Welcome Back, etc…

(High Res + Credits @ Flickr.)

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? It’s October now and a lot has happened. Not all good but not all bad, either. It’ll be Halloween soon and where I am, it’s snowing. It’s insane and I am not looking forward to the Winter with snow this early. Regardless, a welcome back to myself and to anyone who has come back to the blog in search for new posts. Here’s a new one!

I’m slowly, or atleast trying, to get back in to Gor but it’s harder each time. More expectations, more of a handle of what I want to look like. I don’t know, it’s just different and I am always trying to stand out from everyone else — which is one of the reasons I piece together outfits like this one.

Do you guys even read my ramblings on posts or should I just shut up and just post pictures with their credits and be done with it? I also tinted my hair slightly darker then the blonde I usually wear as a test. Apparently my desire to be extremely towheaded makes me look like an old person? It’s Fantasy RP guys! It looks alright in this picture but I think I prefer my towhead more then this. Don’t get me wrong, this looks great in optimized but it’s really yellowy/orange in default windlight and that is one of the prime reasons I enjoy being towheaded.

Anyways, was kinda going for this bizarre feral gypsy vibe. Obviously not fully civilized but dealt with and has been surrounded by it enough, even if its primitive, to seem like she could possibly weasel her way in to somewhere. I’m sure this is more of a Slave outfit due to the neck ring necklace but it could also work for some type of psuedo gorean gypsy.

Whatever, here are credits.

Hair: TRUTH – Jordan [snow +tinted.]
Skin: TULI – Eva [pale +shimmer.]
Eyes: [TWEE.] – Looking Glass Eyes [ice + sage.]
Freckles: AL VULO! – Troy Freckles [comes with skin.]
Lashes: REDGRAVE – Extralong & BEAUTY AVATAR/GLAM AFFAIR – Celebrity
Eyeliners: L. FAUNA – Megawing Liner
Teeth: PXL – Mouth Open Addon
Face Paint: VISAVI (?) – Warpaint [sacrifice.] — no longer available, I don’t think?
Henna: CYBERSTAR – Mehndi
Scraped Hands and Knees: Crawl (Ceri Kesten)
Feet: SLINK – Jolie Pied High Barefoot
Nails/Claws: Faeline Claws (Pryda Parx)
Nipples: [TWEE.] – Aphrodisia Nipples [clawed.]

Ring Necklace: HOW VEXING – Encircled Necklace Black [tinted.]
Pendant Necklace: KOSH – Nebula Necklace
Anklets: RAZOREGALIA – Cornucopia Anklets
Bangles: PDIDDLE – Ivory Claws Bangles
Earrings: PDIDDLE – Ivory Claws Earrings

Sleeves: TYRANNY/AURA – The Loon (Now Available @ Rochambeau!)
Hand Wraps: TYRANNY/AURA – The Loon (Now Available @ Rochambeau!)
Skirt: GOR GURLS – Wenchie [camel.]
Thong: STICKY FINGERS – My Naughty Panties [brown +tinted.]

[wtf.] 04.22.2011

(High Res @ Flickr.)

Back to my roots! At least, pretty close. Before the beginning of 2011, I was 95% of the time in digitigrade though mainly hooves. Still, it was an awesome feeling to shove on some leg alpha layers and not just have prim feet on like I have been due to laziness as well as role-playing (Gor isn’t down with the hooved/pawed/whatever’d people, unless you’re a kurii).  With multiple items on each attachment point given to us now in the basic 2.0 viewer — which I use, it made adding bangles to the paws way less obnoxious. No more rezzing the legs themselves and linking, yay!

This all started last night when I noticed a post from a flickr contact. I lurk flickr as much as I lurk the fashion feeds, the Gorean feeds (which sadly is very slow-moving) as well as plurk from time to time and I saw this tail pop up and checked out its youtube video. It looks pretty great, animation-wise from the video so I hopped over to go pick it up but there was no demo. That is pretty sad-face but one of the owners popped up and happily put one on for me to see which confirmed how nicely made it was for me so i bought it =P It really is fantastic so if you enjoy hybrid parts at all, I’d suggest picking one up.

Hair: ELIKATIRA ~ Just [white.]
Skin: MYNERVA ~ Kia [tone 5.]
Lashes: (GLAM AFFAIR?) BEAUTY AVATAR ~ Celebrity Lashes 06
Eyes: [TWEE.] ~ Star Bright Eyes [l – acid.] [r – bahama.]
Freckles: AL VULO ~ [from troy skin.]
Teeth: PXL ~ Mouth Add-on
Piercings: [TWEE.] ~ Liska [in silver.] + Cheeky [spikes + silver.] + dimple layer
Tattoo: AYUMI ~ Leopard Spots
Collar: SINISTYLE ~ Isis Collar
Ears and Digitigrade Feline Legs: Mutation Industries ~ Cat Person Parts [white.]
Tail: HOW VEXING ~ Animated Tail
(awesome movement in a tail Bangles: RAZOREGALIA ~ Gazellver Anklets + Nornir Anklets
Dress + Gloves: GRAVES ~ Skimpy
(cant see it but shows the ass and the booty shines are …amaaaaazing.)

and awesome choreography:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Fy5X9C-vtA

-[vaction.] +[prettiness.] ~ Ohay +[partial rant.]

[High Res + Credits @ Flickr.]

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Then again, I was gone for a while and also lost all ability to be creative and/or awesome. So, when you’re not awesome it’s kind of hard to make some sauce of awesome to post about so I just kinda lurked out and hung out with people… then went on vacation for a little over two weeks. It’s the weekend, though! Which means the last few days or laziness and bad sleep habit.  Starting next week is back to making things and doing work and sleeping right or else I’m gonna get in trouble. On the bright side, someone else is also going to be getting back to work coughkriuscough, so expect him to be all creative (way more than me, obviously).

Anyways, enough of that. This is one of the new outfits out by Happy Tantrum. I love flowers and the belt was great.  I seriously only bought it for the belt, I didn’t think I’d like the top but it actually goes really well and isn’t too “girly”.  Lately eliska has taken to wearing mud and paint and she’s grown out her nails again, after her and her Jarl left Ironhall due to them actually being biased dick-holes — hey, my character has amnesia so no, she can’t answer your “what was her birth name” bullshit during a medical exam. Besides, she’s a slave, what does her birth name matter at this point. It’s not like she is obviously an enslaved ubara or high caste… especially since it’s Torvaldsland. So silly.

Still, that isn’t the inital reason I made this post or had the urge to make it. I’ve actually noticed I have a lot of ranting I want to do about Gor. Or atleast, it’s participants. Today, though, I think I want to touch base on one thing as a blogger all people know will happen but when you see it, it kind of makes you wonder.

As a blogger, when people ask me in-world about anything from the blog or even on my persons at the time, I answer. I have no problem telling them or even giving them a landmark if I have one. I understand that people like things, like creators and that’s what makes Second Life go around. I have no issue with people taking pieces of outfits I’ve put together and making them a part of their character and persona. Sadly, when you suddenly notice a person that originally looked like, well, themselves to suddenly a clone of yourself — skin, hair, piece for piece outfits, you’ve got to wonder what blogging is for. Is it here for people to create carbon copies or is it here for people to see what’s out there? An almost creative outlet for the blogger themselves; Especially when it’s look of the day outfits.

I didn’t know if I should be flattered or saddened when ever I see her. It seems if either my Jarl or myself even plant a camera on her for five seconds, she quickly teleports out.

In the end, I think this is more a plead for everyone to find themselves. Taking pieces and ideas and traits for other people is normal, everyone does it. It’s how we as people evolve in to our unique selves as we grow in to adults but don’t stagnate yourself by pursuing to be someone else. Transcend those you admire and become unique in your own way so others look to you, not the other way around.

Regardless of how arrogant and conceited this post is,  it means well.

[TRUTH.] 01.28.2011 Release

Billy | Neve | Odette | Odette + Bangs

(High Res & Credits @ Flickr.)

Latest release from Truth. I know I missed a week, I’ m sorry! I  just never got around to posting it, the image itself is on my flickr stream but looking at it, I was obviously drugged up… it’s kind of horrendous. Regardless, this week features some super cute ones. I think all of them, including Billy are usable in Gor. Neve has my Jarls seal of approval; His term for it was, “fluffy” and I agree, it is quite cute and fluffy (ITS SO FLUFFY IM GONNA DIE). Odette is a favorite of mine, it’s very feminine and is great with or without the bangs. I like it when I’m trying to look more elegant and pretty than what I normally do, with casual styles like Neve.  It’s made me realize that my face fits romantic curls well!

The outfit is what happens when you’re lazy and have ended up being naked for the majority of the passed few days. I saw the chains over on Elle’s blog a while ago and had to go pick them up. The silks from Arachne weren’t the greatest (in my opinion) but dear ___ (insert whatever), these chains are perfect. So well done, I adore them. Things like these chains are what make me want to walk around in almost nothing. Why? Because they make wearing almost nothing look so good. Still, sometimes I gotta cover up my goodies and I have a massive collection of camisks and so, this one matched perfectly, from Haven Designs.

[TRUTH.] 01.14.2011 + May’s Soul

( Yolanda | Yolanda2 + Bangs | Tilda) (May’s Soul Suscribo Gift)

Late as usual but with my wisdom teeth having been pulled out and me being so hopped up on pain killers because of it, I can once again claim that I have a valid excuse. This is also why i’ve been so slow on LOTDs and such. These are Mr. Hawks latest releases and from a Gor Nerd’s perspective, Yolanda is so cute for a Slave Girl or even any girl from the North, including the Free. The bangs may cover the eyes a bit too much for a Slave if you use them, I feel like Slave Girls don’t exactly get a ton of fancy haircuts all the time and the side-swept version is more becoming for them but who am I to judge?!

Tilda is also very cute for a Slave. In Second Life Gor, it seems a bit more permitting for the girls to have a larger variety of haircuts so this length is adorable, with the barrette. To be honest, I’d wear like any and all Truth hair in RP simply because I fucking love it all so much. No ones gonna complain, right?!

The outfit though, I got from May’s Soul. I joined their suscribo last time I was there and this was given out, I think, last night. It’s so cute! I love that it came with undies and a belt. I hate when a camisk is just… a camisk. It’s so flat! I like accessories. No, actually I love them but we’ve gone over this a dozen times.  I like that it’s gold, too. I don’t own a lot of gold in Gor or Otherwise so branching out and putting this on was really refreshing from my usual.  Still, it is a camisk and it’s not summer time so my bond-maid self must tuck it away for the summer or when ever we visit the south. The belt, however, will be used a lot.

[G-WTF.] 01.15.2011

(High Res + Credits @ Flickr!)

Well, this is a bit later in the day than I’ve been doing mainly because I’ve been pretty busy today with some real life and also some second life stuff. More or less brainstorming what to do with this blog; It’s not going anywhere! It’s just me now though, so I am unsure if Sithas will be creating their own blog for any of you who were fans to follow or not. Regardless, I have to question what direction this blog will go. Will I keep it open to most things or will I try to keep it mainly Gorean. It’s hard to decide. I feel like I will keep it open. Boxing this blog down in to only one category would really streamline it but would allow me less freedom and I don’t want that. I’m still someone outside of Gor and I still have that part of me, too!

Another thing is I plan on doing more than just daily looks from Gor. I want to spotlight my favorite stores and I want to showcase my favorite sims. I want to express my opinion on how I view a character within the realm of Gor and I want to open the door for understanding. Elle has done a great job of it and part of bringing in more people interested in it, is educating them about it so they don’t come in clueless and get ridiculed. That would be counter productive.

Anyways, this is a little less Northern and Winter and a bit more Forest permitting.  I love these feet from Slink and I can’t wear them all the time when I RP in Torvaldsland. The only time I’m able to bring them out is when I’m in a Long House which is very minimal currently in my RP. I also love my anklets from Razoregalia. As seamless as the feet are, I feel a bit better about them with something on the ankles and the brown is my Gorean comfort colour.

The burlap sack-thing I’m wearing underneath the Haori from Tomoto is from a tiny little hunt from Somapop. I’m not sure if it’s still on but this is from Diapop and it isn’t marketed as Gorean but it fits so well! So well, in fact that you can wear it without the haori and still look perfectly Gorean!