Intensely Delayed G-WTF for 11.12.2011

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It’s honestly so like me to make my grand return to blogging only to… disappear for a month. I can say, though, that it wasn’t just me being a lazy bitch. There may be a few moments here or there where it was just being a lazy bitch but for the most part, I have just been tremendously busy in real life. I know, so terrible, right? Actually, right now it’s not too terrible at all. I can’t complain.

I really need to catch up. I have over fifteen outfits I have saved that I need to blog and no time to do so. I need to stop making new ones until I blog them but I change just about daily. It’s my routine. New day in Second Life, new outfit for the day. Being versatile in my attire is a part of my love of both Second Life and Role Playing within Gor. The Gorean guidelines help me have boundaries for my clothing as well as drives me in my searches for things useable and within all that, there is a feeling of artistic expression. I adore it.

Hair: ELIKATIRA ~ Breeze
Skin: TULI ~ Eva
Freckles: TULI ~ Eva [comes with skin.]
Blush: PDIDDLE ~ Cheek Definition Diamond Cutter
Blush: NATURAL BEAUTY ~ Blush 2
Lashes: REDGRAVE ~ Extralong
Lashes: GLAM AFFAR ~ Celebrity
Eyeliner: NUUNA’S ~ Upperlid
Eyes: [TWEE.] ~ Looking Glass eyes [sage and ice.]
Teeth: PXL ~ Teeth Add-on
Henna: CYBERSTAR ~ Mehndi

Necklace: KOSH ~ Selva Obscura
Necklace 2: KOSH ~ The Key Necklace
Backpack: FATALE ~ Gatherer Backpack
Belt: LEAGUE ~ Native set
Neck Scarf: KNICK KNACK ~ Furry Shoulder Shawl [v-day special.]
Fur Stole: PEQE ~ Mountain Animal

Sweater: PARADISIS ~ Lazy
Skirt: SN@TCH ~ Sari Skirt
Boots: WILLOW ~ Creek Moccaasins

[wtf.] 04.15.2011

(High Res + Credits @ Flickr. )

Haven’t posted a casual outfit in a while. I’ve been neglectful, I apologize. I plan on doing Gor outfits again soon as I have been coveting, well, a ton. I want to post “earth” outfits too regularly because I kind of like to change clothing a lot regardless of where I am. I’ve just been sick, is all. By sick, I mean probably near death, lost tons of weight due to total loss of appetite, on two weeks of antibiotics after being sick with strep for over a week and only went to the doctor and found out it was strep because I also got an ear infection from it all. If there was a time in my life where I felt close to thinking I had the plague, this was it. I swore I was going to hack up a lung — or both. Happily, I am able to breath without feeling like each inhale is full of asbestos and am slowly trying to get back to work. There’s a lot of sidetracking in there too and most of it can be successfully named “Borderlands”.

Anyways, I still read fashion feeds a lot. I think some people think over time you stop and I know for a while I stopped checking them but I do and one thing I have kind of refused to do since, well the beginning of Awesome Sauce, is to post outfit credits in the post and re-direct them to Flickr. Flickr is way more streamline for me but at this stage I think I’m comfortable enough with posting credits on the end of my posts. I feel like it’s less of a hassle for people and my flickr is active enough with active flickr members, I shouldn’t force people who don’t use flickr to have to go to it.

So, without further whatever. I give you me, unintentionally channeling Ke$ha.

Hair: MILANA ~ Lynn [light blondes.]
Skin: MYNERVA ~ Kia [tone 5 + different brows.]
Lashes: REDGRAVE ~ Black Darling Lashes
Makeup: [TWEE.] ~ Riot Eyeshadow [abyss.]
Eyes: [TWEE.] ~ Starbright Eyes [left – acid.] [right – bahama.]
Piercings: [TWEE.] ~ Liska [in silver.]
(yeah I know, i’ll be shoving silver versions into all new releases with the blacks.)
Teeth: [PXL] ~ Mouth Open Add-on
Freckles: AL VULO! ~ Troy [came with troy skin.]
Blush: NATURAL BEAUTY ~ Blush 2
Tattoo: GARDEN OF KU ~ Rock and Beers [medium.]

String Necklace: ILLUSIONS ~ Cord Necklace
Rosary: SINISTYLE ~ Hail Mary Rosary

Top: LEAGUE ~ Ribbon Tied Tanktop [pure.]
Shorts: LEAGUE ~ Frayed Denim Shorts [light dirty.]
Belt: ACID & MALA ~ Kiss My Ass Belt
Boots: J’S ~ Western Boots

Whats stuck in my head:

[G-WTF.] 01.15.2011

(High Res + Credits @ Flickr!)

Well, this is a bit later in the day than I’ve been doing mainly because I’ve been pretty busy today with some real life and also some second life stuff. More or less brainstorming what to do with this blog; It’s not going anywhere! It’s just me now though, so I am unsure if Sithas will be creating their own blog for any of you who were fans to follow or not. Regardless, I have to question what direction this blog will go. Will I keep it open to most things or will I try to keep it mainly Gorean. It’s hard to decide. I feel like I will keep it open. Boxing this blog down in to only one category would really streamline it but would allow me less freedom and I don’t want that. I’m still someone outside of Gor and I still have that part of me, too!

Another thing is I plan on doing more than just daily looks from Gor. I want to spotlight my favorite stores and I want to showcase my favorite sims. I want to express my opinion on how I view a character within the realm of Gor and I want to open the door for understanding. Elle has done a great job of it and part of bringing in more people interested in it, is educating them about it so they don’t come in clueless and get ridiculed. That would be counter productive.

Anyways, this is a little less Northern and Winter and a bit more Forest permitting.  I love these feet from Slink and I can’t wear them all the time when I RP in Torvaldsland. The only time I’m able to bring them out is when I’m in a Long House which is very minimal currently in my RP. I also love my anklets from Razoregalia. As seamless as the feet are, I feel a bit better about them with something on the ankles and the brown is my Gorean comfort colour.

The burlap sack-thing I’m wearing underneath the Haori from Tomoto is from a tiny little hunt from Somapop. I’m not sure if it’s still on but this is from Diapop and it isn’t marketed as Gorean but it fits so well! So well, in fact that you can wear it without the haori and still look perfectly Gorean!

[G-WTF.] 01.14.2011

(High Res + Credits @ Flickr!)

I am amazingly tired even though I’ve been sleeping thoroughly the passed few days. But hey, this is what happens when you’re having a struggle with anemia that’s worse than normal! Still, that doesn’t stop me from putting my outfits together and posting them. Honestly, it’s so much simpler to blog the outfit you wore *yesterday* and *today* because I don’t have to sit around and rush myself to have an outfit, I already did. Better blogger Verinne, here we come! Now I just need to start doing reviews again and I’ll be good. Speaking of, I need a public opinion on if I should move the Gorean portion of this to a separate, Gorean only blog. I think it might be a good idea to separate them as Gor is becoming a large part of my day to day in SL and I feel it would allow me to reach out more as the Gorean blog could be syndicated to the regular feeds as well as the *Gorean only* feed, which I feel that currently, since it isn’t a Gor only blog, I would not want to syndicate it in to. Whatever, feedback would be appreciated!

Anyways, I’m wearing pants! Well, they’re ragged shorts with socks underneath. In Swordsman of Gor, which Elle over @ Elle’s World most graciously reminded everyone of, it was said that during the winter times, slave girls are indeed allowed to wear pants. Obviously, it’s a bit more detailed then that and she has the quotes within her blog. So, even though my Jarl obviously prefers when I show off my booty, he was at least alright I had a nip slip going on. Got to have some flesh out in the open here.

The hardest thing I’ve found already with this is having enough fucking additions. I don’t ever seem to have enough scarves or ACCESSORIES as I had mention yesterday. I really wish I knew more places to pick them up. I scour all over the Gor sims, inspect the shit out of people at the Gor hub (Which seems like other people do to me *cough*) but half the time there just doesn’t seem like there are any new places for me to go. I know, there are actually a lot of things I want for Gor and have yet to buy. Stores like ViGo, Savage Garden, Knickknack and an even larger list of others are all on my list to buy from but I have to be patient . Can’t throw all my money all over the place all the time!

[G-WTF.] 01.13.2011

[High Res + Credits @ Flickr!]

One thing I highly enjoy when role-playing, as I think most of us who role-play do, is the creation of characters and/or the creation of outfits. I love shopping and I like to go to different stores and just buy things here and there. One thing I cannot have enough of, though, are accessories. Belts, thigh belts, anything. I love to take an outfit that other people might also have and make it into something greater. Accessories help me accomplish that. I can’t have enough things to add on.  Literally, can not have enough. I buy so many accessory based things simply because I feel like it adds on to the role play.

For example, I play a bond-maid in Torvaldsland. Cold there, obviously — snow and all. She is a slave to a traveler who trades and sells fur. This means she’s more likely to wear fur accessories as well as carry a lot of things. She has to be useful so she carries most of the furs and rations and whatever miscellaneous items and the backpack, belt and leg items sure have enough room to hold things for two people. With fur, the small poncho/cloak, the scarf, the mittens and the boots all reflect the usage of furs, skins and leathers and she adorns her head with the odd pair of tabuk, verr, deer, Kailiauk, Bosh, whatever horned-animal-type horns. Given as they only sometimes traded or sold the horns, she’s able to keep a few pairs as accessories.

I like to keep my clothing neutral. Browns, tans, sand-tones, off-whites; Anything that seems like it wouldn’t take a lot of processing. She is new to her role as a slave and if she acquires anything that is of far greater quality then her simple kirtles, they would be for special occasions. Extremely special seeing as bond-maids serve naked in the long-houses (unless in the presence of a free woman). and besides, neutrals just look way more viking-ish don’t you think?

I will make one note, the belt is from Ever After and I wish that they had more things for sale. They seem to cater just to belts and accessories and it’s exactly what I need to add more to in my inventory.

If anyone has any suggestions for great gorean clothing and accessory stores, please do drop a line with the name! I’m always looking for great pieces to supplement my RP stuff too. I’m also always looking for great winter-ish articles of clothing as well as nicely made kirtles and bond-maid outfits.

[truth.] 10.14.2010

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It is Thursday and so we are granted new hair to place upon our heads, as per every near sacred hair thursday. I gotta say, Truth does like the best wavy/curly hair. Bebe is fucking adorable. I’d like to see more fro-style type deals, maybe some little whispy bangs or even tighter curls and more volume. I love how natural they look and how doll-like. I look so precious!

Aiyana comes with facepaint and a version with feathers in your hair. I don’t know if Mr. Hawks celebrates Thanksgiving but I know Canadian Thanksgiving was earlier this week and Americans like me have it next month and Aiyana would be perfect to get my little native on to party it up with some pilgrims… if you know what I mean. I’ll be your Pocahontas, Mr. Hawks if you be my John Smith. Awww yeah.

Nadine is almost Tennis-esque to me but I love Tennis and need to play it more often in all honesty. Just want to pick up a racket and go beat someones ass or, more than likely, get mine beat by someone who is half my age and just plays more than me. That’s really what happens when you’re a computer nerd. You suck at sports. Even human pong.



(High Resolution @ Flickr.)

From all my posts today and probably some for a while, I’ve been skinned in skins from this cute shop called Esuga. I had seen them on Digi Pera’s flickr stream a while back and was given the name and oh my, instantly fell in love. I know a few people had seen my post on my flickr of me wearing the demo’s and I didn’t reply with a store name and that’s because I knew I had to blog them one day. Somehow.

The skin on the left is called Kemimi and has both a tooth and unopened mouth version (just teeth shown here). It’s a tanned-toned skin with great facial and body highlights as well as AWESOME BOOBIES. I won’t lie, Kemimi makes me feel like a dirty schoolgirl right out of a naughty futanari hentai game (like the ones by tinklebell) MY GUILTY PLEASUREEEEE.

The skin on the right is Kamael and comes with a shape, eyes, ears and the skin. It’s ADORABLE. The lips are so luscious and the sad brows are just so sweet looking. The skin is elven and has a pink tint to it but it would be great for role-playing. It even kind of reminds me of Xenosaga, almost KOS-MOS-esque and would fit in a lot of RP scenarios (even naughty ones! *cough*)

Visit Esuga for some of the cutest skins EVER @ NEO Aquel

[WTF.] 8.10.2010

(High Resolution Glory @ Flickr.)

This is dated for yesterday because I’m terrible at doing things on-time. Yesterday we visited League and both of us had fun picking up the awesome primmed sweats and tops. League has prim boobie shirts down, as well as awesome waistbands. Obviously the image above is heavily edited but don’t worry, I have me just hanging out in plain old screenie-slapped-on-to-a-background for you, too.

(High Res/Full Credits, as usual @ Flickr.)

The top, shorts and boots are all from League and are all fucking fantastic. The headphones I picked up at Jill, which is closing. Jill has a lot of very girly and innocent pieces of clothing for really cheap right now so head over!  Regardless, I was already wearing all of this when I landed in Jill and the headphones just fit in and completed it.

If you haven’t visited League in a while, like me, you should head over now and pick up some sweats.

Don’t worry, your boobies don’t have to hang out like ours are. We just like to be whores, gosh.

Other items in this post include hair by FRI.DAY, Skin by PINK FUEL, Piercings by TWEE., Tattoo by MY PINKY SKULL, Eyes by PLASTIK, Lashes by REDGRAVE