A brief visit.

It’s been a while. Quite a while.

I’ve been so busy and it’s already been almost six months. I travel up and down the North-East coast including Washington DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Back and forth endlessly through Philadelphia and NYC, visiting New Haven, CT regularly — all in Solidarity. You can find me in tents, on the streets, in the plazas and at General Assemblies. You can find me quietly listening to discussions and absorbing all the information as well as working hard on political campaigns for good friends.

I know I said months ago I’d be back but I had no idea what my life would become or where it was taking me. Regardless, I’m grateful for it and wouldn’t change a single piece of it.

My schedule for this weekend got changed and it ended up giving me three days of free time. I’ve used it all to lurk SL, which ended up with me hanging out on the Delka Rebels sim. This image is there, in a room I decorated. I doubt I’ll have enough time to actually RP, which is sadly what happened with me and Heriolfr — which I am still in love with.

Perhaps one day I might get the chance to sit down, take a deep breath and lose myself in some crazy RP plot-line again. Until that happens, I hope everyone else works hard to have their own epic adventures on their own.

Solidarity <3

I miss my haus :'(

As you can see, we are currently not lurking in a house. We have a house, but that is quite a funny story. One I’m about to tell. You are just shivering with excitement, aren’t you? The house dilemma is intense, I assure you. Are you ready?

Sithas and pals used to have parcel numero uno, or typically called Fiddlebase. This is where the studio was set up and where I built my piercings and most other things I have laying in my inventory — like elf ears… I should find them, they went in to my lost and found… Anyways, yeah, fiddlebase was abandoned when we acquired parcel numero dos, called either Odessabase or it’s proper parcel name, Casa De Munchkins (+ other random bitches). Fiddlebase was basically the boys and Odessabase was pretty much the girls. Odessa is my friend Taci Triellis and mine, everyone just kind of immigrated to our house because its pretty fucking cute. Yeah, I said immigrated.

Odessabase. (atleast part of it)

But yes, when Fiddlebase was finally taken back, we made the permanent studio/build move to the upstairs of Odessa. Nothing wrong with that, I mean, Taci and I have a pretty sweet parcel deal — and by pretty sweet I mean there is nothing better, so I mean, why not us just be there? So, things were going well. All my vendor ads were done from Odessa, etc…

Until one night while building some piercings, which are still floating midair over my pedestal, I was procrastinating in the process and was doing my regular group check to make sure I wasn’t in any groups that I just happened to hop in to for something and not leave. I realized there were two that I could leave and so, using SL 2.0, I right clicked the first and left and then right clicked the second and left.

And now, this is where LL needs to re-invite me, because in between leaving the first group, highlighting the second group and leaving it, SL felt like spazzing out. Even though I right clicked and selected leave on the group I wanted to leave, SL felt like reverting to my currently active group, which was my land group, and making me leave that. I had selected okay and everything to leaving the OTHER group, and it applied it to my active group.

Now, no big deal you say? Well, here’s the catch. Taci and my friend Guy is the main parcel owner, he’s basically letting us live there since he doesn’t use it as he doesn’t log in to SL frequently, so, we had the group and we have the land and he is MIA and as luck would have it, Taci has gone MIA as well and even though everyone else is in the land group, only Taci and I had invite for the group so I’m screwed.

So, we could go hang out in my house and use everything normally but I cannot build there because Odessa is both residential/commercial so I put a 5 minute auto return on shit outside of the group =[ I’m condemned to sandbox building!

RIP Fiddlebase Studio and Fiddlebase <3

Is it just me, or does Sithas look like he has back problems in that specific pose? Anyways, Taci and Guy, check your e-mail! I sent offlines.

Invite plz :(

Also, beware of SL 2.0, it may eat the wrong groups.

Why do I have to make an intro?

I will anyways! Ha ha ha. :D

Well, I’m not sure what there is to say about me besides I’m a total nerd and nerd about about nerdy things. If it has zombies, robots, wizards, warriors, ninjas, superheroes ect. I’ll usually gush all over it. I’m 23 years old and I’ve been told I’m mature for my age, but also I’ve been told that I’m immature for my age. So, I guess I’m kind of in some sort of maturity purgatory? My recommended thing for the world to do is go out and buy a toy, no matter what age. =) You will be surprised at how happy it makes you, I bet.

My store is kind of a mishmosh of random things, mostly band t-shirts, with a smattering of video game and comic randomness thrown in. It’s named after a great band known as Malevolent Creation, if you like disgustingly brutal death metal, check em out. But, I’ve been trying to mix it up lately with what I create, so expect some “different” things in the near future when inspiration (AKA Verinne) hits me (With a frying pan :X.) I’ve been known to make absolutely ridiculous prim stuff, like..if you ever see a giant Pac-Man with huge eyes running around..yeah..I made that. Or a giant duck with a top hat..Ducky McGee The Celebration Duck. Good times..good times.

My avatar is always changing. Sometimes I might be a woman, other times I might be a faun with a robot arm, sometimes I might even be a gorilla. Lord knows what I would be if you would ever see me in world, reader.

I’m a wily veteran of SL. I’ve been in the jungle for awhile now..since 2005 give or take..and sometimes attacks come from the TREES MAN, FROM THE TREES! OH GOD! Whoa..geez..had another flashback.

I’ll most likely be making random posts on my adventures, and what I’m rockin’ at the time. A gorilla robot would be pretty sweet. *Taps his chin*

Anyways, here’s a picture of me in a dress!

I’m Verinne and I like toitles.

I do, actually, really like toitles. They’re almost identical to turtles, except they’re only spoken of by zombie-children. Crazy, isn’t it? But, yeah, I’m Verinne and most people either can’t pronounce my name or don’t like me enough to want to pronounce it right. At this point, if you really want to get me, say my name right and I’ll give you the win <3 So Vei, V or Queen Bitch of the Sauce works.

I’m 21 and female — really. I know girls don’t usually say bro and pal, but I’ve lived in the world of Azeroth since 2006 and when you’re around that much nerd testosterone, you tend to talk like them. It doesn’t mean I’m any less estrogen based, of course. I still like pink and I still think cute fluffy bunnies and especially baby moo-moo calves are the end all be all of cute overload. Anyone have an amazing cow suit? I’d love you for it. I already have the best cow plushie in-world though (thanks <3)

So, where was this going? I’ll probably make posts involving what I’m wearing that day, what I really like and probably what I don’t like. There will probably be rants, random questions regarding random questions. Most things will include some type of lyrics, I like listening to music and so, I will subject you to my musical tastes via text. I’ll also make frequent updates when ever I make anything new.

[twee.], my store, is pretty fucking shiny new and so, I’m just lurking xstreet until I make more things as well as find a nice cute, well trafficked place to set up base. If you want me to chill in your sim and sell my shit, send me a notecard or IM me. I’ll love you <3. With [twee.], I make shapes, poses, piercings and most likely when I get around to doing it, skins and 2.0 makeup layers. This all depends how much time I get between being lazy, procrastinating, sleeping, working and school work. All in all, though, [twee.] is my long delayed brain child and I really have Sithas to thank about me getting it started. Both of our xstreets are linked on the side~

Anyways, this is me in my friends wedding. I was too lazy at 4am to take a fancy picture of my current self but you’ll see enough of me, won’t you? I have to be up at 9am, I’m depraving myself for this already! Yeah, I’m pretty fucking cute and I cuss like a wow nerd who just killed Arthas on 25man hard-mode. Be getting achievements up in this bitch.

Sithas should make a post soon. I was going to see who was the first to get theirs up, but I think he’s already began procrastinating. He’s supposed to be the one making me post because i’m a lazy bitch. So, welcome to a la sauce. Where sauce plz has true meaning.


Hello, welcome to the sauce. This is a basic, informal introduction to your awesome chefs of awesome. You will be served daily – and yes, by serve I may mean “GURL YOU GOT SERVED”, by Sithas Slade and Verinne Ansar. You may or may not have seen us wandering, running or trolling some part of the grid. If we aren’t extremely memorable to you, it just means you’ve been spared. Nonetheless, we cook up a nice batch of awesome just about every day and we figured, why not share it? Why not let everyone have a taste of that awesome? You might not like us, we might not be your shin-dig but you can just close the blog and move on, amirite?

Regardless, Party Hard is an ode to the blog name that was rejected. Sithas salutes you, Andrew W. K. The choice to not name our greatness after you was not meant to be an insult — we just felt that most people would not be able to handle the amount of awesome a homage to you would induce. Really, I wanted it to be party hard, I really did but the final decision was Awesome Sauce, we do apologize.

Awesome Sauce will probably be full of shameless self promotion (we both have our own stores), lots of random “we fucking love this” or “we fucking hate this” or even “we so trolled this” posts with a side of lols and to round out the blog, probably lots of daily looks and other just out of left field fashionista-ish shit that all blogs inevitably have. We know you know it, don’t try to deny it. You’re here to inspect us anyways!

You’ll most likely be seeing two separate posts, formal introductions by each of us following this. What’s not to love about getting more personal with random people you don’t know? We know, if you didn’t care in the first place, you wouldn’t even be reading this introduction to begin with. We love you, random blog reader and we love that you read our shit. Thanks, pal.