WTF. 02.08.2016 [Cat on a Hot Tin Roof]




Some new Enfant Terrible stuff, in collaboration with Wicca’s Wardrobe is available this round of We <3 Roleplay. It’s got mesh body sizes and the details are to die for.

Also, could someone make a rigged mesh fox tail wrapped around the leg?! This doesn’t exist and I will love you forever if you were to be the one to make it. Promise.

Skin: VCO – Doran #10
Mouth: VCO – Benny Mesh Lip
Hair: BURLEY – Octavia II
Eyes: ADORED – Moon Eyes in lt green & mist
Ears: WISH – Fuzzy Fox Ears (MP, Lexbot Sinister)
Whiskers: DROP DEAD – Whiskers
Tail: AII – Wrapped Devil Tail
* I cropped the tip out so this wasn’t in the main picture, since a white wrapped cat or fox tail is not available anywhere.
Mesh Bits: Slink Hands, Maitreya Lara
Body dirt: TITZUKI – ugly boy, dirty body
Face Cuts: THE WHITE CROW – Meier (FREE GIFT, We Love RP Feb ’16)
Face Dirt: LA BAGUETTE – Dirty Face

Goggles: WICCA’S WARDROBE – Joyce Goggles (We Love RP Feb ’16)
Jewelry (arms, necklace): WICCA’S WARDROBE – Joyce Necklace and Upper/Lower Arms (We Love RP Feb ’16)
Corset & Skirt: ENFANT TERRIBLE/WICCA’S WARDROBE COLLAB – Joyce Corset & Skirt (We Love RP Feb ’16)
Boots: WICCA’S WARDROBE – Celestine Boots (We Love RP Feb ’16)
Leg Strap & Cross Bow: MAY’S SOUL – The Empire Gacha (Fantasy Gacha Feb ’16)
Prosthetic Hand: AISLING – Morigan Arm/Hand Rare
Arm Strap: DRD – Zombie Apoc Anti-Virus Strap


WTF. 11.10.2014 [The Harbinger]

Skin: PINK FUEL – Doll
Hair: LITTLE BONES – Oracle (Collabor88
Eyes: DEAD APPLES – Almost Human Thunder in Innocence & Patient 42305
Makeup: NOX – La Catrina
Mesh Bits: Slink Physique Mesh Body, Slink Hands, Loud Mouth

Headdress: PLASTIK – Muse Headdress (FGC Nov ’14)
Top: SWEET KAJIRA – Arcip Top (FGC Nov ’14)
Pauldrons & Skirt: ZENITH – Druid (FGC Nov ’14)
Hip & Necklace Spellbooks: KEISPOT – Kei’s Spellbook (FGC Nov ’14)
Rings: BIRDY/FOXES – Melancholy Ring & Mood Ring
Bracers, Collar & Cloak: LUAS – Galadriel

WTF. BACKLOG36 [Death Seeker]

Skin: DEAD APPLES – Lora (Kemono skinmatch mod is personal use)
Eyes: BUZZERI – Voodoo Eyes
Makeup: NOX – La Catrina
Mesh Bits: Loud Mouth, Kemono Mesh Body, BB/MM Kemono Boobs, Sku/Ba Kemono Butt

Collar: THE FORGE – Studded Collar
Outfit: PFC – Voodoo

WTF. 07.19.2014 [Let Them Eat Cake]

Another post highlighting the amazing stuff available for super discounted and affordable prices at Genre. This necklace is absolutely amazing. Seriously. You need it. I promise you that you need it. It’s from DeviousMinds and just like everything else they’ve ever made, it’s perfect. This hair, while I probably won’t ever be able to wear it with anything else, is so well done. Period stuff is so cute and amazing, gah!

Hair: BLIENSEN + MAITAI – Liaison Dangereuse (Genre July ’14)
Eyes: DEAD APPLES – Solar I Eyes (Danaerys & Sea)
Lipstick: BUZZERI – Summer Crush Gloss (Cosmetic Fair July ’14)
Mesh Bits: Loud Mouth, Slink Hands, Cute Azz, Slink Medium Feet

Gold Pearls: DEVIOUS MINDS – Sarah Chest Harness (Genre July ’14)
Corset: ADONESS – Florence Corset (Genre July ’14)
Brooch: ECLECTICA – Blenheim Baroque Brooch (Genre July ’14)
Garters & Stockings: BLACK LACE – Tender Caress
Shoes: FROGSTAR – Carissimi Heels (Genre July ’14)

WTF. 07.19.2014 [Little Antoinette]

Definitely outside of my normal style but this months round of Genre is Baroque! If you’re not familiar with the word of style, just think of Marie Antoinette. French period wear with fair skin, big hair and lots of lace, bows and frills. While I say it’s not my usual style, it’s definitely a favorite style when it comes to costume wear. Gave me a good excuse to throw on some dolly blush and bright lips. Check out this round, since genre always has its stuff at a discount for that round. This furniture is to die for, as is just about everything there honestly.

Hair: EXILE – Young and Beautiful (Hairfair ’14)
Eyes: DEAD APPLES – Solar I Eyes (Danaerys & Sea)
Lipstick: BUZZERI – Summer Crush Gloss (Cosmetic Fair July ’14)
Mesh Bits: Loud Mouth, Slink Hands, Slink Medium Feet

Necklaces: LOST JUNCTION – Marie Neclaces Antoinette & de Medici (Genre July ’14)
Headdress: SPYRALLE – Lace Fontage with Roses (Genre July ’14)
Dress: THE ANNEX – Rococo Punk Dress (Genre July ’14)
Garters & Stockings: BLACK LACE – Tender Caress
Shoes: BOOM – Posey Pumps

Furniture Set: FETCH – Roque Set (Genre July ’14)

WTF. BACKLOG38 [In The Gardens]

While I don’t roleplay anyone from Highgarden, I was visiting when I put this outfit together, which might be why I ended up wearing some flowers. The dark is probably a good contrast to remind myself and others that I’m not from Highgarden and from a House that is currently supporting Aegons Conquest (The sim is during the beginning of the Conquest). It’s a nice change for Gor, to say the least! Another dress from this round of We Love Roleplay!

Skin: DEAD APPLES – Unreleased Beta (Sorry!)
Hair: SPELLBOUND – Serenity
Eyes: DEAD APPLES – Solar I Eyes (Danaerys & Sea)
Mesh Bits: Loud Mouth, Slink Hands

Jewelry Set: YUMMY – Winter Flower
Dress: DRIFT – Royal Reign Dress (We Love RP July ’14)
Arm Cuffs: SWEET POISON – Chunky Cuffs

WTF. BACKLOG37 [Pearly Princess]

Skin: DEAD APPLES – Unreleased Beta (Sorry!)
Hair: TAKETOMI – Athena
Eyes: DEAD APPLES – Solar I Eyes (Danaerys & Sea)
Mesh Bits: Loud Mouth, Slink Hands, Slink Feet

Circlet: TWEE. – Magical Girl Tiara Silver (tinted)
Earrings: LEAGUE – Pearles & Lace
Chest Lace: AISLING – Chestlace
Dress: JUNBUG – Instant Crush
Shoes: FRI.DAY – Wayfaring Sandals