[the doctor]

Ahhh..Doctor Who…what a fantastic show. Just got done watching the second season a few days ago..now onto the third. If you’re a mega huge nerd you’ll love the show, and I highly suggest watching it. It’s got aliens, robots, time travel, space exploration, drama, comedy, action, oh..my..goodness. It has everything a nerdy boy or girl needs. The end of the second season made me want to sob like a baby, some damn good acting for sure.

ANYWAY! The long coat is from LeLutka..and once I saw it..I knew I had to have it. They have a few other military type coats which are also awesome. I have a bit of a uhh..thing..for military clothes to say the least. The sculpts aren’t really fit for guys..but you can manage to move it around to look pretty good. The fact that the uhh..details of the coat have prim ridges is a very sexy thing.

What lays underneath the coat is a spiffy suit. Quite spiffy, indeed. SF Design is one of THE places to go for male fashion. They got…everything you need, and at decent prices! Men on SL need to be lookin’ hot..I mean really. I see TOO MANY guys out there still wearing the suits where its just ONE texture..that default one that has like a pink tie? Makes me giggle every time. It’s like the suit is just painted onto their chest..whoa..wait..that might not be a bad idea. Write that one down.

The sim I took the pic at is a mall, a sci-fi mall..and it’s been around forever. I remember going to this place wayyy back in the day. But..there’s a lil store there called Novatech which sells the Tardis, which is what the good Doctor travels in to go back in time and go on crazy adventures. It’s a old British police box..bah..watch the show! If you have watched the show..then you’ll probably love the place.

Quite an early blog post..didn’t even realize the time really. Oh well! Flickr here for more info on stuff.


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