WTF. 07.19.2014 [Let Them Eat Cake]

Another post highlighting the amazing stuff available for super discounted and affordable prices at Genre. This necklace is absolutely amazing. Seriously. You need it. I promise you that you need it. It’s from DeviousMinds and just like everything else they’ve ever made, it’s perfect. This hair, while I probably won’t ever be able to wear it with anything else, is so well done. Period stuff is so cute and amazing, gah!

Hair: BLIENSEN + MAITAI – Liaison Dangereuse (Genre July ’14)
Eyes: DEAD APPLES – Solar I Eyes (Danaerys & Sea)
Lipstick: BUZZERI – Summer Crush Gloss (Cosmetic Fair July ’14)
Mesh Bits: Loud Mouth, Slink Hands, Cute Azz, Slink Medium Feet

Gold Pearls: DEVIOUS MINDS – Sarah Chest Harness (Genre July ’14)
Corset: ADONESS – Florence Corset (Genre July ’14)
Brooch: ECLECTICA – Blenheim Baroque Brooch (Genre July ’14)
Garters & Stockings: BLACK LACE – Tender Caress
Shoes: FROGSTAR – Carissimi Heels (Genre July ’14)

WTF. 07.19.2014 [Little Antoinette]

Definitely outside of my normal style but this months round of Genre is Baroque! If you’re not familiar with the word of style, just think of Marie Antoinette. French period wear with fair skin, big hair and lots of lace, bows and frills. While I say it’s not my usual style, it’s definitely a favorite style when it comes to costume wear. Gave me a good excuse to throw on some dolly blush and bright lips. Check out this round, since genre always has its stuff at a discount for that round. This furniture is to die for, as is just about everything there honestly.

Hair: EXILE – Young and Beautiful (Hairfair ’14)
Eyes: DEAD APPLES – Solar I Eyes (Danaerys & Sea)
Lipstick: BUZZERI – Summer Crush Gloss (Cosmetic Fair July ’14)
Mesh Bits: Loud Mouth, Slink Hands, Slink Medium Feet

Necklaces: LOST JUNCTION – Marie Neclaces Antoinette & de Medici (Genre July ’14)
Headdress: SPYRALLE – Lace Fontage with Roses (Genre July ’14)
Dress: THE ANNEX – Rococo Punk Dress (Genre July ’14)
Garters & Stockings: BLACK LACE – Tender Caress
Shoes: BOOM – Posey Pumps

Furniture Set: FETCH – Roque Set (Genre July ’14)

[HAIR.] Hair Fair 2014

This years hair fair is absolutely amazing! I’m still working my way up to buying everything I want, but so far this is my current batch of hair. The hair above is from a store that’s new to me, MAG and a link to their mainstore is on our right sidebar. While they don’t have a super white non-greyscale platinum blonde (this is the lightest tone they have), it’s still gorgeous and it’s a really pretty color. I think I enjoy it more because it’s not yellow, but more a pink undertone. Of course, I’d love if they had a super white, but you never know, it could happen in the future!


These are a few of the ones available from lelutka. I could make the same complaint about their lightest tone (which is above), that I enjoy it, because it’s not too yellow, but it’s also not as light as I would like. Still, I love them all the same. Lelutka is probably the store I base all of my hair purchases off of. If your price is higher then them, I have to really think about it, because I think they are one of the top in the hair market. That’s probably mean of me, but it’s just how I’ve ended up comparing.



Lastly is the rest of my collection. From the left would be: Ison, Ison, Moon & Exile. Now here you can kind of get an idea of how light I like my hair to be. I guess I like to pretend I’m a ghost or a snow child, or something. If everyone could give me a hair color this light but still have strand definition, I would love them forever. I know, I’m selfish, but hey, I like being washed out.

Still, there will probably be more hair soon. I do fairs like this in parts, so I don’t get overwhelmed or get super impulsive on buys. I find I’m happier with my purchases if I don’t just buy everything I like right off the bat, but spread it out during the events duration. Head over to the Hair Fair Blog for the list of their sims and which stores are on each one (there are four sims, plus a few bordering for off sim shopping).


[HAIR.] Tableau Vivant @ C88 July ’14


Incoming new hair from Tableau Vivant at this months round of Collabor88.

Two different styles:

Panther (on the left) with multiple options for colors as well as tinting for beads, rope and the feathers.

Cheetah (on the right) with the option to have cheetah and other fur patterns, applied with an extra worn “strand” piece.

Definitely going to find their place into some outfit posts, I love their light/ice blonde.

Skin: DEAD APPLES – Lora (We Love RP July ’14)
Dress: PAPERBAG – Black Strappy Cutout Mini (Manga Fair:)

WTF. 07.06.2014 [A Drop Of Dragons Blood]

While I don’t roleplay a full blooded Targaryen, I do play a half-blood from my mothers side with a Valyrian descended Father. The Celtigars and Velaryons fled Velaryia with the Targaryens when Daenys had a Dragon Dream premonition of the fall and destruction of Valyria and they made their homes on other islands off the coast of Westeros. I’m a Celtigar, and all three Valyrian families interwed closely, the Velaryon House married in quite a bit. Regardless, “A Drop Of Dragons Blood” is just a term of when there may be Targaryen blood with the power of the Dragons with it. I thought this outfit seemed strong but elegant, the grey corset on this dress almost reminding me of being actually metal, as if it was yet another piece of delicate armor.

Majority of this outfit is all from this round of We Love Roleplay. If I haven’t shown you all enough stuff by now, just click on the logo in the right column to head over and see for yourself.

Skin: DEAD APPLES – Lora in Bone Tone (We Love RP July ’14)
Hair: SPELLBOUND – Gwendalynn (We Love RP July ’14)
Eyes: DEAD APPLES – Solar I Eyes (Danaerys & Sea)
Mesh Bits: Loud Mouth, Slink Hands

Crown: KEYSTONE – Freyja Crown (FREE GIFT) (We Love RP July ’14)
Pauldrons/Collar: BLACK PEARLS – The Fallen Collar
Medallion: EMPYREAN FORGE – Alder Medallion
Bracers: RANDOM MATTER – Crowley Bracer (We Love RP July ’14)
Finger Claws: RANDOM MATTER – Crowley Finger Claw (We Love RP July ’14)
Hand Chainmail: AISLING – Darshana Hand (We Love RP July ’14)
Dress: PEQE – Mermaid (We Love RP July ’14)

WTF. BACKLOG39 [The Key Keeper]

Highlighting a few more items from this months round of We Love Roleplay, because it’s super good (as always).

Skin: DEAD APPLES – Unreleased Beta (Sorry!)
Hair: LELUTKA – Pocahontas
Eyes: DEAD APPLES – Solar I Eyes (Danaerys & Sea)
Mesh Bits: Loud Mouth, Slink Hands, Slink Feet

Crown: SAD HARLEQUINN – Keeper of Secrets (We Love RP July ’14)
Earrings & Necklace: BLIENSEN + MAITAI – Voluta (We Love RP July ’14)
Hair Flower and Choker: DISTORTED DREAMS – Zoey Hair & Collar (We Love RP July ’14)
Dress: LUMINARY – Persephone (We Love RP July ’14)
Shoes: DDD – Filigree Glass Heels (Fit For A Princess)

WTF. BACKLOG38 [In The Gardens]

While I don’t roleplay anyone from Highgarden, I was visiting when I put this outfit together, which might be why I ended up wearing some flowers. The dark is probably a good contrast to remind myself and others that I’m not from Highgarden and from a House that is currently supporting Aegons Conquest (The sim is during the beginning of the Conquest). It’s a nice change for Gor, to say the least! Another dress from this round of We Love Roleplay!

Skin: DEAD APPLES – Unreleased Beta (Sorry!)
Hair: SPELLBOUND – Serenity
Eyes: DEAD APPLES – Solar I Eyes (Danaerys & Sea)
Mesh Bits: Loud Mouth, Slink Hands

Jewelry Set: YUMMY – Winter Flower
Dress: DRIFT – Royal Reign Dress (We Love RP July ’14)
Arm Cuffs: SWEET POISON – Chunky Cuffs