[WTF.] 10.5.2010

(High Res + Outfit Credits @ Flickr.)

This outfit is a day late as I had a raid in warcraft last night and work today so I had to head to bed right after I was done. The main thing in this is, obviously, the Pink Fuel skin I can’t take off as well as the adorable Cat Hoodie I found while wandering the FTLOH sim, from Medley. I don’t really have a ton to type up right now except I need to figure out something to make for a Thanksgiving hunt for next month and I have no idea what-so-ever so if anyone has any idea’s, toss them my way!

The outfit credits, by standard procedure for my entire blog is on flickr. It’s  much easier for me to list them as well as it makes it a lot easier for people to leave a comment if they have a question about anything. I apologize to anyone who dislikes this procedure but I even make it so that the flickr page opens up in a new window away from the blog/blog feed to make it even simpler. Thanks!

[WTF.] 8.10.2010

(High Resolution Glory @ Flickr.)

This is dated for yesterday because I’m terrible at doing things on-time. Yesterday we visited League and both of us had fun picking up the awesome primmed sweats and tops. League has prim boobie shirts down, as well as awesome waistbands. Obviously the image above is heavily edited but don’t worry, I have me just hanging out in plain old screenie-slapped-on-to-a-background for you, too.

(High Res/Full Credits, as usual @ Flickr.)

The top, shorts and boots are all from League and are all fucking fantastic. The headphones I picked up at Jill, which is closing. Jill has a lot of very girly and innocent pieces of clothing for really cheap right now so head over!  Regardless, I was already wearing all of this when I landed in Jill and the headphones just fit in and completed it.

If you haven’t visited League in a while, like me, you should head over now and pick up some sweats.

Don’t worry, your boobies don’t have to hang out like ours are. We just like to be whores, gosh.

Other items in this post include hair by FRI.DAY, Skin by PINK FUEL, Piercings by TWEE., Tattoo by MY PINKY SKULL, Eyes by PLASTIK, Lashes by REDGRAVE

[Candydoll.] Denisa and Sporty Short

(high rez @ flickr D:)

Candydoll doesn’t seem to ever quit. Always putting out something new and it’s always good. Good textures, good colours, just all around good quality. The outfit above is called Sporty Shorty and it comes in a ton of colours(I think I’m even missing two up there, actually). It comes with a cute sports bra and some gym shorts. This is definitely a go-to outfit for me now, especially for moments where I’m naked in my haus and need to TP somewhere really quick. Slap one of these babies on and I’m good to go, all the while lookin’ cute and feelin’ cute.

Along with the outfit release, this is Denisa, Candydolls newest face. Look at those gorgeous hipbones. Like, seriously. Take a fucking gander. So good. My booty, spine and wing bones (shoulder blades) look fantastic, too. And as you can see, I’ve been workin’ on my abs. That’s what wearing those gym outfits do to me! They get me workin’ on my fitness.

Denisa comes with five makeup options and my personal favorites are the blue (second makeup) and the red (last makeup). My lips look delicious — but you should see Digi with those lips, omnomnom. Also, as usual, candydoll makes my boobs look baller as hell; Even my clavicle looks pretty and I love pretty clavicles <3

Last;y, here’s your tones you get to pick from. The tans are gorgeous as is the pale. The darker tone is a bit too bronze for me but it’s a gorgeous tone in itself and I see a lot of girls wearing it and props, because it looks good on all of you, it doesn’t look good on me!

Head on over and check out Candydoll @ Sedna.

and click here for all the high resolution images @ Flickr.

Other items in this post include a skin from CURIO, Hair from TRUTH, Piercings from TWEE., Tattoo by MY PINKY SKULL, Shoes by THE BLACK CANARY, Duct Tape by LEAGUE, Necklace by INCA TEMPLE, Sneakers by URBAN BOMB UNIT, Lashes by REDGRAVE, Eyes by PLASTIK.

[WTF.] 7.29.10

Full Rez @ Flickr.

I’ve been slacking, haven’t I? In my defense, I haven’t been readily available to blog due to RL. Nothing bad, just Mayhemfest, the beach and lots of time with some friends (and a decent amount of video games and roadtrip inbetween). I’ve got a lot to do, as well as doing some shit, build-wise aaaand schoolwork wise. There needs to be more time in my days.

I saw this shirt from COCO on the feeds not that long ago and had to go get it. It fits so well with what I’ve been wearing as of lately. I mean, the beach is instant lazy time with moderate skin showing to where you don’t really care if your bra is hanging out, half the people have seen you in a next-to-nothing bathing suit all day that it isn’t that big a deal.

This really is just me channeling myself. I demo’d this skin from ATOMIC and was like woah, does this kind of look like me? I thought it did. Regardless, it’s cute and I love the freckles. Even the freckles remind me of mine. I just want a freckle tattoo layer or something to add more to my chest and shoulders as I get a ton in those area’s when I get sun.

I’m honestly a bit sleepy but I have tomorrow off. Will blog more then because right now I’m hungry and then I’m going to go to bed.

Full Rez and Credits @ Flickr.