[I’m still in love with Judas, baby.]

(High Res + Full Judas Collage @ Flickr.)

Not much to say for this one, other then I had an awesome time putting together an outfit channeling one from Lady Gaga’s newest video Judas. It’s pretty religious but I think it makes the song more interesting with all the metaphors. Then again, I am one of those weird non-religious freaks who still enjoys reading about it so the song is catching and controversial — which makes it, amaaaazing.

Krius joined in on this picture for me. I can’t really say where most of his things are from but his Jacket is from Grasp, which it has an option to add in your own logo to the back which made this so great!

Music: www.youtube.com/watch?v=wagn8Wrmzuc

Hair: MAITREYA ~ Jordyn [silver.]
Skin: MYNERVA ~ Kia [tone 5.]
Eyes: [TWEE.] ~ Star Bright Eyes [ice R.] [sage L.]
Teeth: PXL ~ Mouth open add-on
Lashes: BEAUTY AVATAR/GLAM AFFAIR ~ Celebrity Lashes 05
Makeup: made for pictures by meeee
Piercings: [TWEE.] ~ Liska + Cheeky

Bracelets: FUSION ~ Cord Cross Bracelets
Fist Tape: SINISTYLE ~ Taped Fist [full fist.]
Rope Necklace: [TWEE.] ~ unreleased
Rosary: SINISTYLE ~ Hail Mary Rosary
Cross and Tooth Necklace: FUSION ~ Cord Cross Necklace
Rings: MANDALA ~ Sinra 2 [without nails.]
Belt: BLITZED ~ Legacy Belt
Thigh Straps: SINISTYLE ~ Osiris Leg Straps

Bra + Panties: ARMIDI ~ Amore Di Valentino [night.]
Nylons: DEETALEZ ~ Black Nylon Leggings [v 1.]
Jacket: AOHARU ~ Rolled Up Riders Jacket
Boots: J’S ~ Thigh High Boots [black.]

[wtf.] 04.15.2011

(High Res + Credits @ Flickr. )

Haven’t posted a casual outfit in a while. I’ve been neglectful, I apologize. I plan on doing Gor outfits again soon as I have been coveting, well, a ton. I want to post “earth” outfits too regularly because I kind of like to change clothing a lot regardless of where I am. I’ve just been sick, is all. By sick, I mean probably near death, lost tons of weight due to total loss of appetite, on two weeks of antibiotics after being sick with strep for over a week and only went to the doctor and found out it was strep because I also got an ear infection from it all. If there was a time in my life where I felt close to thinking I had the plague, this was it. I swore I was going to hack up a lung — or both. Happily, I am able to breath without feeling like each inhale is full of asbestos and am slowly trying to get back to work. There’s a lot of sidetracking in there too and most of it can be successfully named “Borderlands”.

Anyways, I still read fashion feeds a lot. I think some people think over time you stop and I know for a while I stopped checking them but I do and one thing I have kind of refused to do since, well the beginning of Awesome Sauce, is to post outfit credits in the post and re-direct them to Flickr. Flickr is way more streamline for me but at this stage I think I’m comfortable enough with posting credits on the end of my posts. I feel like it’s less of a hassle for people and my flickr is active enough with active flickr members, I shouldn’t force people who don’t use flickr to have to go to it.

So, without further whatever. I give you me, unintentionally channeling Ke$ha.

Hair: MILANA ~ Lynn [light blondes.]
Skin: MYNERVA ~ Kia [tone 5 + different brows.]
Lashes: REDGRAVE ~ Black Darling Lashes
Makeup: [TWEE.] ~ Riot Eyeshadow [abyss.]
Eyes: [TWEE.] ~ Starbright Eyes [left – acid.] [right – bahama.]
Piercings: [TWEE.] ~ Liska [in silver.]
(yeah I know, i’ll be shoving silver versions into all new releases with the blacks.)
Teeth: [PXL] ~ Mouth Open Add-on
Freckles: AL VULO! ~ Troy [came with troy skin.]
Blush: NATURAL BEAUTY ~ Blush 2
Tattoo: GARDEN OF KU ~ Rock and Beers [medium.]

String Necklace: ILLUSIONS ~ Cord Necklace
Rosary: SINISTYLE ~ Hail Mary Rosary

Top: LEAGUE ~ Ribbon Tied Tanktop [pure.]
Shorts: LEAGUE ~ Frayed Denim Shorts [light dirty.]
Belt: ACID & MALA ~ Kiss My Ass Belt
Boots: J’S ~ Western Boots

Whats stuck in my head: