[G-WTF.] 06.07.12 – Free.

High Res @ Flickr, like usual!

Well, after another failing within the sphere of Slavedom, I ran away and proceeded to revert back, near completely, to my initial and most beloved background story of being an amnesiac who managed to survive in the wilds on her own since she was seven. Crazy but it could happen, if the person was determined enough. This time, though, she’s attempting to make her way in the world of “normal” Gorean civilization and is forcing herself to wear clothing and walk upright, instead of on her hands and the tips of her toes.

It’ll be fun to see what happens to my, still unnamed FW self. “Eliska” was a good name but it is in the past now and so, I will take the next few days figuring out a new name for the new incarnation for a new adventure within the world of Gor– the odd world I randomly can never leave, because for some reason it resonates.

Oh, yeah, credits.

Hair: LAMB. ~ Little Star
Skin: BODY CO ~ Summer 02 (Ivory)
Skin Extras: BODY CO ~ Summer 02 (Ivory) Makeup (Soft)
Skin Extras: BODY CO ~ Ivy 02 (Ivory) Makeup (Dramatic) JUST THE LIPS
Eyes: INSUFFERABLE DASTARD ~ Mirror Eyes MESH (Left: Blue, Right: Blue-Green)
Lashes: REDGRAVE ~ Extralong
Teeth: PXL ~ Mouth Open Addon v6
Make-up Layers:
Blush: NATURAL BEAUTY ~ Blush 2
Contour: PDIDDLE ~ Diamond Cutter
Freckles: DUTCH TOUCH ~ AddOns Moles and Xtra freckles (bought with a skin)
Piercing: TWEE ~ Eliska (modded)

Earrings: BELLBALLS ~Trendy Tribal Earrings (Persian Leopard)
Necklace: KARI ~ Hand of Fatima Necklace
Gloves: REEK ~ Cozy Mittens
Bow: PRIMUS ~ Golugd Bow (mesh)

Shirt: ISON ~ Kritted Grain Sweater
Corset: ETCHAFLESH ~ Sweet Blasphemy Underbust Corset
Skirt: AURA ~ Lowrise Boho Skirt
Neck cover: TP/GOREAN ROSE ~ Hide My Neck (no longer available)
Fur: GSPOT ~ Got Fur?

Totally Honoured!

(High Res @ Flickr)

I know what you’re thinking. How the hell and why am I making a blog post after I said I wouldn’t be around. Well, it’s kind of hard to stop anything cold turkey. Yes, this is me saying that being as wired to the internet and Second Life as I am is a type of addiction. Internet Addiction. I’m serious, it’s totally real. I am currently sitting in a Brew Ha Ha with my massive gaming laptop that takes up half of a table (my jackets and bags take up the other half) and checking what I normally check — everything.

I checked Flickr like I usually do and was overwhelmed with contact requests. It was odd. I had never had so many at once but I quickly saw why and I was pretty much blown away. Yep. Mind Blown. Total JKF.

I checked my upload of the above picture. I had done it on a tablet pc, one with a touchpad monitor. It’s magical. It was the first time and I didn’t think it was that fantastic but… it had over 30 favorites and then I read one of the comments. I was posted as the Flickr picture of the day on the LL SL community blog!


So, I just wanted to say Thank You to whomever decided that my picture was worthy of that! It’s really flattering!

Temporary Departure.

(High Res @ Flickr.)

I made this picture just to make myself happy. On a whim — and because of sales, I went and bought a few Dutch Touch skins. I have wanted to for a very long time but I am cheap and never did. Sadly, Dutch Touch is closing. This means, though, that skins are on sale. I didn’t check to see if clothing was, too. I will have to make a repeat visit to check on that. Speaking of sales, check out Plastik if you haven’t already because everything is on sale there as well. 50% just about, on everything — the new skin line I think is 40% off, though.

Anyways. This post is more or less to signal a mild break from Second Life. One I don’t want to do but will end up happening and so I just wanted to give a warning before I just disappear. Like I’ve stated quite a few times in my most recent posts on flickr and on this blog, my real life is spiraling. This isn’t a bad spiral at all, it’s just all changing so quickly. A much needed change, honestly. One I haven’t had since I lived in California almost three years ago. One I haven’t had since I kind of lost myself and my ability to associate and handle the real world. There’s a lot to that, a lot of past information that I won’t go in to but all that matters is I’m doing better.

I really wish I wouldn’t have to take a break from all of this. Believe it or not but my return to Gor this time around has been one of the best my involvement with Gor has been. It’s probably Heriolfr. I don’t get to RP there a lot and there has been a few hiccups but I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg there and I just know that it’s exactly what I’ve needed and wanted within my involvement in Gor — for now. There are other sims popping up. Gor has its ups and downs when it comes to good sims and communities. They form and shatter and new ones happen. Heriolfr has people I enjoy RPing with and people who enjoy RPing in general. I recommend it to everyone I can.

I’ll miss blogging and Gor and even Second Life while I’m gone. I swear it won’t be that long — hopefully just a month or even less. There’s so much I want to do in Second Life right now. I feel like I’ll accomplish more and be able to do more within it once I’m back though. Crazy how stuff works out like that, huh?

Stay classy, SL-Gor <3 ILY.

Intensely Delayed G-WTF for 11.12.2011

(High Res @ Flickr.)

It’s honestly so like me to make my grand return to blogging only to… disappear for a month. I can say, though, that it wasn’t just me being a lazy bitch. There may be a few moments here or there where it was just being a lazy bitch but for the most part, I have just been tremendously busy in real life. I know, so terrible, right? Actually, right now it’s not too terrible at all. I can’t complain.

I really need to catch up. I have over fifteen outfits I have saved that I need to blog and no time to do so. I need to stop making new ones until I blog them but I change just about daily. It’s my routine. New day in Second Life, new outfit for the day. Being versatile in my attire is a part of my love of both Second Life and Role Playing within Gor. The Gorean guidelines help me have boundaries for my clothing as well as drives me in my searches for things useable and within all that, there is a feeling of artistic expression. I adore it.

Hair: ELIKATIRA ~ Breeze
Skin: TULI ~ Eva
Freckles: TULI ~ Eva [comes with skin.]
Blush: PDIDDLE ~ Cheek Definition Diamond Cutter
Blush: NATURAL BEAUTY ~ Blush 2
Lashes: REDGRAVE ~ Extralong
Lashes: GLAM AFFAR ~ Celebrity
Eyeliner: NUUNA’S ~ Upperlid
Eyes: [TWEE.] ~ Looking Glass eyes [sage and ice.]
Teeth: PXL ~ Teeth Add-on
Henna: CYBERSTAR ~ Mehndi

Necklace: KOSH ~ Selva Obscura
Necklace 2: KOSH ~ The Key Necklace
Backpack: FATALE ~ Gatherer Backpack
Belt: LEAGUE ~ Native set
Neck Scarf: KNICK KNACK ~ Furry Shoulder Shawl [v-day special.]
Fur Stole: PEQE ~ Mountain Animal

Sweater: PARADISIS ~ Lazy
Skirt: SN@TCH ~ Sari Skirt
Boots: WILLOW ~ Creek Moccaasins


(High Res @ Flickr.)

Not a fashion post, though I do have about three outfits I’ve ended up getting back-logged with on posting. It’s amazing that I end up putting together outfits quicker then I actually blog them but then again, that’s what happens when you’re busy shopping and finding a new sim to RP at.

Which ended up landing me at a new (not super new, but new) BTB — or as close to BTB as they can be without ruining peoples fun, Torvaldsland sim called Heriolfr. This picture is taken up on a little cliff of myself in my usual crouched and wild stance as I’ve always RPed. Maybe one day someone will end up whipping some sense in to her but for now, she just gets by listening to what she has to so she doesn’t get killed and lurking away from the village to avoid human contact.

The sim is gorgeous, though and believe it or not, this picture doesn’t do the sim justice at all. If you’re looking for stricter BTB roleplay and a Northern sim, I suggest checking out Heriolfr. If you’re more set on southern, apparently Ar is getting rebuilt but it’s open for roleplay as they plan to “retake Ar” in the RP plot as they rebuild. I have a few friends there, too and it’s also looking extremely promising.

Like I said, not a fashion post but I will get around to posting it up, as well as a few others.

[taken @ Heriolfr.]

[double.] + May’s Soul “Leonor”

(Please check out the full credits & High Res @ Flickr.)

This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while now but was given the opportunity to a few days ago. May Tolsen gifted me this outfit and while I adore it as its own outfit, I wanted to do a different approach to blogging it (I hope you don’t mind!). In Gor, there is a very minimal market still for nice, cute and super nice quality clothing and May’s Soul is one of them. While texture work isn’t super extreme, it’s constantly getting better and it’s not unwearable and is actually really nice, it kind of gives it all a more “natural” or “rustic” feel to it, instead of all the nice and sleek modern textures on the mainstream clothing. I’m in no way saying it’s bad at all, I honestly wear things from May’s Soul almost daily and check the store frequently for new releases and discounted items. Outfits come complete and are very affordable, so if you haven’t stopped by May’s Soul yet, I really suggest it. I like the store build, too :)

Anyways, where was I? As I was saying, the market is still a bit sparse (in comparison to the modern market) so there is a high chance that girls will be wearing the same things, even men in the same things. When something is good, there is no doubt that everyone will go out and get it and this obviously over-saturates it. I’ve seen some great pieces of male pieces worn by over a handful of men just from lurking Gor Hub. For me, the idea of this creates a problem. I like to be myself and stand out from the other girls. While I still try to portray my role as a Bond-Maid (a Slave Girl in Northern Gor) as closely as I can because I prefer a more By-The-Book approach to my Role-Play over “Evolved”, I still want to look unique. Both of these outfits, in my opinion are “Slave Wear” and I’ll explain the left one more-so than the right as to why.

As I said earlier, it’s said that during the winter, slaves do indeed wear pants. The issue is that pants aren’t very revealing at all and since it’s winter and obviously cold, a lot of skin is going to be covered up which isn’t allowed by a Slave. To be fully conservative and covered is the right of a Free Woman and more-so, a Slave must wear clothing that is easily removable or, ahem, bypassed in-case their owner wishes for them to serve in the long-house (in the north) where bond-maids serve naked. How I tried to balance that was with a very billowy and loose shirt under a high-cut and open little tunic. In my eyes, the loose fabric bares the stomach when there’s movement and since obviously, there is nothing under it, if her Jarl wants to slip his hands up her shirt and sneak in a squeeze, the ability is there and the clothing aren’t getting in the way of it.

The right one is more Summer bond, or even Southern sans shoes. The camisk looks like it’s plain unbleached linen split down almost to the navel, like how the top of Kirtles are described to be, which paired with the belt could technically make this some sort of psuedo-kirtle.  As a Bond, I tend to use a lot of accessories because unlike their Southern counterparts, they usually do a lot more in terms of work and labor and since my Jarl and I travel around a lot still, the idea of carrying little things we need or purchase during our travels as one of my tasks makes its plausible. I had someone laugh at me for it, saying it was wrong because I “owned so much stuff” because I was wearing it but just because I am holding it does not make it “my property” or any other slaves property for that matter. If their Master or Mistress tells the to carry the backpack full of supplies then they damn well will carry the fucking backpack full of supplies.

So, when you go shopping. Don’t get scared of not liking an outfit as a whole and try to have a wider outlook on it.  I know I will sometimes see an outfit and not like it too much on its own but they I’ll remember a piece of clothing in my inventory or something I saw in a store but never bought that would go *perfectly* with it and make it my own personal style and suddenly it becomes like a favorite outfit of mine. Like they say with anything, the only thing stopping you is yourself so don’t be scared to be yourself.

[G-WTF.] 02.03.2011

(High Res & Credits @ Flickr. )

Yes yes, I know, I’ve been missing for like ever and I am far behind. This is actually a look I had a week or two ago that I was too drugged up on pain-killers from my wisdom teeth to get the motivation to post. I’m finally almost feeling 100% again, though I got an infection in my lower left socket and have been hazy on antibiotics. Regardless, I am working to get back in my groove and what-not, including building. This outfit was a gift to myself, especially the kirtle from Silk Worms. It was a bit pricey for me because I’m a cheap whore but so worth it. When my Jarl decided for us to join a sim, this was my “yay a home sim” present to me! We now reside at Ironhall though we still travel around all the time so you never know where we might just show up to cause trouble (mainly me on the trouble part~).

The cute fur wrap and boots are from May’s Soul and you’ll probably see me post more and more things with things from there. They make the cutest outfits with the cutest accessories. There are so many outfits I want to buy simply because they come with so many things you can mix and match — of which, I have a dual look I’m working on that uses pieces from one outfit to create two. I love versatility in an outfit when I buy it and May’s Soul outfits have it in bucket-loads.

[G-WTF.] 01.15.2011

(High Res + Credits @ Flickr!)

Well, this is a bit later in the day than I’ve been doing mainly because I’ve been pretty busy today with some real life and also some second life stuff. More or less brainstorming what to do with this blog; It’s not going anywhere! It’s just me now though, so I am unsure if Sithas will be creating their own blog for any of you who were fans to follow or not. Regardless, I have to question what direction this blog will go. Will I keep it open to most things or will I try to keep it mainly Gorean. It’s hard to decide. I feel like I will keep it open. Boxing this blog down in to only one category would really streamline it but would allow me less freedom and I don’t want that. I’m still someone outside of Gor and I still have that part of me, too!

Another thing is I plan on doing more than just daily looks from Gor. I want to spotlight my favorite stores and I want to showcase my favorite sims. I want to express my opinion on how I view a character within the realm of Gor and I want to open the door for understanding. Elle has done a great job of it and part of bringing in more people interested in it, is educating them about it so they don’t come in clueless and get ridiculed. That would be counter productive.

Anyways, this is a little less Northern and Winter and a bit more Forest permitting.  I love these feet from Slink and I can’t wear them all the time when I RP in Torvaldsland. The only time I’m able to bring them out is when I’m in a Long House which is very minimal currently in my RP. I also love my anklets from Razoregalia. As seamless as the feet are, I feel a bit better about them with something on the ankles and the brown is my Gorean comfort colour.

The burlap sack-thing I’m wearing underneath the Haori from Tomoto is from a tiny little hunt from Somapop. I’m not sure if it’s still on but this is from Diapop and it isn’t marketed as Gorean but it fits so well! So well, in fact that you can wear it without the haori and still look perfectly Gorean!