If Cole wasn’t awesome enough with singing and particles and being a cute fairy half the damn time, she also can make dresses that make me want to play dress up and frolic around in. She’s just starting to release them and I love all the ones so far, I can’t wait to see the others. I actually have a few more I will post up in a bit, these all just flowed together for me and I need to find things to match the others.

(High Rez @ Flickr.)

(Find My Way.)

(Coeur Brise)

My Favorite! (La Fleur Triste)

(Soul Eater)

(Mourning Flower)

Find My Way is pretty fucking bad ass but La Fleur Triste and Mourning Flower are my favorites of this set. Mourning Flower is actually set out for 1 Linden over at the shop. This dress will only be out for that price for July as Cole will be setting a dress out for 1 Linden every month. So remember to go back regularly. Cole, I just wanted to let you know that I love you.  This makes me sound like a creeper, but I’m down with that.

Soliel @ Out of Control

other credits also found @ flickr.


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