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Hello! This blog has gone quiet for a while and I wanted to let everyone know that a few years ago awesomesause rebranded to kitsune-tsuki.com and has continued on over there – as well as on flickr.



All posts and comments have carried over. This one is not updated at all, minus some info additions randomly.

Memento.Mori – July 2017 Open Reservations

Hi Everyone,

With a lot of thought and talking it over with my waifu Skye, we felt that Memento may also do well giving it a try with allowing open reservations for the next round of Memento.

This means anyone who is interested can sign up, however, it does not automatically mean you will receive a spot.

With that said, this allows us to branch out further and allow people to share the reservation with others who may be interested and we’ve not seen (I’m only one person, I miss stuff a lot!)

If you, or someone you know, is interested in potentially being in Memento Mori, please fill out the form below:


Please note, that October invitations will follow this same format, and will be out in the next day or two. October will be our first anniversary and we’re trying to make it special.

[PHOTO.] She of the Moon

[PHOTO.] She of the Moon

Ode to Kaguya Hime, which is a very very old Japanese folktale.

Hair: EXILE – First Dance
Skin: INSOL – Mia
Head: CATWA – Lona
Eyes: EVERMORE – Nyanko Eyes (Cutie Loot Apr ’17)
Cuts & Bruises: VIOLETTA – Hikasyukketsu (RE:Japonica)
Nails: EMPIRE – Stiletto Nails Ultra
Rings: ABSOLUT VENDETTA – Hydra Rings
Finger Tips: LASSITUDE & ENNUI – Elven Rings

Hairpin: CERBERUSCROSSING – Dynasty Florette
Collar: CERBERUSCROSSING – Enthrall Collar
Chest Strap: GABRIEL – Chest Strap (RE:Japonica)
Sleeves: ADE YAKKO – Sakare Miko (RE:Japonica)
Obi: CANDYDOLL – Akahana Gacha
Undies: CERBERUSCROSSING – Sultry Kunoichi (RE:Japonica)
Socks: KONPEITOU – Tabi Prince
Geta: KONPEITOU – Carved Camilla Clogs
Butterflies: CUREMORE – Surrealisme Gacha


Torii: SOUEN – Gacha
Flowers: ANC
Mannequins: MATO (RE:Japonica)


[PHOTO.] Vaccine

[PHOTO.] Vaccine

Mask: KATAT0NIK – Blackout Hood (RE:Japonica)
Dress & Hat: KATAT0NIK – Apron Dress & Hat (RE:Japonica)
Nipple Rings: CERBERUSCROSSING – Kinky Cobra
Gloves: KATAT0NIK – Ruffle Skeleton Gloves (SaNaRae)
Boots: MOON ELIXIR – Lush
Collar: GABRIEL – Take Me LeashHand Syringe: DEADWOOL – Syringe-x (modded)
Syringe Tray: NEFARIOUS INVENTIONS – Turn and Cough Syringe Tray

Mannequins: REMARKABLE OBLIVION – Spook Show Gacha
Arm in the chair: DEADWOOL – Corpse Arm
Wheelchair: 22769 – Abandoned Asylum Gacha
Eyeball Container: 22769 – The Butchers Attic Gacha
Bags, Boxes, Rug: 22769 – The Butchers Attic Gacha
Hallway: LEIJIN – The Red Light Special

Original: i.gyazo.com/fd3acfa279db05f3b51c7ac93e122472.png


[PHOTO.] A Foxes Promise

Hair: MOON – Barracuda
Skin: INSOL – Mia
Eyes: CURELESS_ Cat Eye Syndrome
Head: CATWA – Lona
Tongue: SOUL – Lickers, Human Split
Appliers include (may not be complete):
— Eyebrows: AII – Fantasy Eyebrows III
— Faceblush: PICHIPICHI – Cheek Blusher A
— Eyeliner: WEDNESDAY+ – The Parisian Girl
— Lipstick: MAD – Mongol Makeup (on MP)
— Forehead Dots: MAD – Mongol Makeup (on MP)
— Bloody Hands, Feet & Nails: CLEMMM
— Body Blood: IZZIE’S – Blood & Wounds
Facial Animation Huds: SWEETLOVELYCUTE – Bento Facial Expressions Blossom

Red Body Wraps:ADE YAKKO – Hodoke Sarashi (RE:Japonica)
Arm & Leg Shibari: SALT&PEPPER – Yumi (RE:Japonica)

Toe Claws: CERBERUSCROSSING – Broken Talons, Bloody
Face Piercing & Blood: CERBERUSCROSSING – Lance Piercing

Ears: EVERMORE – Avaricious Kitsune Gacha
Tail: AII – Kitsune Foxfire Tail Rair
Keep in mind that the tail is entirely edited and is not reflected in this picture
Aura: AII – Hemomancer Aura
Keep in mind that the aura has been entirely edited and is not reflected in this picture.
Forehead Bindi: AII – Amaterasu Bindi

Building: 22769 – Yuukaku (RE:Japonica)


[PHOTO.] A Snobbish Presentation

Hair: WASABI PILLS – Miki Mesh Hair
Hair Add-On: AII – Hair Add-On
Skin: INSOL – Mia
Head: CATWA – Lona
Appliers include (may not be complete):
— Eyebrows: CERBERUSCROSSING – Oiran Eyebrow
— Face cuts: CLEMMM – Scratched Blush
— Eyeliner: VEECHI – Skyeliner
— Carved Butterfly: THEWHITECROW – My Butterfly
Facial Animation Huds: SWEETLOVELYCUTE – Bento Facial Expressions Blossom

Headdress: LUAS – Sayuri Gacha (TFC Lootbox)
Kimono: HILU – Sasoi (RE:Japonica)
Harness: WA-KOTOLIER – Ume Blossom Harness (RE:Japonica)
Socks & Geta: DEAD DOLLZ – Koibito (RE:Japonica)
Leg Strings: TOMOTO – Leg Strings (RE:Japonica)
Ankle Bells: TOMOTO – Ring of Bells (RE:Japonica)


Building: 22769 – Yuukaku House (RE:Japonica)
Candles: AISLING
Sakura Petals: HALF DEER
Outside Sakura: SILVERY K


[PHOTO.] Midnight Special

The white hair a bad omen, she was sold as a little girl in to a house in Yoshiwara. She spent her life selling her body to make up for her own purchase price, and grew in fame, being taught to be an Oiran. That is, until she decided to try to escape. A bad omen to her small fishing village, afraid of tsunami, her white hair was a commodity and denizens of Yoshiwara were quick to capture and return her. As punishment, she was stripped of her kimono layers, her intricate hair combs and white makeup, and then bound and gagged, set out late into the night for any passing customers to use.

Hair: MOON – Layne (Arcade March ’17)
— Hair Buns: AII – Hair Add-On
Eyes: CURELESS – Cat Eye Syndrome
Mesh Head: CATWA – Lona (+ Personal Shape)
Nails: SPELLBOUND – Creature Claws (Arcade March ’17)
Appliers include (may not be complete):
— Eyebrows & Dots: CERBERUSCROSSING – Oiran Makeup
— Shibari Marks: VIOLETTA – Shibariato C (RE:Japonica)
— Nosebleed: ARTERY – Oops Nosebleed (RE:Japonica)
Facial Animation Huds: SWEETLOVELYCUTE – Bento Facial Expressions Blossom

Tongue: CERBERUSCROSSING – Tongue Trap
Candle Horns: NAMINOKE – Candle Horns (RE:Japonica)
Nipple Clamps: ON MARKETPLACE – Mesh Torture Chopsticks
Shibari Ropes: SHOP MAKIKO – Tight Rope Doggy, Leg Common Parts & Frogtie


Building: TWILIGHT – Oiran Small House (RE:Japonica)
Thin Cages: AIR – Toriko (RE:Japonica)
Ornate Dildo: AIR – Himegoto Harigata (RE:Japonica)
Futon with Headrest: MARUSHIN – Oiran Zabuton (RE:Japonica)

Floor Kimono: RH DESIGN – Kimono on Floor
Rug: RH DESIGN – Shikimono
Tobacco Tray: RH DESIGN – Party Boat Gacha
Shamisen: RH DESIGN – Party Boat Gacha
Sake Set: RH DESIGN – Party Boat Gacha


WTF. 02.27.2017 [Forest Dancer]

Hair: TAKETOMI – Riya
Eyes: ADORED – Moon Eyes
Mesh Head: CATWA – Catya (+ Personal Shape)
Appliers include (may not be complete):
— Blush: VEECHI – Ultimate cheek Kit
— Body Blush #1: THE WHITE CROW – Senpais Candy (just for breast shading)
— Body Blush #2: THE WHITE CROW – Twinkle Star(SaNaRae Feb/Mar ’17)
Nails GORGEOUS DOLLS – Doll Slay Manicure Pack (Vista)

Bunny Ears: AII – Cotton Usagi
Bunny Tail: HALF DEER – Fuzzy Tail
Fluffy Cuffs: EVERMORE – Snow Bunny Fluff

Collar: DARKENDSTARE – Sweetheart Collar (Kawaii Project Feb 17)
Nipple Piercings: SENSATIONS – (on MP)
Chain Top: AISLING – Leona Chestlace 3
Chain Skirt: AISLING – Kaeli Stlye 3
Corset: AVANTI – Femina Corset

Head Flowers: MAYS SOUL – Ankara Headpiece (modded)
Waist Flowers & Skirt: MAYS SOUL – Ankara Dancer (modded)

Thigh Wraps: EMPIRE – Forsythia
Shoes: EMPIRE – Ursinia