[PHOTO.] Ice Revenant

Hair: TRUTH – Sugar
Skin: CURELESS – Endorphine
Mesh Head: CATWA – Catya (+ Personal Shape)
Appliers include (may not be complete): SUICIDAL UNBORN – Lips
Body Bruising: THE WHITE CROW – Affection
Teeth: CERBERUSCROSSING – After Meal Fangs

Fur: CURELESS – The Twelfth Night Gacha
Mask: CURELESS – The Twelfth Night Gacha
Halo: CURELESS – The Twelfth Night Gacha
Hands: CURELESS – The Twelfth Night Gacha
Frontal Bones: CURELESS – The Twelfth Night Gacha

Corset: CERBERUSCROSSING – Risque Corset
Chest Chains: AISLING – Leona Chestlace Style 3
Nipple Rings: CERBERUSCROSSING – Venereal

Horns: CERBERUSCROSSING – Yule Lord Gacha
Tail: CERBERUSCROSSING – Yule Lord Gacha
Tongue: CERBERUSCROSSING – Yule Lord Gacha
Collar: CERBERUSCROSSING – Yule Lord Gacha

Thigh Cuffs: PHEDORA – Isidora Harness
Stockings: REIGN – Sheer Stockings


[twee.] – New Shape (AYIRA)

Put out a new shape that I’ve been hoarding in my inventory. Ayira happened accidentally when I fell in love with the Sara Skin by Bodyline. She is actually a very intense tweak off my personal shape but so much so they have like, nothing in common lol. I didn’t intend to make her or share her but here she is, in all her beauty.

In other news, I re-did my piercing vendors! The change came with the retexturing of them, which you can see on my flickr stream if you’re interested!

Click here to visit [twee.] @ Sinful Desires.

I’m back, sort of :)

Well, after not being able to use Second Life at all, I somehow managed to get this POS laptop to function with SL running if I have no media enabled or voice, etc… Now, I think that’s a fair trade for being able to run SL on Ultra, fullscreen and supersampled with my nvidia card. This laptop is still getting a replacement, I swear but atleast I can log in and actually be inworld. Does it run wow/wow beta? Not sure, I’ll redownload Cataclysm beta tonight. It’ll be nice, I haven’t tried Cata since Friends and Family Alpha launch and I was critical erroring in Burning Steppes.

Anyways, this is what I’ve pieced together for today. It was a lazy day.

I’m also not sure how much my laptop can handle in terms of actual image editing and background editing, so these are all resized pure inworld snapshots and will be until I get a laptop replacement (however long that will be). But, regardless; I’M BACK. I will actually be making some new shapes and piercings.

Also! I will be selling my pixels for Operation Squeegee’s Rent-A-Ho Date Auction and Fashion Show. Regardless if you want to buy me, there will be tons of pixels for sale so come support a great cause.

Credits found @ Flickr.