[GOR-WTF.] 03.14.2011

(High Res + Credits @ Flickr)

This has been what I’ve been running around in Gor in. I wandered Tyros a bit in it one day and usually people don’t aknowledge me when I accidentally zone out and tab out while standing in the middle of town, meter active but I returned to a Slaver interested in me enough to approach me and even get his goad out, ready to capture me. I made off like a true wild child though, tossing dirt in to his eyes and swiftly running away to the docks to go find my Jarl who had left a little earlier.

The body paint is mine and is out as a promo for 75L, undecided if it will go up in price after St. Patricks is over or if it will just get pulled completely so if you want it, you get it soon. It’s tintable so you don’t have to have green and it comes with two transferrable gloves to give to others in case they want to join in on the fun and look like they were the ones grabbing and painting. The clovers are from Sinistyle and are finally released. So anyone who was asking about them or had gone to look for them, they’re now available so go pick them up — also unsure if they will be limited or will just go up in price. Depends how popular they are.

4 thoughts on “[GOR-WTF.] 03.14.2011

  1. People avoid you because you look ridiculous, you can drive a train between the gap in your thighs. It’s 1 thing to like having a big ass but it’s like someone played stretch Armstrong with your lower half.
    Not to mention the floods of hatred that pour from you and Vikings mouths on a permanent basis – you’re not the cool kid here you’re just a nasty little cunt that very few goreans like. Please go annoy people in asshole land like perdition. Stop polluting gor you melted radioactive cuntface (p.s that face is not hot or cute you look like a mentally retarded naavi who got their face stuck in a woodworking vice)

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      Hello London, how are you?

    • The only nasty little cunt I see is yours, who’s obviously so upset that it’s a hallway or that I made fun of you for it at some point, that you thought commenting on my blog would make me cry about your opinion of me. It doesn’t work like that, sorry. Unlike you, which seems like you’re so insecure — even in a virtual world, that you had to go out of your way to make a hateful comment on someones blog, I’m not. In both Real Life and Second Life, i’m secure in how I look, act, speak and even think which means that regardless of how many whiny cry babies like yourself dislike me, there are always far more greater and worthy people out there who like me. Just the way I am :)

      come at me, bro.

  2. Yeah, what Ver said. Go play in traffic or something. At least she’d have had more balls then you to post her fuckin name to her reply, unlike you who tried to hide.

    Ver gets shit because she isn’t afraid to speak her mind, no matter what the outcome. She stands up for what she believes in and that’s rare these days.

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