WTF. 06.15.2016 [The Jackal]

Hair: TABLEAU VIVANT – Fresh Mess
Skin: CURELESS – Morphine
Mouth: CONTRAPTION – The Carnivorous Jaw
Eyes: CLEMMM – The Whites & Mutated Slitless Snow RARE
Claws: DRD – Demon Hands
Body Blood: AII – Dirty Butterfly
Black Smears on Arms: CLEMMM

Head Cage: Marketplace Find, named “*_*C-Outlet*_* Caged Small”
Collar: CERBERUSXING – Heavy Duty Collar
Upper Arm Wraps: MUKA – Arm Strap
Bracers: MUKA – Arm Bracer RARE
Leg Straps: MUKA – Leg Straps
Corset: INSANYA – Underbust Corset
Thong: MAY’S SOUL – *I can’t recall what set it’s from, sorry*
Toe Claws: CERBERUSXING – Canidae Claws



WTF. 01.18.2018 [Eat Me]


Hair: SPELLBOUND – Gwendalynn
Skin: ATOMIC – Winter Sugar in Porcelain (Epiphany Jan ’16)
Mesh Body: MAITREYA – Lara
Mesh Body Add-Ons: Slink Hands
Eyeshadows: DEAD APPLES – 3D Eyeshadows, ADORED – Cindy Shadows
Ears: REMARKABLE OBLIVION – Cheshire Ears (Epiphany Jan ’16)
Whiskers: DROP DEAD – Whiskers
Mouth: CONTRAPTION – The Carnivorous Jaw
Tail: CUBIC CHERRY – Almi Rare (Kawaii Project Jan ’16)

Dress: REMARKABLE OBLIVION – Cheshire Dress (Epiphany Jan ’16)
Socks: SALLIE – Knit OVer The Knee Socks
Shoes: FRI.DAY – Bowtie Pumps
Tailbow: DOKI – FuwaFuwa Tail (Kawaii Project Jan ’16)

WTF. 05.16.2014 2 [Moon Priestess]

If you’re a lover of anything fantasy, you’re sure to know what a Drow is. When Mochi of Pink Fuel previewed these drow skins for this months round of We <3 Roleplay before the event open, I think I forgot how to breath. They’re absolutely breath-taking. Multiple tones with every, literally, every applier you would imagine you’d need. Including the new wowmeh mesh body, which I play on doing a review on in the future. Also comes with several eyebrow options on tattoo and a no eyebrow base, in case you have other brows you feel like using.

Also showcased is the amazing rare headdress by Aisling, available in their Fangarth Gacha at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Seriously, it’s absolutely perfect, and the hud is simple and easy to use, as always. It’s hard not to come up with an amazing outfit with so many great events going on. Check them out if you haven’t already, by clicking their logos on the right column!

*Skin: PINK FUEL – Drow (Moon) (We <3 RP May ’14)
Hair: TRUTH – London
Eyes: GAUZE – Sin Eyes
Mesh Bits: Loud Mouth
Piercing: TWEE. – Liska (modded)

Headdress: AISLING – Fangarth Headdress ULTRA RARE Fantasy Gacha May ’14)
Shoulder/Chin Armor: ALCHEMY – Ritual Armor (We <3 RP May ’14 )
Breastplate: PFC – War Kitten
*Chest Rope: HASTE – Body Rope Black RARE Fantasy Gacha May ’14)
*Gloves: FATEPLAY – Dueling Gloves (We <3 RP May ’14 )
*Skirt: WIMEY – Monochromatic Journey Skirt RARE Fantasy Gacha May ’14)

WTF. 05.02.2014 01 [Like A Moth]

I’m not one who typically wears wings. There is always a time to go out of your comfort zone though, right? At first, I was trying to go for something pretty, like a butterfly, but then I stumbled across this face make-up and it turned around into a darker play on it. I felt more like a moth, which always seem to get the reputation as the evil side of butterflies. Butterflies don’t eat your clothing, moths do. They’re the assholes. Moths also tend to be more beautiful and of course, typically come out at night. I thought it was a nice mix. Definitely not my regular style, but I enjoy it.

Once again, featuring a fair amount of bits available at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival opening this month (tomorrow, the 3rd pretty sure!) Head over there via the LM available in the right column to make it easier.

Hair: LELUTKA – Lillian
Eyes: DEAD APPLES – Striking Eyes (Spring & Olive)
Face Paint: LA MALVADA MUJER – Pois Modern #5
Leg Fades: TWEE. – Clawed Paint (Unreleased)
Mesh Bits: Slink Hands, Slink High Feet, Cute Azz

*Horned Crown: PURE POISON – Clark Horns Headdress (Fantasy Gacha May ’14)
*Fairy Wings: UNA – Fair Wings (Fantasy Gacha May ’14)
*Flowers & Leaves: SWEET KAJIRA – Melide Set (Fantasy Gacha May ’14)
Harness: 5&20 – Moira Body Suit
*Shibari Rope: HASTE – Body Rope Brown Rare (Fantasy Gacha May ’14)