[gor.] The act of being a Hypocrite.

As most people who read this blog know, I am regularly a part of ridiculous arguments — which turn in to arguments because people can’t seemingly successfully debate. People apparently are so fragile in their ego’s these days that if anyone tries to speak up against their opinion, they take it overly personal. Even if this person has publicly stated it, if you are to say anything otherwise you become overly aggressive and are attacking them. Or even fanatical in your own opinion. There are many frail women, mainly in the younger group of Gor (even I fall in to the younger, though not frail esteemed.) who, when they express their opinion openly in public, it is merely for attention and if anyone tries to say something otherwise, well, they’re suddenly a no-lifed, pathetic excuse for a human in real-life with no reason to live except to apparently live out a twisted fantasy in a virtual world pretending to be something your not. Yeah, that’s why I have a RL picture of myself in my profile and post them regularly on flickr — I’m totally ashamed of who I am. Oh please.

I should be sleeping right now. I should’ve been sleeping hours ago but I have a puppy — who has been officially named Nova, attempting to devour my blankets and waking up constantly and I have to go take her out. This is why I don’t have children. A dog is close enough and it already strains my patience. Still, after watching The Tourist (which is great but I am biased…) I tabbed in and happened to read some word vomit by some girl by the name of  mikuchiza wonder. I quickly read over what she had to say and she seemed to be talking about how vomit-inducing it is that John Norman, writer of the Gorean series, suggested that girls under the age of 18 were sold as slaves. Now, no-where did he say an actual age of when a girl was sexually used and a good read for that will be linked below that highlights and has direct book quotes stating the whole situation between “Gor and Child Slavery” but she seemed very certain that “by-the-book” roleplayers were in-fact pedophiles for RPing in a world where this is “okay” to do.

Now, would that mean anyone who Role-Plays any type of environment that had slavery — like Capua, which is a very popular sim now, are pedophiles? It takes place in ancient Rome. I doubt there was an age of consent back then and I’m sure girls of 14-15 were sold as slaves. There is even hints of it in Spartacus — the show the sim is based off of, with two of the slave girls being seemingly very young or coming of age and one being thrown in to being used for entertainment. This suggests that even say, Arthur Golden, writer of Memoirs of a Geisha is a pervert because he wrote a book detailing the sale of a girls virginity. If you go through the time frame, I’m pretty certain Sayuri was only around 16 as she stated she was 15 when she saw the chairman again and Mameha and Sayuri made her beat Hatsumomo and Pumpkin in, what, Six Months?

It’s fiction and like it or not, it’s happened in the past. That doesn’t mean people Role-Playing Gor are there to age play.  That doesn’t mean it was right or wrong. It was a different time period and people had different morals. Ancient Rome was accepting of homosexuality and look at society now — we’re still so stuck that it’s “wrong” that we can’t even allow same sex to marry. It’s not about what was right or wrong then, it’s what people accept as morally wrong now. There is proof that sexual exposure to young children and those who are actually under 17 or 18 ( I honestly am going from memory of a documentary or article I read) may have detrimental effects to psychological development and cause emotional issues. Most of us can agree on this and that is why it’s morally wrong for that in society now. It’s knowledge that didn’t exist back then.

Regardless, I won’t sit around and have someone try to talk shit and then go on to try to insult how my avatar looks (I get the hip remarks regularly, people really need to get new material) without speaking my own personal opinion on the matter. I just do it more publicly than in the middle of Gor Hub where I suddenly play victim cause someone talked back to me. Call my avatar fat, ugly, etc… all you want but when you want to argue points, get your facts straight.

For further, more in-depth discussion on the subject, Gorean Wines has a great post relating directly to this subject:  Gorean Wines: Gor and Child Slavery.

“I look like a 12 year old but you’re all totally pedophiles.”

(High Res @ Flickr.)

[GOR-WTF.] 03.14.2011

(High Res + Credits @ Flickr)

This has been what I’ve been running around in Gor in. I wandered Tyros a bit in it one day and usually people don’t aknowledge me when I accidentally zone out and tab out while standing in the middle of town, meter active but I returned to a Slaver interested in me enough to approach me and even get his goad out, ready to capture me. I made off like a true wild child though, tossing dirt in to his eyes and swiftly running away to the docks to go find my Jarl who had left a little earlier.

The body paint is mine and is out as a promo for 75L, undecided if it will go up in price after St. Patricks is over or if it will just get pulled completely so if you want it, you get it soon. It’s tintable so you don’t have to have green and it comes with two transferrable gloves to give to others in case they want to join in on the fun and look like they were the ones grabbing and painting. The clovers are from Sinistyle and are finally released. So anyone who was asking about them or had gone to look for them, they’re now available so go pick them up — also unsure if they will be limited or will just go up in price. Depends how popular they are.

[double.] + May’s Soul “Leonor”

(Please check out the full credits & High Res @ Flickr.)

This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while now but was given the opportunity to a few days ago. May Tolsen gifted me this outfit and while I adore it as its own outfit, I wanted to do a different approach to blogging it (I hope you don’t mind!). In Gor, there is a very minimal market still for nice, cute and super nice quality clothing and May’s Soul is one of them. While texture work isn’t super extreme, it’s constantly getting better and it’s not unwearable and is actually really nice, it kind of gives it all a more “natural” or “rustic” feel to it, instead of all the nice and sleek modern textures on the mainstream clothing. I’m in no way saying it’s bad at all, I honestly wear things from May’s Soul almost daily and check the store frequently for new releases and discounted items. Outfits come complete and are very affordable, so if you haven’t stopped by May’s Soul yet, I really suggest it. I like the store build, too :)

Anyways, where was I? As I was saying, the market is still a bit sparse (in comparison to the modern market) so there is a high chance that girls will be wearing the same things, even men in the same things. When something is good, there is no doubt that everyone will go out and get it and this obviously over-saturates it. I’ve seen some great pieces of male pieces worn by over a handful of men just from lurking Gor Hub. For me, the idea of this creates a problem. I like to be myself and stand out from the other girls. While I still try to portray my role as a Bond-Maid (a Slave Girl in Northern Gor) as closely as I can because I prefer a more By-The-Book approach to my Role-Play over “Evolved”, I still want to look unique. Both of these outfits, in my opinion are “Slave Wear” and I’ll explain the left one more-so than the right as to why.

As I said earlier, it’s said that during the winter, slaves do indeed wear pants. The issue is that pants aren’t very revealing at all and since it’s winter and obviously cold, a lot of skin is going to be covered up which isn’t allowed by a Slave. To be fully conservative and covered is the right of a Free Woman and more-so, a Slave must wear clothing that is easily removable or, ahem, bypassed in-case their owner wishes for them to serve in the long-house (in the north) where bond-maids serve naked. How I tried to balance that was with a very billowy and loose shirt under a high-cut and open little tunic. In my eyes, the loose fabric bares the stomach when there’s movement and since obviously, there is nothing under it, if her Jarl wants to slip his hands up her shirt and sneak in a squeeze, the ability is there and the clothing aren’t getting in the way of it.

The right one is more Summer bond, or even Southern sans shoes. The camisk looks like it’s plain unbleached linen split down almost to the navel, like how the top of Kirtles are described to be, which paired with the belt could technically make this some sort of psuedo-kirtle.  As a Bond, I tend to use a lot of accessories because unlike their Southern counterparts, they usually do a lot more in terms of work and labor and since my Jarl and I travel around a lot still, the idea of carrying little things we need or purchase during our travels as one of my tasks makes its plausible. I had someone laugh at me for it, saying it was wrong because I “owned so much stuff” because I was wearing it but just because I am holding it does not make it “my property” or any other slaves property for that matter. If their Master or Mistress tells the to carry the backpack full of supplies then they damn well will carry the fucking backpack full of supplies.

So, when you go shopping. Don’t get scared of not liking an outfit as a whole and try to have a wider outlook on it.  I know I will sometimes see an outfit and not like it too much on its own but they I’ll remember a piece of clothing in my inventory or something I saw in a store but never bought that would go *perfectly* with it and make it my own personal style and suddenly it becomes like a favorite outfit of mine. Like they say with anything, the only thing stopping you is yourself so don’t be scared to be yourself.

[TRUTH.] 01.28.2011 Release

Billy | Neve | Odette | Odette + Bangs

(High Res & Credits @ Flickr.)

Latest release from Truth. I know I missed a week, I’ m sorry! I  just never got around to posting it, the image itself is on my flickr stream but looking at it, I was obviously drugged up… it’s kind of horrendous. Regardless, this week features some super cute ones. I think all of them, including Billy are usable in Gor. Neve has my Jarls seal of approval; His term for it was, “fluffy” and I agree, it is quite cute and fluffy (ITS SO FLUFFY IM GONNA DIE). Odette is a favorite of mine, it’s very feminine and is great with or without the bangs. I like it when I’m trying to look more elegant and pretty than what I normally do, with casual styles like Neve.  It’s made me realize that my face fits romantic curls well!

The outfit is what happens when you’re lazy and have ended up being naked for the majority of the passed few days. I saw the chains over on Elle’s blog a while ago and had to go pick them up. The silks from Arachne weren’t the greatest (in my opinion) but dear ___ (insert whatever), these chains are perfect. So well done, I adore them. Things like these chains are what make me want to walk around in almost nothing. Why? Because they make wearing almost nothing look so good. Still, sometimes I gotta cover up my goodies and I have a massive collection of camisks and so, this one matched perfectly, from Haven Designs.