[arteest] – Olyvia Stratten

I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile now, she did this pic of us and it looks so nice..I can’t help but feature it. But, I’ve been wanting to feature other artists as well for a long time..so..if you know of any or you are one..pass me a line. Art and music are the most pure things out there..so it’s always good to spread that good mojo all around.

Ms. Olyvia Stratten is a good friend of mine, and she knows her way around Photoshop. Even with a rundown laptop she can pull off some amazing works. The way she edits photos makes them actually look more like a painting, which is very cool and I personally don’t a lot of people doing that. Smoothing out lines, working with shading and blending takes a lot of finesse. Some people might say HUR DURP NO ITS EASY! No..it’s not..it takes talent..and she’s got a buttload of talent.

You know..there’s not much else to say when it comes to art…it kind of speaks for itself. Go check out her flickr here. She has some damn hilarious screenshots as well. They make me giggle heartily.


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