULO ~ [from troy skin.]
Teeth: PXL ~ Mouth Add-on
Piercings: [TWEE.] ~ Liska [in silver.] + Cheeky [spikes + silver.] + dimple layer
Tattoo: AYUMI ~ Leopard Spots
Collar: SINISTYLE ~ Isis Collar
Ears and Digitigrade Feline Legs: Mutation Industries ~ Cat Person Parts [white.]
Tail: HOW VEXING ~ Animated Tail
(awesome movement in a tail Bangles: RAZOREGALIA ~ Gazellver Anklets + Nornir Anklets
Dress + Gloves: GRAVES ~ Skimpy
(cant see it but shows the ass and the booty shines are …amaaaaazing.)

and awesome choreography:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Fy5X9C-vtA

[GOR-WTF.] 03.14.2011

(High Res + Credits @ Flickr)

This has been what I’ve been running around in Gor in. I wandered Tyros a bit in it one day and usually people don’t aknowledge me when I accidentally zone out and tab out while standing in the middle of town, meter active but I returned to a Slaver interested in me enough to approach me and even get his goad out, ready to capture me. I made off like a true wild child though, tossing dirt in to his eyes and swiftly running away to the docks to go find my Jarl who had left a little earlier.

The body paint is mine and is out as a promo for 75L, undecided if it will go up in price after St. Patricks is over or if it will just get pulled completely so if you want it, you get it soon. It’s tintable so you don’t have to have green and it comes with two transferrable gloves to give to others in case they want to join in on the fun and look like they were the ones grabbing and painting. The clovers are from Sinistyle and are finally released. So anyone who was asking about them or had gone to look for them, they’re now available so go pick them up — also unsure if they will be limited or will just go up in price. Depends how popular they are.

-[vaction.] +[prettiness.] ~ Ohay +[partial rant.]

[High Res + Credits @ Flickr.]

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Then again, I was gone for a while and also lost all ability to be creative and/or awesome. So, when you’re not awesome it’s kind of hard to make some sauce of awesome to post about so I just kinda lurked out and hung out with people… then went on vacation for a little over two weeks. It’s the weekend, though! Which means the last few days or laziness and bad sleep habit.  Starting next week is back to making things and doing work and sleeping right or else I’m gonna get in trouble. On the bright side, someone else is also going to be getting back to work coughkriuscough, so expect him to be all creative (way more than me, obviously).

Anyways, enough of that. This is one of the new outfits out by Happy Tantrum. I love flowers and the belt was great.  I seriously only bought it for the belt, I didn’t think I’d like the top but it actually goes really well and isn’t too “girly”.  Lately eliska has taken to wearing mud and paint and she’s grown out her nails again, after her and her Jarl left Ironhall due to them actually being biased dick-holes — hey, my character has amnesia so no, she can’t answer your “what was her birth name” bullshit during a medical exam. Besides, she’s a slave, what does her birth name matter at this point. It’s not like she is obviously an enslaved ubara or high caste… especially since it’s Torvaldsland. So silly.

Still, that isn’t the inital reason I made this post or had the urge to make it. I’ve actually noticed I have a lot of ranting I want to do about Gor. Or atleast, it’s participants. Today, though, I think I want to touch base on one thing as a blogger all people know will happen but when you see it, it kind of makes you wonder.

As a blogger, when people ask me in-world about anything from the blog or even on my persons at the time, I answer. I have no problem telling them or even giving them a landmark if I have one. I understand that people like things, like creators and that’s what makes Second Life go around. I have no issue with people taking pieces of outfits I’ve put together and making them a part of their character and persona. Sadly, when you suddenly notice a person that originally looked like, well, themselves to suddenly a clone of yourself — skin, hair, piece for piece outfits, you’ve got to wonder what blogging is for. Is it here for people to create carbon copies or is it here for people to see what’s out there? An almost creative outlet for the blogger themselves; Especially when it’s look of the day outfits.

I didn’t know if I should be flattered or saddened when ever I see her. It seems if either my Jarl or myself even plant a camera on her for five seconds, she quickly teleports out.

In the end, I think this is more a plead for everyone to find themselves. Taking pieces and ideas and traits for other people is normal, everyone does it. It’s how we as people evolve in to our unique selves as we grow in to adults but don’t stagnate yourself by pursuing to be someone else. Transcend those you admire and become unique in your own way so others look to you, not the other way around.

Regardless of how arrogant and conceited this post is,  it means well.

[AL VULO!] Troy in Fairy

(I highly suggest checking out the HIGH RES @ Flickr.)

I haven’t done a skin in a long time because I always feel like how I blog isn’t good enough to review them but when I saw Troy and the lips I couldn’t help it. The shine on them and the teeth option are perfect! I remember being asked to make shapes for a few Al Vulo! Skins in the past but never got around to it, I was unsure because I hadn’t heard of them before and when I first demo’d the skins I still wasn’t sure. As time went on I saw more people around the grid and feeds wearing them and I realized that the demo’s did no justice for the skins. When this one came out, though, I was totally blown away.  Hlin is doing so well and Al Vulo! is definitely on my skin watchers list now (if the fact that the name is Gorean and so is Hlin wasn’t a good enough reason already.)

Fairy is the lightest tone and comes with hairbase, cleavage and teeth or no-teeth options; as well as all the different options combined for maximum customer happiness, of course! The hairbase is brown I think, though and I wear very light light hair so I never use one (Dear Truth, please make hairbases for your hair colours…). I’m not a fan of a ton of different lip-sticks so the neutral lips on all of these with the eye-shadows being the primary change is great. I don’t commonly wear make-up right now in my RP because my character doesn’t fit it but when she does become more “refined” I am sure she’ll learn the art of make-up and such and I will want to keep it to nice but subtle eye-shadows, like in these skins.

I have another thing from Al Vulo! to blog at some point, one of the full avatars you can find in the store that includes everything you need. It’s tailored to Gorean RP and features a special exclusive outfit to the avatar from Gor Gurls as well as a skin only available with it as well.

Oh and one more thing, please please don’t use the cleavage option if you’re half naked or not in a shirt that can create that push-up effect. Again, as Elle expressed it — Sticky boobs aren’t cute unless you want to look like you have overfilled terribly placed implants, which I don’t believe they had on Gor.

[G-WTF.] 01.12.1011

( higher res + credits @ Flickr. )

Well, this is where I’ve been when I’ve been in Second Life. If you aren’t able to tell instantly, I’ve been lurking Gor Hub. Now I know here comes the mild vomiting in peoples mouths but you’ve gotta be a bit open-minded, here. I Role-played Gor well over a year ago for the first time. I had no clue what I was doing and I decided to throw myself into an in-character slaver house that had classes a few days a week with the slaver who taught a group of us girls and even answered our questions. It taught me everything I knew and I ended up being a great Kajira. That was my learning experience. As I immersed deeper and learned more I became aware of Torvaldsland. Still, I was bound as a Kajira at the time and couldn’t just go off and make the switch.

Time passed, I feel out of Role-Play for various reasons. Some involving how terrible a lot of people are at role-playing in the Gorean atmosphere, some of it the lack of role-play versus pew pew and more so how terrible of a bias a lot of people who role-play gor have against unique characters or people who haven’t read the books. Still, I always wanted to go back to Gor. I always wanted to role-play in Torvaldsland. Bond-maids were much more appealing than southern silk slaves and Jarls… well, I’m sorry but I’d pick a Viking over a Roman or a Sultan any day (Roman, Viking and Sultans are what the different regions are vaguely modeled after for attire and etc).

Once I started getting time to get back in to Second Life, I decided I was going to Role-play again and I made sure to stick with it. It was almost a personal demand of myself. immersing myself in a different world for a little time a day (I don’t role-play in warcraft) is one part of second life i’ve always loved. I never did it for the e-secks and to this day refuse to have that be the main base of my rp (gtfo you pervs). I role-play a bond-maid; A slave girl of the north and I love it.  Her background story makes her quite the characters who has a lot of room to evolve and I hope to explore those chances to their fullest. I’m a mother fucking evee, okay?!

So, through all the text I’d like to say that my posts will involve a lot of Gorean things. Gorean outfits, partial pieces of my Gorean life. I like to keep a record of my characters story through Gor, adding on as each day of role-play adds in just another bit of character background. My flickr most likely will have a lot more of those than this blog, though so if you’re interested to keep up to date with my characters storyline, add me there.

Anyways, like I said — Credits @ Flickr!