[RANT] The State Of Fantasy Blogging.

I haven’t seen anyone actually take a moment and ask themselves, especially people involved in the roleplay community, and more-so, the roleplay and fantasy blogging community, why this is okay to do. What I mean exactly is, spamming everyone, and any group with group notice privileges to anyone in the group, with their blogs. How is this the normal thing to do now? Am I just old fashioned?

The highlighted group notices are actually all the same person, for the same blog, all the same day, in like 2-3 groups. So that’s multiple blog posts in one way — which is totally okay, but they didn’t even have the respect of their own hard work of blogging, to actually title the group post and be at least semi intelligent in regards to a small snippet of why I should check out their blog. Nope, just spam. Is this how blogging has evolved in our community?

I’m sure I probably sound like a bitter blogger, one that has never been invited to blog the fantasy gacha and sure, I would love to. I don’t spam groups with my blog though, so I’m sure my measly views aren’t compared to these blogs — which aren’t even syndicated in the gorean feed. Truly, I cannot stand checking my e-mail and seeing people berating my group offlines with blog posts that have little effort put in to them — be it the post or the outfits themselves.

Of course, I fully support the new and up and coming bloggers, and I know it can be rough to figure out your computers graphics, and finding your own personal style but please, have some pride about what you do and don’t shove your blog down my throat like a pushy door to door salesman. We, as bloggers, need to be more professional then this.

SL & Mesh: Why Learning Mesh is a Benefit (even out of SL).

As a creator in a 3D environment and one who’s become outdated due to the successful switch from sculpted prims to rigged (and unrigged) mesh, I understand the importance of learning mesh and more-so, the benefit not only within Second Life that it has. Mesh as a whole is what is used in all games — from the Sims to games like American Mcgee’s Alice, World of Warcraft, Tera, Skyrim. Anything that has clothing or objects that attach to a skeleton for a character are mesh and are rigged to that skeleton so that they bend, bunch or tug where needed when there is motion. Of course, this is also why so many things from these games are being ripped and stolen and imported in to SL, which is a shame.

I’m a firm supporter of original content and as I creator myself I enjoy buying products that are unique and even more-so, things that aren’t from templates. I do understand that this could be a tough obstacle for many creators though — the idea of being able to independently create their own rigged products but I’m not the only one with that thought. A band of amazing mesh builders have come together to make amazing video tutorials and courses for anyone with the determination to learn to build mesh. Clothing, Accessories and even Landscaping.

As a part of the Gorean Community, I can appreciate the creators of these courses even more. Leviathan Flux of Rochambeau, Thord Karu of Primus and Anhandreu Reiderer of AC Weapons worked together to offer an affordable online course tailored specifically for those looking to build mesh within Secondlife.


Click Here to Purchase These Courses.


I personally can say that these courses are something I’m looking forward to taking myself so that I can finally catch up with where the market is going in Second Life, and just like one of the reviews highlighted by one of their happy customers, these courses teach you Maya — not Blender. Maya is one of the most widely used, prominent and professional-grade 3D design programs in the field. If you envision Second Life as a beginning to a career in 3D design, these courses are a great step in that direction. Mesh Rigging and Content Creators are always needed at Game Companies.

[G-WTF.] 05.02.2013 – We <3 RP


[High-Res @ Flickr.]

It was quite a nice way to come back. By that I mean being invited to be a blogger for the We <3 Roleplay event. I have been gone for so long, I really wasn’t expecting it. I was just patiently awaiting for the event to happen when bam, Arica Storaro in her amazing bloggerdom asked if I’d be interested. Of course! So, here I am. Slowly getting back to business in the blogosphere.

The gorgeous blue dress is from The Library. It comes with the bangles and the scarf, as well as a face veil that I didn’t wear — primarily because I much prefer the northern approach (even though I’m still wearing my collar, oops!). Needless to say, it’s versatile enough to be able to be used as either a Free Woman or as a High Slave, just use your imagination.

The amazing, panther-like outfit on the right is from GSpot and this extremely accessorized piece of art will probably make its way in to a lot of outfits once I start getting my grove back. I paired it up with some blood/paint as well as the beautiful new mask by Illlusions.

The event is almost here so don’t get too antsy. It’s totally worth the wait!

Basics (same in both)

Skin: THE SKIN SHOP ~ Pussy (07)
Eyes: THE SUGAR GARDEN ~ Awake (Ice Blue & Aqua)
Lashes: REDGRAVE ~ Extralong & GLAM AFFAIR ~ Celebrity (not sure if still avail)
Eyeliner: GLAM AFFAIR ~ Couture Eyeliner No.02
Teeth: PXL
Hands: SLINK ~ Rigged mesh hands
Feet: SLINK ~ Rigged mesh feet

Collar: FORGE ~ Chained Collar
Piercings: TWEE ~ Liska (modded)

== Left Outfit

Hair: MAGIKA ~ Rewind

Dress, Cuffs, Scarf & Bangles: THE LIBRARY ~ Scheherazade (FOR WE Undershirt: HOW CUTE IS THAT? ~ Long Sleeves (cloud)

== Right Outfit

Hair: WASABI PILLS ~ Selene
Mask: ILLUSIONS ~ Curiata Mask

Blood/Paint: TWEE ~ Hands On
Scraped Knees: MADE BY CERI KESTEN ~ Crawl!

Top, Bottom, Cuffs, Necklace & Shield: GSPOT ~ Extremely Coy


Edit: Yo Dawg, I hurd you like typo’s.

Edit Edit:

I’ve also  updated the top row of links to include all the categories for easier access. Most of them are empty currently but as things come, they will begin to populate.

The review policies have also been updated to include basic information regarding the process of asking things to be blogged here via review copies.

Again, thanks and I can’t wait to be back 100%.

Little Home 01.13

(High-Res @ Flickr.)

I got sidetracked last night. Primarily because I’ve been cleaning and doing everything to my inventory in random sand boxes. I’ve gotten pretty tired of the mass amount of creepy messages I get and so, I just got fed up, rented a tiny bit of land and made a little place for myself.

This is actually just a 512 plot with very minimal prim allowance and I feel like it’s well put together — with enough prims left for me to rez objects to clean and even build here.

Building environments is actually a love of mine I don’t get to act upon that much. I haven’t had my own land like this in over a year and even though I’ve helped build a few sims randomly here and there, I was never able to do it for appearance — just functionality.

Anyways, back to cleaning inventory. Now I just have a great environment to do it it.


(High-Res @ Flickr.)

It’s been about a year now — a little more, since I was active within Second Life and within the sphere that is Second Life blogging. I’ve missed both the grid and the mentality that comes with being a blogger and as my life has settled in to a steadier pace, one that involves a healthy balance of real-life and time to play, I find myself excited to return to all the realms I kept myself within virtually.

While I’m not completely ready to get back in to blogging yet, I wanted to post something to let anyone who still peaks in on this blog a heads up that I’ll be returning shortly. I’ve cut out 20,000 items from my inventory and once I’m completely done cleaning out my inventory and organizing it, then I will be ready to get back in to the swing of things.

I want to give an idea of what to expect from Awesome Sauce [AS] when I return, as an outline for myself. I plan on blogging my regular Gorean/Fantasy outfits and I also plan on branching out to have specific blogging categories. This means I want to blog new releases of specific things and have them sorted in to an easy to access tab at the top. They would filter in to the regular posts but highlighted as well. These will most likely include new releases of hair and skins.

I also plan on highlighting sims. I’ve always taken pictures to play around with and I’ve linked to the sims I’ve taken them at but I’ve never actually just photographed the beauty of a well done sim and highlighted it before. I feel like this needs to be done — especially for Gor. I’d love for anyone to send me notecards in-world regarding sims they find particularly beautiful, so that I may take the time to visit.

Outside of blogging, I will be getting back in to building. Expect a complete overhaul of [twee.] in the coming months — as well as new releases. They will be slow initially, it’s been a few years for me now since I’ve built but I have some ideas I’m working on getting out.

Beyond both of those realms, I’ll be looking for a great RP environment to contribute to, once I’m ready. It’s been a while and I feel like my RP character needs her own overhaul, though only slightly.

So, I’ll be seeing all of you very soon.

[G-WTF.] 06.08.12 – Elegance.

High Res @ Flickr.

Still wandering Gor, though I’ve potentially found a place to make my home. I’ve gone there and RPed multiple times on occasion now, which is a rarity with how picky I am. I mean, I feel like the sim itself could be nicer but the quality of RP that the people there do is awesome and is what draws me to them.

This dress from Chain and Vine caught my eye when I was buying their rigged mesh long skirts and the dress just kind of came together. All I could think of was, wear a long sleeve shirt underneath, cover up as much skin as you can and you are golden. Of course, I go against all BTB principals when I added on the earrings (only slaves have pierced ears) but alas, I’ve been in Gor so long now that I much prefer individuality over silly rules like ear piercing.

And this dress really is amazing, my BFF4LYFE over @ Zombie Fetus also rocks the dress like a pro — See Here (click it, now.)

Hair: LELUTKA ~ Aphrodite
Skin: BODY CO ~ Summer 02 (Ivory)
Skin Extras: BODY CO ~ Summer 02 (Ivory) Makeup (Soft)
Skin Extras: BODY CO ~ Ivy 02 (Ivory) Makeup (Dramatic) JUST THE LIPS
Eyes: INSUFFERABLE DASTARD ~ Mirror Eyes MESH (Left: Blue, Right: Blue-Green)
Lashes: REDGRAVE ~ Extralong
Teeth: PXL ~ Mouth Open Addon v6
Make-up Layers:
Blush: NATURAL BEAUTY ~ Blush 2
Contour: PDIDDLE ~ Diamond Cutter
Freckles: DUTCH TOUCH ~ AddOns Moles and Xtra freckles (bought with a skin)
Piercing: TWEE ~ Eliska (modded)

Earrings: ZAARA ~ Anaya Turquoise Earrings
Bracelet: ZAARA ~ Vyomini Chained Bracelet
Necklace: TWEE. ~ Black Twince Necklace
Bow: PRIMUS ~ Golugd Bow (mesh)

Shirt: HTIC ~ Noir Longsleeve
Chest Covering: ZAARA ~ Naina Distressed Shrug
Dress: CHAIN AND VINE ~ Belle (onyx)


[G-WTF.] 06.07.12 – Free.

High Res @ Flickr, like usual!

Well, after another failing within the sphere of Slavedom, I ran away and proceeded to revert back, near completely, to my initial and most beloved background story of being an amnesiac who managed to survive in the wilds on her own since she was seven. Crazy but it could happen, if the person was determined enough. This time, though, she’s attempting to make her way in the world of “normal” Gorean civilization and is forcing herself to wear clothing and walk upright, instead of on her hands and the tips of her toes.

It’ll be fun to see what happens to my, still unnamed FW self. “Eliska” was a good name but it is in the past now and so, I will take the next few days figuring out a new name for the new incarnation for a new adventure within the world of Gor– the odd world I randomly can never leave, because for some reason it resonates.

Oh, yeah, credits.

Hair: LAMB. ~ Little Star
Skin: BODY CO ~ Summer 02 (Ivory)
Skin Extras: BODY CO ~ Summer 02 (Ivory) Makeup (Soft)
Skin Extras: BODY CO ~ Ivy 02 (Ivory) Makeup (Dramatic) JUST THE LIPS
Eyes: INSUFFERABLE DASTARD ~ Mirror Eyes MESH (Left: Blue, Right: Blue-Green)
Lashes: REDGRAVE ~ Extralong
Teeth: PXL ~ Mouth Open Addon v6
Make-up Layers:
Blush: NATURAL BEAUTY ~ Blush 2
Contour: PDIDDLE ~ Diamond Cutter
Freckles: DUTCH TOUCH ~ AddOns Moles and Xtra freckles (bought with a skin)
Piercing: TWEE ~ Eliska (modded)

Earrings: BELLBALLS ~Trendy Tribal Earrings (Persian Leopard)
Necklace: KARI ~ Hand of Fatima Necklace
Gloves: REEK ~ Cozy Mittens
Bow: PRIMUS ~ Golugd Bow (mesh)

Shirt: ISON ~ Kritted Grain Sweater
Corset: ETCHAFLESH ~ Sweet Blasphemy Underbust Corset
Skirt: AURA ~ Lowrise Boho Skirt
Neck cover: TP/GOREAN ROSE ~ Hide My Neck (no longer available)
Fur: GSPOT ~ Got Fur?