WTF. 03.20.2016 [The Goddess Durga]

Hair: FRI.DAY – Cassie, Joanna & Neva (edited)
Hair Add-ons: AII – Hair Addon’s
Mesh Head: AII – Freak Head (Skin Fair ’16)
Skin: CURELESS – Haemoglobine (Skin Fair ’16)
Extra Arms: AII – Kali Arms
Henna Body: LETIS TATTOO – Diwali
Henna Hands: WHITE WIDOW – Lagaan
Mesh Bits: Maitreya Lara, Slink Hands

Sari: ZAARA – Chandni Lehenga
Halo Crown 1: CERBERUS XING – Lucifer’s Halo
Halo Crown 2: MAYS SOUL – Ave Maria Crown
Middle Crown: AISLING – Eunice Headdress
Middle Nosering: ENFANT TERRIBLE – Moonchild Nosering
Left Face Chain: HASTE – Deity Face Chain
Left Lotus Cascade: MANDALA – Lotus Necklace
Earrings: MANDALA – Kabuki Earring
Ring Collar: LUAS – Elvira Collar
Lotus Necklace: MANDALA – Lotus Necklace
Bracelets: SYS – Khaleesi Bracelets
Belly Chain: SOEDARA – Adora Bejeweled Belly Jewel
Belt: LUAS – Ishtar Belt


[G-WTF.] 02.03.2011

(High Res & Credits @ Flickr. )

Yes yes, I know, I’ve been missing for like ever and I am far behind. This is actually a look I had a week or two ago that I was too drugged up on pain-killers from my wisdom teeth to get the motivation to post. I’m finally almost feeling 100% again, though I got an infection in my lower left socket and have been hazy on antibiotics. Regardless, I am working to get back in my groove and what-not, including building. This outfit was a gift to myself, especially the kirtle from Silk Worms. It was a bit pricey for me because I’m a cheap whore but so worth it. When my Jarl decided for us to join a sim, this was my “yay a home sim” present to me! We now reside at Ironhall though we still travel around all the time so you never know where we might just show up to cause trouble (mainly me on the trouble part~).

The cute fur wrap and boots are from May’s Soul and you’ll probably see me post more and more things with things from there. They make the cutest outfits with the cutest accessories. There are so many outfits I want to buy simply because they come with so many things you can mix and match — of which, I have a dual look I’m working on that uses pieces from one outfit to create two. I love versatility in an outfit when I buy it and May’s Soul outfits have it in bucket-loads.

[G-WTF.] 01.15.2011

(High Res + Credits @ Flickr!)

Well, this is a bit later in the day than I’ve been doing mainly because I’ve been pretty busy today with some real life and also some second life stuff. More or less brainstorming what to do with this blog; It’s not going anywhere! It’s just me now though, so I am unsure if Sithas will be creating their own blog for any of you who were fans to follow or not. Regardless, I have to question what direction this blog will go. Will I keep it open to most things or will I try to keep it mainly Gorean. It’s hard to decide. I feel like I will keep it open. Boxing this blog down in to only one category would really streamline it but would allow me less freedom and I don’t want that. I’m still someone outside of Gor and I still have that part of me, too!

Another thing is I plan on doing more than just daily looks from Gor. I want to spotlight my favorite stores and I want to showcase my favorite sims. I want to express my opinion on how I view a character within the realm of Gor and I want to open the door for understanding. Elle has done a great job of it and part of bringing in more people interested in it, is educating them about it so they don’t come in clueless and get ridiculed. That would be counter productive.

Anyways, this is a little less Northern and Winter and a bit more Forest permitting.  I love these feet from Slink and I can’t wear them all the time when I RP in Torvaldsland. The only time I’m able to bring them out is when I’m in a Long House which is very minimal currently in my RP. I also love my anklets from Razoregalia. As seamless as the feet are, I feel a bit better about them with something on the ankles and the brown is my Gorean comfort colour.

The burlap sack-thing I’m wearing underneath the Haori from Tomoto is from a tiny little hunt from Somapop. I’m not sure if it’s still on but this is from Diapop and it isn’t marketed as Gorean but it fits so well! So well, in fact that you can wear it without the haori and still look perfectly Gorean!

[G-WTF.] 01.14.2011

(High Res + Credits @ Flickr!)

I am amazingly tired even though I’ve been sleeping thoroughly the passed few days. But hey, this is what happens when you’re having a struggle with anemia that’s worse than normal! Still, that doesn’t stop me from putting my outfits together and posting them. Honestly, it’s so much simpler to blog the outfit you wore *yesterday* and *today* because I don’t have to sit around and rush myself to have an outfit, I already did. Better blogger Verinne, here we come! Now I just need to start doing reviews again and I’ll be good. Speaking of, I need a public opinion on if I should move the Gorean portion of this to a separate, Gorean only blog. I think it might be a good idea to separate them as Gor is becoming a large part of my day to day in SL and I feel it would allow me to reach out more as the Gorean blog could be syndicated to the regular feeds as well as the *Gorean only* feed, which I feel that currently, since it isn’t a Gor only blog, I would not want to syndicate it in to. Whatever, feedback would be appreciated!

Anyways, I’m wearing pants! Well, they’re ragged shorts with socks underneath. In Swordsman of Gor, which Elle over @ Elle’s World most graciously reminded everyone of, it was said that during the winter times, slave girls are indeed allowed to wear pants. Obviously, it’s a bit more detailed then that and she has the quotes within her blog. So, even though my Jarl obviously prefers when I show off my booty, he was at least alright I had a nip slip going on. Got to have some flesh out in the open here.

The hardest thing I’ve found already with this is having enough fucking additions. I don’t ever seem to have enough scarves or ACCESSORIES as I had mention yesterday. I really wish I knew more places to pick them up. I scour all over the Gor sims, inspect the shit out of people at the Gor hub (Which seems like other people do to me *cough*) but half the time there just doesn’t seem like there are any new places for me to go. I know, there are actually a lot of things I want for Gor and have yet to buy. Stores like ViGo, Savage Garden, Knickknack and an even larger list of others are all on my list to buy from but I have to be patient . Can’t throw all my money all over the place all the time!

[WTF.] 8.10.2010

(High Resolution Glory @ Flickr.)

This is dated for yesterday because I’m terrible at doing things on-time. Yesterday we visited League and both of us had fun picking up the awesome primmed sweats and tops. League has prim boobie shirts down, as well as awesome waistbands. Obviously the image above is heavily edited but don’t worry, I have me just hanging out in plain old screenie-slapped-on-to-a-background for you, too.

(High Res/Full Credits, as usual @ Flickr.)

The top, shorts and boots are all from League and are all fucking fantastic. The headphones I picked up at Jill, which is closing. Jill has a lot of very girly and innocent pieces of clothing for really cheap right now so head over!  Regardless, I was already wearing all of this when I landed in Jill and the headphones just fit in and completed it.

If you haven’t visited League in a while, like me, you should head over now and pick up some sweats.

Don’t worry, your boobies don’t have to hang out like ours are. We just like to be whores, gosh.

Other items in this post include hair by FRI.DAY, Skin by PINK FUEL, Piercings by TWEE., Tattoo by MY PINKY SKULL, Eyes by PLASTIK, Lashes by REDGRAVE


Before I get in to depth on this post, I wanted to take a moment to squeal over the Pink Fuel skin that’s out for Project Themeory. It’s a preview, like the last few times she’s put out skins for the event, of a skin she’s working on and I can’t wait for it’s actual release. It’s so fucking cute I can’t handle it. I love good teeth skins, I really do. I know a lot of people find them kind of creepy but I am oh-so fond of the buck teeth. <3 beaver forever, amirite?


KHUSH owner Liess Paine gifted me with her items for the current Summer of Love event. It’s last day, as I read somewhere is August 8th so go and check it out if you haven’t already.

(Trix in Wine, Black, Blue and Grey.)

First up is a set of adorable longer length shorts. I personally love shorts this length, especially with them being so low waisted but not so low that 3/4th of my ass is on display. They’re really summery but I can only assume that was the idea on it.

(GeGe in Green, Plum, Black and Rose.)

These are some high-waisted hotpants that make my booty look awesome. They’re very Lady GaGa-esque to me and anything that Mama Monster would wear is welcome in my inventory! (I love you, mama monster :x) I love the little belly-button shading on these and the zipper accents are so well done and smooth.

(Lindsey Dress in Black, Deep Pink, Pink and Green.)

Here is an awesome mini-dress. Not overdone, not flashy. Just a casual, smooth and slightly sporty dress (with an awesome prim flap! Is there a new way to make these things or something?!) The texturing on these, like everything else in this post, is great. The prim flap blends in perfectly. The only photoshopping i’ve done on any of these images was shoving multiples of myself together and add a drop shadow. No magic was used in the making of these prim-flaps. I promise. They’re pretty short but not ass-showing short, they could second as a long tank top or tight tunic-type deal. I put one on with the shorts a few days ago and wandered around in them while on my beachy clothes kick.

High Rez images found @ Flickr.

To head on over to the Summer of Love Fair, it’s @ Purgatory.

Go, there are tons of great things. Even I have to go back again.

Or head over to KHUSH Mainstore @Dixon Agence.

Other items in this post include: Horns from Illusions, Faun tail/hooves and Ears by Visavi, Leopard Spot Tattoo from Para Designs, Hair by, Piercings by [twee.], Eyes by Plastik, Skin by Pink Fuel, Lashes by Redgrave and Bra from Armidi.

[WTF.] 7.12.10

(click for flickr/fullsize)

I spent most of yesterday working (RL, ugh) and then the rest of it, literally, standing around in Plastik. I honestly have serious issues when it comes to skins. I want them all but when it comes down to actually buying them, I get cold feet. Especially with the Lionheart skins. Not because I was unsure of their quality; Oh no, I knew they were magnificent, I knew I already wore the ones I got from the 50L Fridays, it was just how attached I am to my money because I live the life of a very poor pixel. Still, in the end my inner battle told me to shut up and do it, because it would make me ridiculously happy to finally have them so I did it. I must say, I am very happy.

I would post a bunch of body shots and all the makeups but I am a little behind on the times with their release and everyone beat me to it. I may do it at some point but really, they will be the only skin I’ll be wearing for like, eternity, so I’m pretty sure everyone will see them all in time.

Anyways, where was this going. Oh, why I didn’t post anything yesterday. Yeah, work and then buying skins.

Regardless, I have to thank Lanie Windlow (@ Zombiefetus ) for wearing these stockings and garters from Milk Motion. I ran over and got them asap. I need to go pick up the skirt she was wearing at some point too and probably the shirt (I’m not copying you, I swears!).  But, yeah, I’m stealing your clothes. Lanie and I sold our pixels for the Operation Squeegee event together. We’re super hot bitches, okay?

Back to what I was saying, though. I bought the amazing skinset and really, all the makeups themselves spawn so many creative ideas. This makeup went perfectly with the outfit. Really, if you’ve been considering the skins but haven’t decided if you want just one or to go out and get the set; Get the set. The price versus how many you get is amazing and they have to be the cutest body, ass, hips (hip BONES, actually), tummy, thighs I’ve seen and all the skin tones are gorgeous (I think I spent 2 or more hours trying to figure out which tone I wanted alone).

The skirt is great, though I will admit my partial hatred to mini skirts in second life because of the dreaded prim-flap. This is no hatred to NAYAR, who’s the creator of this. I adore it, I wear it a lot actually, I just hate taking pictures with prim-flaps. I can accept it in-world because my AO keeps me in motion, but it just looks out of place in images to me.

The belt is like my staple, go-to belt. It’s from Maitreya and I’ve had it for probably half of my pixel-life. I love the way its sculpted and shaped as it fits my booty. I have only a few belts that fit as nicely as this one and if anyone has any suggestions on belts, please send them my way. I am in dire need of new ones, mainly because if I do this daily you all will get so tired of this belt you’ll never actually go get it.

I wear a lot of  Truth hair. This is probably because their Black & White’s pack is the best black and white pack I have ever seen. Ever. There are Blacks and Whites and then this is an off-white (snow, the one I wear) and there are greys and silvers and then there is like a deep chocolate brown. Now, I know this sounds like it doesn’t matter but it does. I will buy any Truth hair I am in love with because of this; Because this dark brown I can tint in to the red colour I wear regularly. Which means I have my main colours. Black, Red and White all in one set. Truth is amazing for this colour pack and if it ever changes, I will cry uncontrollably.

The Shoes are from Fri.Day and are so adorable. The quality of these shoes matches that of the well known, pricey shoe designers and are half the cost of them. I really hope Fri.Day starts putting out a lot more shoes at some point because I will buy them. Fri.Day is a really strong competitor for hair, clothing and shoes and I wish they’d release shoes as often as they release new hair (hint.)

The armlets and bracelets are Illusions; which is also my go-to for horns. I need to go back and visit, actually. There are many accessories and horns and masks to be had at Illusions and if you haven’t gone, go now.  You will get lost at all of the masquerade and fantasy items. Illusions does one thing that I don’t see a lot of, though. When you purchase something you get the choice of buying it as mod/no copy/trans or as mod/copy/no trans. Pretty handy if people use a lot of alts or wanted to give a gift personally.

I’ll stop rambling now. I have shopping and inventory to sort.

Credits @ Flickr.