Totally Honoured!

(High Res @ Flickr)

I know what you’re thinking. How the hell and why am I making a blog post after I said I wouldn’t be around. Well, it’s kind of hard to stop anything cold turkey. Yes, this is me saying that being as wired to the internet and Second Life as I am is a type of addiction. Internet Addiction. I’m serious, it’s totally real. I am currently sitting in a Brew Ha Ha with my massive gaming laptop that takes up half of a table (my jackets and bags take up the other half) and checking what I normally check — everything.

I checked Flickr like I usually do and was overwhelmed with contact requests. It was odd. I had never had so many at once but I quickly saw why and I was pretty much blown away. Yep. Mind Blown. Total JKF.

I checked my upload of the above picture. I had done it on a tablet pc, one with a touchpad monitor. It’s magical. It was the first time and I didn’t think it was that fantastic but… it had over 30 favorites and then I read one of the comments. I was posted as the Flickr picture of the day on the LL SL community blog!

So, I just wanted to say Thank You to whomever decided that my picture was worthy of that! It’s really flattering!

Temporary Departure.

(High Res @ Flickr.)

I made this picture just to make myself happy. On a whim — and because of sales, I went and bought a few Dutch Touch skins. I have wanted to for a very long time but I am cheap and never did. Sadly, Dutch Touch is closing. This means, though, that skins are on sale. I didn’t check to see if clothing was, too. I will have to make a repeat visit to check on that. Speaking of sales, check out Plastik if you haven’t already because everything is on sale there as well. 50% just about, on everything — the new skin line I think is 40% off, though.

Anyways. This post is more or less to signal a mild break from Second Life. One I don’t want to do but will end up happening and so I just wanted to give a warning before I just disappear. Like I’ve stated quite a few times in my most recent posts on flickr and on this blog, my real life is spiraling. This isn’t a bad spiral at all, it’s just all changing so quickly. A much needed change, honestly. One I haven’t had since I lived in California almost three years ago. One I haven’t had since I kind of lost myself and my ability to associate and handle the real world. There’s a lot to that, a lot of past information that I won’t go in to but all that matters is I’m doing better.

I really wish I wouldn’t have to take a break from all of this. Believe it or not but my return to Gor this time around has been one of the best my involvement with Gor has been. It’s probably Heriolfr. I don’t get to RP there a lot and there has been a few hiccups but I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg there and I just know that it’s exactly what I’ve needed and wanted within my involvement in Gor — for now. There are other sims popping up. Gor has its ups and downs when it comes to good sims and communities. They form and shatter and new ones happen. Heriolfr has people I enjoy RPing with and people who enjoy RPing in general. I recommend it to everyone I can.

I’ll miss blogging and Gor and even Second Life while I’m gone. I swear it won’t be that long — hopefully just a month or even less. There’s so much I want to do in Second Life right now. I feel like I’ll accomplish more and be able to do more within it once I’m back though. Crazy how stuff works out like that, huh?

Stay classy, SL-Gor <3 ILY.


(High Res @ Flickr.)

Not a fashion post, though I do have about three outfits I’ve ended up getting back-logged with on posting. It’s amazing that I end up putting together outfits quicker then I actually blog them but then again, that’s what happens when you’re busy shopping and finding a new sim to RP at.

Which ended up landing me at a new (not super new, but new) BTB — or as close to BTB as they can be without ruining peoples fun, Torvaldsland sim called Heriolfr. This picture is taken up on a little cliff of myself in my usual crouched and wild stance as I’ve always RPed. Maybe one day someone will end up whipping some sense in to her but for now, she just gets by listening to what she has to so she doesn’t get killed and lurking away from the village to avoid human contact.

The sim is gorgeous, though and believe it or not, this picture doesn’t do the sim justice at all. If you’re looking for stricter BTB roleplay and a Northern sim, I suggest checking out Heriolfr. If you’re more set on southern, apparently Ar is getting rebuilt but it’s open for roleplay as they plan to “retake Ar” in the RP plot as they rebuild. I have a few friends there, too and it’s also looking extremely promising.

Like I said, not a fashion post but I will get around to posting it up, as well as a few others.

[taken @ Heriolfr.]