SL & Mesh: Why Learning Mesh is a Benefit (even out of SL).

As a creator in a 3D environment and one who’s become outdated due to the successful switch from sculpted prims to rigged (and unrigged) mesh, I understand the importance of learning mesh and more-so, the benefit not only within Second Life that it has. Mesh as a whole is what is used in all games — from the Sims to games like American Mcgee’s Alice, World of Warcraft, Tera, Skyrim. Anything that has clothing or objects that attach to a skeleton for a character are mesh and are rigged to that skeleton so that they bend, bunch or tug where needed when there is motion. Of course, this is also why so many things from these games are being ripped and stolen and imported in to SL, which is a shame.

I’m a firm supporter of original content and as I creator myself I enjoy buying products that are unique and even more-so, things that aren’t from templates. I do understand that this could be a tough obstacle for many creators though — the idea of being able to independently create their own rigged products but I’m not the only one with that thought. A band of amazing mesh builders have come together to make amazing video tutorials and courses for anyone with the determination to learn to build mesh. Clothing, Accessories and even Landscaping.

As a part of the Gorean Community, I can appreciate the creators of these courses even more. Leviathan Flux of Rochambeau, Thord Karu of Primus and Anhandreu Reiderer of AC Weapons worked together to offer an affordable online course tailored specifically for those looking to build mesh within Secondlife.


Click Here to Purchase These Courses.


I personally can say that these courses are something I’m looking forward to taking myself so that I can finally catch up with where the market is going in Second Life, and just like one of the reviews highlighted by one of their happy customers, these courses teach you Maya — not Blender. Maya is one of the most widely used, prominent and professional-grade 3D design programs in the field. If you envision Second Life as a beginning to a career in 3D design, these courses are a great step in that direction. Mesh Rigging and Content Creators are always needed at Game Companies.


Welcome Back, etc…

(High Res + Credits @ Flickr.)

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? It’s October now and a lot has happened. Not all good but not all bad, either. It’ll be Halloween soon and where I am, it’s snowing. It’s insane and I am not looking forward to the Winter with snow this early. Regardless, a welcome back to myself and to anyone who has come back to the blog in search for new posts. Here’s a new one!

I’m slowly, or atleast trying, to get back in to Gor but it’s harder each time. More expectations, more of a handle of what I want to look like. I don’t know, it’s just different and I am always trying to stand out from everyone else — which is one of the reasons I piece together outfits like this one.

Do you guys even read my ramblings on posts or should I just shut up and just post pictures with their credits and be done with it? I also tinted my hair slightly darker then the blonde I usually wear as a test. Apparently my desire to be extremely towheaded makes me look like an old person? It’s Fantasy RP guys! It looks alright in this picture but I think I prefer my towhead more then this. Don’t get me wrong, this looks great in optimized but it’s really yellowy/orange in default windlight and that is one of the prime reasons I enjoy being towheaded.

Anyways, was kinda going for this bizarre feral gypsy vibe. Obviously not fully civilized but dealt with and has been surrounded by it enough, even if its primitive, to seem like she could possibly weasel her way in to somewhere. I’m sure this is more of a Slave outfit due to the neck ring necklace but it could also work for some type of psuedo gorean gypsy.

Whatever, here are credits.

Hair: TRUTH – Jordan [snow +tinted.]
Skin: TULI – Eva [pale +shimmer.]
Eyes: [TWEE.] – Looking Glass Eyes [ice + sage.]
Freckles: AL VULO! – Troy Freckles [comes with skin.]
Lashes: REDGRAVE – Extralong & BEAUTY AVATAR/GLAM AFFAIR – Celebrity
Eyeliners: L. FAUNA – Megawing Liner
Teeth: PXL – Mouth Open Addon
Face Paint: VISAVI (?) – Warpaint [sacrifice.] — no longer available, I don’t think?
Henna: CYBERSTAR – Mehndi
Scraped Hands and Knees: Crawl (Ceri Kesten)
Feet: SLINK – Jolie Pied High Barefoot
Nails/Claws: Faeline Claws (Pryda Parx)
Nipples: [TWEE.] – Aphrodisia Nipples [clawed.]

Ring Necklace: HOW VEXING – Encircled Necklace Black [tinted.]
Pendant Necklace: KOSH – Nebula Necklace
Anklets: RAZOREGALIA – Cornucopia Anklets
Bangles: PDIDDLE – Ivory Claws Bangles
Earrings: PDIDDLE – Ivory Claws Earrings

Sleeves: TYRANNY/AURA – The Loon (Now Available @ Rochambeau!)
Hand Wraps: TYRANNY/AURA – The Loon (Now Available @ Rochambeau!)
Skirt: GOR GURLS – Wenchie [camel.]
Thong: STICKY FINGERS – My Naughty Panties [brown +tinted.]